Last year, we were all around the Vitamin C – serums, moisturisers, cleansers even. This year, it looks favor it will certainly be all about retinol. One of the products that popped up on my radar late last year was the Elizabeth Arden Retinol Ceramide Capsule Line Erasing Night Serum. Quite a mouthful!


These are eye-recording, as they come in pink, cute single-use capsules, much favor the usual Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Capsules. This not just ensures freshness of product each time you usage it, yet likewise keeps it hygienic and also provides it extremely portable.

But what is it and also how do you usage this?

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Why have to I usage retinol serums?

I do not profess to be an skilled in this field. I am just simply learning myself. There is many literature out tbelow that you can conveniently search for (as I have and still do). But as a quick arrival and also overwatch to this energetic ingredient, I imply analysis this post from Caroline Hirons, and also to watch the accompanying video.

In gist, Retinol is an energetic ingredient that is additionally recognized as Vitamin A. Tright here are many kind of derivatives these days, so it will only acquire complex over time.

But mostly, what retinol does or have the right to execute is assist skin look and also feel firmer by enhancing collagen production, reduce lines and also wrinkles, boost uneven skintone, and also smooth and also refine the surchallenge of the skin. It is what you would certainly use if you are worried and also came to about aging and also want somepoint that functions.

Since it helps encourage skin cell turnover, it is likewise an ingredient recommfinished for those with acne. For this factor likewise, many kind of assets to fight acne that contain retinol/retinoids e.g.

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Tretonoin or Differin, are additionally used by world for lines and also wrinkles. Not saying they’re the exact same or that they’re various, but they are primarily intfinished for acne, and also that’s all I’d say on the topic