We all understand her name, we’ve all checked out her movies, yet did you ever before speak to think just how she became among the 20th Century’s leading icons for womanhood?

With her skinny waist, brief hair, and thick eyebrows, she single-handedly readjusted the means leading females looked in Hollytimber. In the age of Elizabeth Taylor and also Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn hosted her very own as she introduced a brand-new era of femininity and also basically changed the way movie audiences perceived women.

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To check out exactly how this adjust taken place, we have to go back to the at an early stage 50s to understand also what the average leading lady in a post-war America looked like.

The early 1950s in America was all around leisure, drive-via restaurants, and post-battle affluence. It observed the rise of modern-day jazz, tv, and also societal conformity. As World War II finished, the characters in the film human being were typically typical portrayals of your average, everyday men and also women.

Movie audiences sought after these photos bereason they felt something was missing. After the war finished, world wanted to feel a feeling of normalcy again, that’s why movies prefer an Amerideserve to in Paris, The Band Wagon and Singin’ in the Rain(among many kind of others) were so renowned.

But, through conformity, comes rebellion.

Amerideserve to adults might’ve been okay via it, yet what around their kids? This rebellion saw the climb of actors and actresses prefer Elizabeth Taylor, Marlon Branexecute and also Marilyn Monroe in grittier, more down to earth activity pictures like Niagara, A Streetvehicle Named Desire and A Place in the Sun.

The movies that they starred in quenched the thirst that these teenagers were yearning for. Branperform had his rugged, strategy acting methods (along with others favor James Dean and Montgomery Clift), and Marilyn and Liz were sex symbols that woguys might aspire to be like.


Photograph by Michèle Eckert on Unsplash

Rapid forward a couple of years and also inevitably, there was a backlash to the backlash.

Younger woguys were sick and worn down of the unattainable beauty requirements that these actresses were illustrated on the silver display screen. Liz Taylor was when famously dubbed an “eternal one night stand” by her then-husband also Ricdifficult Burton and also Marilyn, well, she’s Marilyn Monroe.

Fortunately, these objectors would certainly gain their opportunity to feel plain once a 5'7" dancer from England also waltzed right into Hollyhardwood to steal the hearts and also minds of the Amerihave the right to public.

When Romale Holiday was released in 1953, it was greeted through important and financial success.

Co-starring Gregory Peck and also composed by a blacklisted Dalton Trumbo, the movie took residence 3 Academy Awards, including Audrey Hepburn for Best Actress in a Leading role. Not just was director William Wyler lauded for his directorial efforts, however the film additionally witnessed the meteoric rise of Hepburn.

Only 24 years young, Hepburn was a refreshing readjust from the curvier/sexier movie stars of that era. Not just did she regulate to win an Osauto on her film deyet, but she also brought radical adjust to the method woguys dressed.

While guys (both young and old) might enjoy the agency of a Liz Taylor or a Marilyn, younger women felt that they can comfortably copy Hepburn’s look without feeling inadequate.

In various other words, Hepburn made being slim a positive rather of a negative.

However, tright here were some setbacks to this.

As the years went by, womales thought the only way to be chic and fashionable was to be stick thin and also very own a small black dress. Of course, that is one method, however that’s not what Audrey represented.

If you were to look up some interviews via an older Audrey Hepburn (favor this one here through Barbara Walters) you would check out that the secret of Audrey’s success was to be yourself.

In 1954 fashion photographer Cecil Beaton, dubbed Hepburn the, “public embodiment of our new feminine best,” and that sentiment still rings true. Her look is was so minimal and also simple, that it’s taken into consideration a fashion faux pas if you don’t have actually it.

That’s how effective Hepburn’s footprint was. When everyone was wearing heels and skirts, she was comfortable in ballet flats and slim babsence slacks.

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Audrey Hepburn readjusted Hollytimber ideals for the better, and for that, I say thanks to her.