Las Mananitas is a standard Mexihave the right to birthday song which is often sung to celebprice birthdays or a person’s saint’s day. This tune is incredibly renowned in many Latin Amerihave the right to nations.

Some world say that it is actually 2 songs in one. And in reality, tbelow is a readjust in the song’s pace after the first couple of verses.

Interestingly, tright here are several versions of the song. You will certainly uncover, for example, that some versions differ the verses slightly or add new verses.

You will certainly also discover that Las Mananitas is percreated in different musical genres, the mariachi variation being one of the most well-known.

There are - among others - numerous Las Mañanitas banda versions and there are pop variations as well. The song has been recorded by numerous renowned singers, including Mexican artists Alejandro Fernández, Pedro Infante, Javier Solís, and also the Mariachi Vargas of Tecatitlán.

Las Mananitas is commonly sung prior to the birthday cake is cut. In many countries, like in Bolithrough for example, the song is performed as a serenata, usually around midnight.

In Colombia, this birthday tune is sung to the quinceañeras (girls celebrating their 15th birthday). In this instance, the expression hoy por ser día de tu santo (meaning because today is your saint’s day) is replaced by a las muchachas bonitas (interpretation to all the lovely girls).

Below you will certainly uncover the lyrics to this well-known Mexideserve to birthday song, adhered to by the English translation. Keep in mind that this is one variation of the song. You will find others through slight variations.

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Las Mananitas

Estas boy las mañanitas, que cantaba el Rey David,Hoy por ser día de tu santo*, te las cantamos a tí, Despierta, mi bien**, despierta, mira que ya amaneció, Ya los pajarillos cantan, la luna ya se metió.

Que linda está la mañana en que vengo a saludarte, Venimos todos con gusto y placer a felicitarte, El día en que tu naciste nacieron todas las floresEn la pila del bautismo, cantaron los ruiseñores Ya viene amanecienperform, ya la luz del día nos dio, Levántate de mañana, mira que ya amaneció.

Quisiera ser solecito para entrar por tu ventana,y darte los buenos días acostadita en tu cama,

Quisiera ser un San Juan, quisiera ser un San Pedro,Para venirte a cantar con la música del cielo,

De las estrellas del cielo tengo que bajarte dos,una para saludarte y otra para decirte adiós,

Con jasmines y flores hoy te vengo a saludar,Hoy por ser día de tu santo te venimos a cantar.


This is the morning song that King David sangBecause today is your saint"s day* we"re singing it for youWake up, my dear**, wake up, look it is currently dawnThe birds are already singing and also the moon has actually collection

How lovely is the morning in which I concerned greet you We all came with joy and also pleasure to congratulate youThe day you were born all the flowers were bornOn the baptismal font the nightingales sang The morning is coming now, the sun is providing us its lightGet up in the morning, look it is currently dawn

I would certainly choose to be the sunshine to enter through your windowto wish you good morning while you"re lying in your bed

I would certainly choose to be a Saint John I would prefer to be a Saint PeterTo sing to you through the music of heaven

Of the stars in the skies I need to reduced 2 for youOne through which to greet you and the various other to wish you goodbye

With jasmines and also flowers we concerned greet youSince now is your saint’s day, we concerned sing to you


* Can be substituted through the phrase a las muchachas actually bonitas (to all the lovely girls)

** Often reinserted with the name of the birthday person

Las Mananitas – Videos

Here are a couple of versions of this well-known birthday song. You will certainly additionally discover a karaoke version.

Javier Solís

A ranchera variation perdeveloped by this well-known singer.

Pop version by Mexihave the right to singer Tatiana

In this version – the phrase hoy por ser dia de tu santo is reinserted by hoy por ser tu cumpleaños (bereason this particular day is your birthday).

Sing Las Mañanitas via this karaoke version

Just follow the lyrics...

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