It’s all about Fashion this week in Singapore. Carolina Herrera, Nicolette Dinnigan and Hussein Chalayan, to name but a few, were in tvery own to present us their fabulous clothing. I had the opportunity to attfinish a few mirrors and a few various other occasions and I will show you some highlights in the coming weeks.

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I have been wanting to develop this kind of look for a while, namely to integrate a broader optimal with a tighter skirt. I really like this as a winter look through a large jumper, but since jumpers are out of the question here in hot Singapore, I had to translate it right into a summer version. I opted for this old t-shirt from Zara which is much longer and also wider in the ago than it is in the front. Since I likewise wanted to show my belt and also a little of waist, I semi tucked the t-shirt which has actually been a very famous look online.

This sort of look is very on trfinish right currently, namely to incorporate even more structured items (the skirt) with unstructured and oversized (the shirt). It’s also a good method to make your more formal wear more casual and also hip. Instead of heels you have the right to additionally wear this via flats, which takes it to the casual side even more.


It felt like a great modern-day / casual look for a day event at fashion week. It looked extremely chic via this brand-new clutch from Unika Designers which deserve to either be rolled or held as a bag.


Of course I still required also much stuff (favor my electronic camera, ipad and so on.) so I opted for a much more practical red bag instead.

My gel nails added a funky touch to the look.

Later that day I wore the very same skirt, however this time linked through my grey checkered top and black and white belt. For also even more variations via this skirt you can view it unified through a grey/white silk top below and through a white blouse right here.


I specifically appreciated wearing the optimal look which made me feel on trfinish, yet comfortable and also casual.

Have you experimented with this look wbelow you integrate somepoint structured (tighter) wih something unstructured (larger and loser)?


Skirt, Donna Karan, t-shirt Zara (old), shoes Max & Co, Bag Unika Designers, belt Tangs, shoes Kenneth Cole

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