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Reference no: EM13546614

Why is it quantitatively not acceptable to titprice each vinegar samples via NaOH titrant to the very same dark pink endpoint?

What is the molarity of the acid

Problem- A 16.5-mL sample of tartaric acid is titrated to a phenolphthalein endpoint with 20. mL of 1.0 M NaOH. Assuming tartaric acid is diprotic, what is the molarity of t

Exordinary what have the right to be said about the values of q

A specific mechanism is doing job-related on the surroundings and also gaining heat from the surroundings. What can be shelp about the worths of q (heat) and w (work) for this syst

Explain what percentage of the h+ ions in the solution

Compute in a 0.032 M solution of CO2 in water (H2CO3). If all the CO32- in this solution comes from the reactivity shown below, define what portion of the H+ ions

Exsimple exactly how many kind of joules of heat energy

Suppose you pick up a 15-pound ball of iron (such as a "shot-put" sphere at a track event). The iron round has actually the exact same temperature as the setting (26 °C). How many joules o

Exordinary a salt solution deserve to be acidic, standard, or neutral

A salt solution deserve to be acidic, standard, or neutral. When liquified in water, define which of the complying with salts will certainly not affect the pH: KCl, FeCl3, NaNO3, CaCO3, LiF, andNH4B

Determine the nature of the inhibitor

An enzyme has a km of 8uM in the lack of an inhibitor and evident kilometres of 12uM in the existence of the 3uM of the inhibitor calculate the ki of the inhibitor and determine th

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Calculate the minimun volume of water needed to disresolve

benzoic acid in water is 6.8g per 100ml at 100 levels c, and .34 per 100ml at 25 degrees c. calculate the minimun volume of water needed to disdeal with 1.00g of benzoic acid.

What is the actual size of the object in pm

Problem- If an object has been intensified 106 times and shows up to be 10-4 m, what is the actual size of the object in pm. Enter your answer in decimal notation, making use of no uni