If products are shipped FOB shipping allude, then the _____ (purchaser/seller) is responsible for paying freight charges and the _______________ (purchaser/seller) will certainly not incorporate the merchandise in their inventory.

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If items are shipped FOB shipping allude, then the *PURCHASER is responsible for paying freight charges and the *SELLER will not encompass the merchandise in their inventory.
The _____ principle says that inventory costs are expensed as price of products sold once inventory is marketed.
principle says that inventory costs are expensed as cost of goods offered once inventory is marketed.
Why would the physical count of inventory be various than what is shown in perpetual inventory records? (Check all that apply.)
Which of the complying with lists the four approaches offered to asauthorize costs to inventory and also to cost of goods sold?
The FIFO price circulation presumption assumes that the expense of items purchased _______________ (earliest/latest) are the prices that will certainly be moved initially to price of products sold on the _______________ (balance sheet/earnings statement).
The FIFO expense circulation assumption assumes that the expense of items purchased EARLIEST
are the prices that will certainly be moved initially to price of goods sold on the INCOME STATEMENT
Which of the costs below would be included in the recorded cost of merchandise inventory? (Check all that apply.)
Which statement(s) listed below properly describe(s) the connection of price of items marketed and also finishing inventory? (Check all that use.)
Cost of items sold plus finishing inventory will certainly equal the complete items accessible for sale. Cost of products obtainable for sale must be alsituated between price of products sold and ending inventory.
Which statement(s) listed below is(are) correct concerning the purpose of taking a physical inventory count? (Check all that use.)
The physical count is provided to readjust the Inventory account balance to the actual inventory accessible. The physical count is used to determine if there has been any theft, loss, damages or errors in inventory.
The type of company that would certainly usage the certain identification technique of inventory costing includes:
Recount the approaches used to assign costs to inventory and also expense of goods marketed under both a perpetual and also a periodic system. (Check all that use.)
One similar unit is purchased on each of the complying with 3 days and at the particular costs: June 1 at $10 June 2 at $15 July 4 at $20 The company sells two units throughout the period. Conclude which inventory items are marketed initially and which unit stays in ending inventory if the firm is using the FIFO price circulation presumption.
Identify the safeguards that carriers implement to protect their inventory. (Check all that apply.)
Implement defense measures, such as camperiods.Restrict access to inventory.Control accessibility to inventory records.Match inventory got with purchase orders.
Exordinary what reduced of expense or sector suggests in regards to reporting merchandise inventory on the balance sheet.
Determine which of the following statements are correct about the distinction in between physical flow and the expense circulation of inventory. (Check all that use.)
Cost circulation is an presumption about which goods/items are marketed. A company may take on any type of cost flow assumption once accounting for perishable items. Perishable items have to have an actual physical flow of FIFO. Physical flow is focused on the actual motion of goods.
Guns R Us overdeclared its finishing inventory in the current year by $5,000. The agency erroneously reported $100,000 of net revenue. Explain the consequences of this error on the existing period"s earnings statement.
Tbelow are benefits to making use of each of the four inventory costing methods. Identify the statements below that are correct regarding these advantages. (Check all that apply.)
Weighted average has a tendency to smooth out erratic alters in costs. FIFO asindications an amount to inventory on the balance sheet that approximates its present price.
Accounting ethics require conservatism once reporting financial indevelopment. Companies never want to report inventory on a balance sheet that is greater than replacement cost. Assets are not displayed at an inflated value on the balance sheet, but rather at lower of cost or replacement cost. LCM allows carriers to acknowledge a loss in value of an ascollection in the period the loss occurs.
Determine price of goods marketed for X-mart, assuming that start inventory was $5,000. Net purchases were $20,000 and finishing inventory was $9,000.
Sparky"s mistakenly had inventory that was on consignment in its finishing inventory count. Consequently, the finishing inventory was overstated on the balance sheet. Exordinary just how this error will impact this year"s revenue statement. (Check all that apply.)
When purchase expenses are (rising/declining) , FIFO will report the lowest cost of products sold yielding the highest possible gross profit and net revenue.
When purchase prices are RISING, FIFO will report the lowest expense of products offered yielding the greatest gross profit and net income.
The inventory turnover proportion assesses just how conveniently a firm is selling its merchandise, so that it can generate cash to pay debts.
Price quotes of inventory are not generally forced when a firm uses a (FIFO/LIFO/periodic/perpetual) inventory mechanism because they would presumably have updated inventory data.
Quotes of inventory are not generally required once a agency supplies a PERPETUAL inventory mechanism because they would presumably have actually updated inventory information.
Assuming purchase costs are rising in a periodic inventory device, identify which of the statements below are correct about the price of items sold under FIFO, LIFO and weighted average price circulation techniques. (Check all that use.)
Companies using FIFO will certainly report the smallest price of products marketed.Weighted average cost of goods offered will certainly be between FIFO and LIFO prices of products sold.Companies utilizing FIFO will report the highest possible gross profit and net income.Companies utilizing FIFO will pay higher taxes than companies making use of LIFO, assuming all else being equal.

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Sometimes service providers should estimate ending inventory. Rewatch the reasons given listed below for estimating inventory and choose every one of the correct responses. (Check all that use.)
Fire damaged the inventory wareresidence. Interim financial statements have to be all set. The keep was flooded.
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