The Fer-de-Lance is another timeless architecture that has now remained in manufacturing for 2 centuries. The ship became famous for its popularity through top business executives and rich bounty hunters, being a fast, well armed vessel, through luxurious accommodation and high top quality components fitted as standard. Early models were developed by Zorgon Peterkid, yet more recently, restricted numbers have been upgraded by Saud Kruger in a rare teamwork, causing also even more lavish creations, without spoiling the original design and specification needs.

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Nearest known shipyards

Gupta City | Lacaille 935210.69 Ly
Magnus Gatemeans | EZ Aquarii11.10 Ly
Ford City | Groombridge 3411.73 Ly
Matthews City | Groombridge 3411.73 Ly
Jones Estate | Groombridge 3411.73 Ly
Clement Orbital | YZ Ceti12.07 Ly
Kepler Gateway | Kruger 6013.08 Ly
Crook Hub | Toolfa14.01 Ly
Snyder Enterprise | TZ Arietis14.61 Ly
Robins High | Luyten 205-12819.01 Ly
H. G. Wells Hub | Luyten 205-12819.01 Ly
Feynman Terminal | Bhritzameno19.09 Ly
Merbold Ring | EQ Pegasi20.19 Ly
Berners-Lee Terminal | Wolf 56220.23 Ly
Hopkins Port | Wolf 56220.23 Ly

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Zorgon Peterson
260 m/s
Boost speed
350 m/s
51,567,040 Cr
Base shield
300 MJ
Base armour
Hull mass
250 t
Mass-lock factor
Landing pad
Huge Hardpoint
Medium Hardpoint
Medium Hardpoint
Medium Hardpoint
Medium Hardpoint
Utility mount
Utility Mount
Utility Mount
Utility Mount
Utility Mount
Utility Mount
Utility Mount
Optional internal
4E Cargo Rack
Internal compartment
4C Shield Generator
Internal compartment
3E Cargo Rack
Internal compartment
Internal compartment
Internal compartment
1E Supercruise Assist
Internal compartment
Core internal
6C Power Plant
Reactor Bay
5C Thrusters
Thruster Mounting
4C Frame Change Drive
FSD Housing
4C Life Support
Environment Control
6C Power Distributor
Power Coupling
4C Sensors
Sensor Suite
3C Fuel Tank
Fuel Store
1I Lightweight Alloy


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Related Galnet news

11 Dec 3304
Mamba and also Krait Phantom Released

Two brand-new ships marketed towards independent pilots, the Mamba and also the Krait Phantom, have simply hit the market.

Zorgon Peterboy issued the following press release for its brand-new vessel:

“If it’s speed and firepower you want, the Mamba is for you. Based on a racing protokind, it’s the fastest commercially available starship, and it sporting activities sufficient hardpoints for a variety of devastating weaponry. Whether you’re leaving rivals in the dust or running rings approximately those pesky Thargoids, think Mamba!”

Faulcon DeLacy additionally released a statement for its latest design:

“The Krait Phantom provides true multi-duty capcapability, allowing it to be customised for combat, mining or trading. And for explorers, its exceptional jump variety means you really have the right to reach out to the stars. This is a ship that have the right to take care of it all.”

Faulcon deLacyIndependentThargoidsZorgon Peterson
05 Nov 3302
Freelance Report: The Christmas Carriers Convoy

The Colonia Citizens Netjob-related has actually invited the galactic community to support the Colonia community by transferring much-essential food and also tools to the region, and by transferring new inhabitants, as part of what is set to be among the largest freight convoys in human history.

The Christmas Carriers Convoy will depart on the second of December 3302, stopping at each outshort article on the so-referred to as Colonia highmeans, and also arrive in Colonia in the first week of January. So far, practically 150 pilots have actually signed up.

The Earth Defense Fleet, the ninth Legion, the Iridium Wing, SEPP and also the Prismatic Imperium have actually all pledged pilots to defend the freighters for the duration of the pilgrimage.

Dalilah William, a citizen of Colonia Hub, said:

"We require more of the essentials that those in the core systems take for granted, which is why we"re calling on traders and haulers to join the Christmas Carriers Convoy, and appealing to combat pilots to protect them."


ColoniaFrelance reportsZorgon Peterson
19 May 3302
Community Goal: Battle Royale

Don Antonaci, leader of the pirate organisation Wolf 359, has actually dubbed on the galaxy"s pirates to assemble for a faceoff versus the Hutton Orbital Truckers and their allies. The piprice has actually proposed an "anypoint goes" battle royale in the Wyrd mechanism.

Minelayers, thermal tools, torpedo boats, long-selection sniper ships – Antonaci is asking participants to lug their many devastating devices to the ice rings, and also to ruin any truckers they enrespond to. The truckers, meanwhile, have actually promised to sfinish their best to oppose Antonaci.

The two parties have actually agreed that the pirates will fly Fer-De-Lances, Cobras, Vipers and Eagles, while the truckers will certainly pilot Federal Assault Ships, Gunships, Dropships and Vultures. Pilots on both sides have been authorised to taracquire anyone that piloting a larger vessel. Camera crews, which will certainly be flying yellow haulers, are considered off borders.

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Antonaci released the adhering to statement:

"Despite my best initiatives, these filthy truckers proceed to trawl with room. We want all pilots friendly to the Don to aid us teach these truckers a lesson. Bring your finest tools, modules and upqualities, and also present your assistance."

The truckers" only response to Antonaci"s difficulty was: "Bring it on!"

The project starts on the 1ninth of May 3302 and also will run for one week. Pilots that assistance the operation will certainly be generously reimbursed.

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