As I am sure you recognize, the 2020 USA elections are coming closer, via President Trump and his supporters convinced he will be re-chosen. To ensure it, African Amerideserve to rapper Bryson Gray launched the #MagaChallenge back in September 2019.


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28-year-old Bryson Gray, that has actually opened up for big names in the US rap industry such as 50cent and also 2chainz, likes to call himself ‘The Professional Liberal Tear Maker’ and is the one that began the rap difficulty in support of Trump: the #Magachallenge

He tweeted a video clip of himself rapping his brand-new song “Trump Is Your President” and also quickly went viral. The video now has more than 27,000 likes and virtually 11,000 retweets.

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MAGA BOY. #MAGACHALLENGE I desire y’all to your very own rap to it also then tag me! Lets make liberals cry!