Directed by Gabe Spitzer and also David Terry Fine

If experienced golf were put to country music, then the song would certainly be about John Daly. Ever given that he shocked the sporting activities world by winning the PGA Championship at Crooked Stick 25 years ago, the blond bomber from Dardanelle, Arkansas has actually been just one of the the majority of popular-and polarizing-numbers in a sport that cherishes its legacies and minds its manners. More »

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Director"s Take

Cultivation up in the "90s, we remember John strolling the course with his blond mullet and also moustache, a cigarette dangling from his mouth and also his mammoth drives that delighted golf fans throughout the world. We knew him as a lot for his significant victories as for the trouble he gained in off the golf course, drinking and also gambling his way to rehab. But with his highest possible of highs and lowest of lows, what appeared to separate Daly from the rest of the athletes at the time was that fans always stuck to him. The battle to make actual change in our stays seems to be universal. We deserve to check out our faults, however can we adjust them? John Daly lives this battle for all to watch. And he"s not shy to talk about it. He"ll be the first to tell you that he need to have won more, have to have worked on his game even more and must have made better decisions as soon as in his life.

In making this documentary, we wanted to spfinish time through Daly in the current, 2 years removed from his glory days, in order to view if he has actually readjusted, if he even cares about changing, and also to discover why everyone still loves John Daly.

Film Summary

If skilled golf were put to country music, then the song would be about John Daly. Ever since he shocked the sporting activities human being by winning the PGA Championship at Crooked Stick 25 years earlier, the blond bomber from Dardanelle, Arkansas has been one of the most-popular and polarizing numbers in a sport that cherishes its traditions and minds its manners. In this revealing and rollicking 30 for 30 film, directors Gabe Spitzer and also David Fine cover Daly"s climb and fall, his redemption at The Open in St. Andrews in 1995, and also his struggles via booze, food, gambling, women and also depression. They also uncover a perboy whose story runs much deeper than his motto of "Sip It, Grip It, Rip It."

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Gabe Spitzer and David Terry Fine

Gabe Spitzer is a three-time Emmy-award winning filmmaker. He was a producer on over 50 episodes of HBO"s acclaimed "24/7" series and also co-directed the documentary "Legendary Nights: The Tale of Gatti-Ward" for the network-related. In the leadas much as the 2014 World Cup, Spitzer directed "Rise as One," a six-part series for Fox focusing on global soccer stories. Gabe likewise directed "Eextremely Day," a 30 for 30 Brief that premiered on opening night of the 2015 Sundance Film Festival. His many current jobs incorporate "Gold Within," a documentary for Dick"s Sporting Goods and also NBC on Olympian Kerri Walsh Jennings, and also "Follow My Lead," a groundbreaking digital truth film for Oculus on the 2016 NBA Finals.

David Terry Fine is a filmmaker working out of New York. He"s made a large array of short movies and music videos with collaborators favor Radiolab, MoMA, Nowness, Adult Swim, plus musical artists Son Lux and Robyn. David developed the award-winning function documentary "Salaam Dunk," a story collection in post-war Iraq about a university women"s basketsphere team. David"s immersive experimental brief film "Can You Read My Lips?" has won a variety of awards virtual and at festivals, and been selected to display in nations roughly the human being as part of USC"s Amerihave the right to Film Showsituation regimen.