Is English a measure of intelligence? This has actually been an recurring debate between different groups of civilization. Many kind of believe that English—or speaking English well—is a meacertain of one’s intelligence. Tright here are several blogs about the internet that discuss this matter, most of which, if not all are basemuch less opinions. The most common perspective is this: world who sheight disastrous English are labelled as stupid and civilization who sheight English well are revered as pundits. This concept is stupid, yes. At the exact same time, saying that English proficiency is not a meacertain of intelligence is highly debatable. How so? That depends on just how we specify knowledge.

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Before we go right into the details of this debate, let me give you some context around myself, specifically for those who carry out not understand me external my blog. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in English from among the country’s state colleges, which was awarded as the region’s facility of excellence for education. Modesty aside, I graduated through the silver medal for scholastic excellence. I am a grammars and literature significant and also functioned through TESL for seven years prior to I became an editor and publicist for among USA’s optimal publishing firm for two and a fifty percent years. I have actually also been a freelance scholastic and also imaginative writer for years, and also have been delivering impressive outcomes for my employer and clients both. Right now, I am a interactions trainer for among the country’s ideal, if not the ideal, contact centers and also BPO. I have met so many type of intelligent people whose English proficiency required innovation, and I have actually aided them improve their communication abilities and also, supposedly, come to be more effective in their field.

Now, let’s go earlier to the topic at hand—is English proficiency a meacertain of intelligence? First, let’s specify intelligence. According to Merriam-Webster, intelligence is “the capability to learn or understand or to resolve new or trying situations” or “the capability to use expertise to manipulate one’s environment or to think abstractly as measured by objective criteria (as tests).”<1> Sindicate put, it is our capability to get and also use understanding and abilities. In psychology, humale knowledge is characterized as “the intellectual capacity of humans, which is defined by perception, consciousness, self-awareness, and also volition. Through their intelligence, human beings possess the cognitive abilities to learn, develop ideas, understand also, use logic, and also factor, consisting of the capacities to identify patterns, comprehfinish principles, plan, deal with troubles, make decisions, retain indevelopment, and also use language to interact.”<2>

And exactly how carry out we measure intelligence? There are various ways to measure such. One is through measuring one’s intelligence quotient or IQ, which are one’s cognitive abilities family member to what others of different ages are able to execute. This concept was introduced in 1904 by Alfred Binet.<3> To calculate a person’s IQ score, one’s psychological age is separated by his or her chronological age, and also the quotient is multiplied by 100. Anvarious other form of meacertain is he g factor (likewise called general intelligence, basic mental ability, or basic intelligence factor), which is a construct developed in psychometric investigations of cognitive abilities and huguy knowledge.<4> This is measured differently as well, and let us not go right into that for currently. But is this all tright here is to knowledge and also where does English proficiency come right into the picture?

According to Dr. Howard Gardner, intelligence is “a biopsychological potential to process indevelopment that can be activated in a social establishing to fix difficulties or develop products that are of value in a culture.”<5> He believes that the conventional concept of knowledge, which is based upon IQ experimentation, is much as well restricted. Instead, he proposes eight different intelligences to account for a broader selection of human potential for both youngsters and also adults. (You can review even more around his Theory of Multiple Intelligences below.) One of the modalities of the eight intelligences that he proposes is the verbal-linguistic intelligence, or being word smart.

This modality of intelligence has high facility via words and langueras. People who have actually this knowledge are normally adept at reading, creating, telling stories, and also memorizing words along with days.<6> And this is wbelow English proficiency comes in. Verbal-linguistics intelligence is measured through different verbal fluency tests or, sindicate put, one’s language proficiency or one’s capacity to learn a brand-new language. Therefore, one’s proficiency in English is, technically, a meacertain of an intelligence. It is ignorant to insurance claim that a person’s capacity to learn a brand-new language, memorize rules of grammar and apply them repetitively, learn brand-new words and also usage them easily, and also pronounce international words effectively and easily is not a measure of knowledge. This does not simply use to the English language, but any language at all (at the same time, English proficiency has constantly been the primary suggest of discussion about this matter considering that several nations promote English as the international language that bridges the gap between languages). It is the very same method that a person’s ability to socialize harmoniously via co-employees is both a sign and also a meacertain of intelligence.

What does it intend for us second-language speakers of English? Dr. Gardner’s concept of multiple intelligences is also supplied to profile human being based on what they are excellent at. It has been established that intelligence is significantly associated through successful training and performance outcomes, and IQ/g is the single ideal predictor of effective job performance.<7> Certain employers usage this as a decisive factor to sift through a list of applicants for a certain project. For example, my task as a interactions trainer needs me and also my colleagues to be adept at languperiods, whether it is semantics, syntax, morphology, phonetics, or other aspects of linguistics. It does not need to be a really technical understanding of the language, per se. At the exact same time, we are meant to be masters of fundamental language rules, such as the difference between once and one’s, which verb tense is the a lot of correct in a offered context, or once to use the definite article in a sentence.

We Filipinos have been anchored in such an awkward mentality that we just meacertain intelligence in a particular way—greatly via the numbers we watch in report cards, not what we are capable of doing in actual life with different media. Because we are second-language speakers of English, we tfinish to be aggressively defensive that our ability or incapability to sheight the language is not a meacertain of our knowledge, when it actually is in some means. We should be more open-minded that intelligence comes in different forms and they are measured in different ways.

To recap: Intelligence is our capacity to get and also apply expertise and also skills, and also tright here are various methods to measure one’s intelligence. Tbelow are multiple intelligences, and they are measured in various methods. One of these intelligences is verbal-grammars, which consists of a person’s capability to learn a brand-new language and also is measured by his or her proficiency in such language. It is ignorant to say that one’s capability to learn, understand, and also use a details language such as English is not a meacertain of intelligence.

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