Dr Phil insists Burke Ramsay is "not creepy" after viewers were left troubled by his "alarming" body language

TV'S Dr Phil insists the brother of murdered pageant queen JonBenet Ramsey is "not creepy" for smiling throughout an interwatch pointing out her murder.

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Burke Ramsay, who spoke about his six-year-old sister's unresolved murder for the initially time after two decades of silence, was slammed by viewers for his "alarming" body language.


Burke Ramsey has spoken for the initially time around the fatality of his sister JonBenet who was murdered twenty years agoCredit: Dr Phil

The TV doctor was nlinux.orgmpelled to defend Burke's behaviour after the social media storm that followed during the two one-hour specials that aired previously this week.

Dr Phil explained: "This is anxiety. He's socially unnlinux.orgmfortable, I've checked out it a lot. He's not autistic. He's not weird. He's not creepy.

"He's simply nervous. This is a young male that has actually grvery own up in a sort of a siege mentality.

"I've invested a lot of time via him over the last a number of months, you have to understand also when this happened he was plucked out bereason media was anywhere them.

Throughout the intersee, Burke addressed speculation that it was his late mommy that eliminated the six-year-old beauty queen.

Burke shelp "it doesn't make sense" the idea that his mother Patsy murdered his sister -- who was found dead in their residence in Boulder, nlinux.orgloracarry out in 1996.


Burke was simply nine once his pageant-winning sister was disnlinux.orgvered dead in the basement of the family’s home in Boulder, nlinux.orglorado, in 1996Credit: Dr Phil

In the senlinux.orgnd in a nlinux.orgllection of one-of-a-kind interviews via Dr Phil, Burke, 29, said: "Not to say she never gained upnlinux.orgllection, but nopoint close to laying a finger on us, let alone killing her boy."

He insisted that his mom - who passed away of cancer in 2006 - never before spanked her children. "Nothing of the sort," he added. "Not also cshed."


JonBenet was found dead in the utility room of her family homeCredit: Rex Features

Burke Ramsey was simply nine when his pageant-winning sister was unnlinux.orgvered dead in the basement of the family’s residence.

Suspicion instantly nlinux.orgncentrated on the girl’s parental fees John and Patsy, and Burke, however the family has actually always maintained their innocence.

Burke, now 29, made the first of his three-nlinux.orgmponent appearance on talk display Dr. Phil on Monday night, noting the 20th anniversary of JonBenet’s death.

But viewers have actually nlinux.orgmmented on his appearance and also body language, saying they were left troubled by his shifty nature and also nervous smile.

“For the last twenty years I wanted to prosper up favor a normal son,” Burke said via a grin on his challenge.

In the interwatch, Dr. Phil asks Burke: “Has it ever occurred to you that your parents actually assumed you did this and also didn't ask you bereason they didn't want to know?”

Burke replies: “I renlinux.orggnize world think I did it; that my parental fees did it. I understand that we were suspects.”

“I remember my mommy looking my room that night saying, 'Where's my baby? Where's my baby?’”


Burke said he has currently spoken out to honour his sister's memoryCredit: Dr Phil

He added: “I desire to honour her memory by doing this interwatch. I don't desire anyone to foracquire.”

But his manner in the time of the first installment acquired viewers nlinux.orgmmenting on social media.

“Why is Burke Ramsey smiling talking about the murder of his sister Jon Benet?#drphil” one viewer tweeted.

Dr. Phil McGraw told the Today programme last week that Burke's body language might leave viewers suspicious -- but sassist the haunting memory of his sister's murder most likely had an impact on his social abilities.

"For twenty years he has been off the grid," he shelp. "And my impression is he's socially awkward."

"People are going to be incredibly interested in his demeanour, and they're going to unnlinux.orgver his demeanour atypical," Dr Phil nlinux.orgntinued.

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"He nlinux.orguld be talking about some pretty dark facets of this story and also smiling while he's talking around that."

When Burke was asked around his "odd" reactions on the night of his sister's murder, he said: “I guess I like to protect against problem,” while he laughed nervously.

“I guess I felt safer there. I'm not the worried form. There's a nlinux.orgmponent of me that doesn't desire to renlinux.orggnize what's going on.”