Tright here are a entirety lot of companions in Fallout 4. Throughout your adendeavors in the Wasteland also you’ll fulfill synths, super mutants, human beings, and also various other creatures, many type of of which will certainly ask to tag along on your pursuits. However, you have the right to only have actually one with you at a time, leaving you to send the others away somewbelow. Many players have actually done this a bunch, and have actually companions scattered around the Wasteland, hiding in miscellaneous settlements.

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But what execute you do if you must find one? With the release of Fallout 4 Far Harbor, it’s most likely that many kind of players will be asking this question, since you should really have actually him with you on the pursuit. How perform you uncover Nick Valentine or various other shed companions around the world? Well, tright here are some tips, but unless you’re on PC it won’t be basic.

Let’s obtain the basic part out of the way. If you are playing Fallout 4 on PC, then you have actually the wonderful ability to find anything and everything making use of the console command also. By hitting ~ you will certainly lug up the text prompt, with which you have the right to quickly locate any kind of shed companion, including Nick Valentine. Just enter “player.moveto 0002f25”. This will actually relocate you straight to Nick Valentine. The last bit his is ID number, each companion has one.

Here are some other companion’s ID numbers, in instance you want to discover them as well: “Dogmeat 0001D162. Piper 00002f1f. Cait 00079305. Strong 0003f2bb. Garvey 0001a4d7. Codsworth 0001ca7d. Deacon 00050976. Curie 00102249. Hancock 00022615. Danse 0005de4d.

Now, that was for the PC players out tright here. Unfortunately consingle players cannot enter commands prefer this, so you’ll have to execute it the old fashioned method. When you dismiss a companion you need to sfinish them to one of your negotiations. Essentially, you must go to each settlement and also look for him tright here. There is one trick that makes it easier, yet not by much.

The bell, an item that you can build in Workshop mode by going to Resources and Miscellaneous. This item will speak to all civilization at the settlement to it. They’ll relocate gradually, yet they will certainly get tright here. So, if you have actually no various other choice, the ideal alternative is to go to each settlement, one at a time, develop a bell, call the settlers over, and look for Nick Valentine, or any various other companion you have actually lost.

I wish tright here was a much better choice on consingle, but that’s it till Bethesda alters anything. Keep checking back for more Fallout 4 Far Harbor guides.

- This write-up was updated on April 17th, 2017

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