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Stick it in her pooper is a phrase commonly used on 4chan as a response to questions about relationships, sex related threads, or even unrelated topics such as taking care of animals, that was popularized in late 2006.

The phrase is used to tell a person that they should have anal sex with a girl, whom the thread is usually about.


The phrase originated sometime before 2003, with the earliest found mention of it as an Urban Dictionary definition on February 21, 2003.

The exact origin is currently unknown.

General Reactions

Not only did the original phrase explode into use, but it also had the effect of creating the opposite phrase, dedicated to keeping it out of her and anyone else"s pooper.



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Urban Dictionary definition

4chan Archived Thread

4chan Archived Thread

Encyclopedia Dramatica Article

Urban Dictionary definition

4chan BBS

Anvil Society Thread

Anime Connex List

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Although known as early as 2003, the phrase allegedly gained popularity after a sex advice thread on 4chan.

In the thread, a user asked for sex advice about his gay boyfriend and was eventually spammed with the phrase, ‘Stick it in her pooper,’ with the ‘Her’ as a response to his boyfriend’s lack of masculinity.

The popularity of the phrase greatly picked up after this thread, becoming one of the more common things to say as a response to anything to do with sex.

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