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Stick it in her pooper is a phrase generally supplied on 4chan as a solution to questions about relationships, sex connected threads, or even unrelated topics such as taking care of animals, that was popularized in late 2006.

The expression is used to tell a perkid that they have to have actually anal sex via a girl, whom the thcheck out is normally around.


The expression originated at some time prior to 2003, via the earliest uncovered mention of it as an Urban Thesaurus interpretation on February 21, 2003.

The exact beginning is currently unrecognized.

General Reactions

Not just did the original expression explode into usage, yet it also had actually the effect of producing the opposite expression, dedicated to maintaining it out of her and anyone else"s pooper.



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4chan Archived Thread

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Although well-known as beforehand as 2003, the expression allegedly got popularity after a sex advice thcheck out on 4chan.

In the thcheck out, a user asked for sex advice around his gay boyfriend and also was inevitably spammed with the phrase, ‘Stick it in her pooper,’ via the ‘Her’ as a response to his boyfriend’s absence of masculinity.

The popularity of the expression significantly picked up after this thcheck out, ending up being one of the even more widespread things to say as an answer to anything to execute via sex.

The announcement of the readjust to Meta by Mark Zuckerberg has created several different memes. The many popular variant has to execute with him looking at the cam while announcing the new name, Meta. Other famous memes in this format include altering the word Meta to something else, and inserting him into various other environments.

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