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* PLEASE LOOK INTO AND FIX ASAP -- Just notification this morning our calculated shipping prices are mirroring way to high! Somehow an average of $10.00 is being added to the shipping cost! We have actually NOT adjusted anypoint in our ship settings to reflect/reason this increase! Ex: A package I shipped 2 weeks back to South Carolina price the customer $13.62 now that expense is reflecting $24.75! We will certainly be loosing sales/revenue till this is FIXED!I am assuming this is a bug/glitch?

Are you aware that USPS changed many kind of packaging selections this day (June 23) to reflect dimensional weight?, I imagine somepoint prefer your wine crates will certainly be affected. The hardest hit seem to be large lightweight items.

I visited USPS website to check calculated / dimensional weight on an object and also USPS price was at exact same price as 2 weeks ago!This is not from rate rise..

Yeah I had actually a $95 item that cost $39 to ship!! Light weight but a small bigger than normal! It sucks!!

can it be the size of the box that is adding the added charge?? With the latest USPS dimentional rate rises that may be it. I recognize from previous suffer $10.00 is around the amount of a "surcharge" for oversized packages.

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Well .. I just inspect USPS website for pricing again and also currently it is not also offering me the option of utilizing ground parcel organization.. just higher priced PRIORITY Mail! I constantly compare the shipping expense via FEDEX Ground and also USPS.. will certainly many most likely us FEDEX for all shipping! Also just found information saying average DIM weight price went up about $5.52, most of my calculated pricing is averaging an $11.00 increase! :(To make things even more irritating has actually relocated the ANNOUNCEMENT section to the bottom of the page (at least on my shop) So a potential customer will not check out any kind of news or updates automatically that I might want to make them mindful of, choose shipping cost!
IdleTymeCreationsUSPS does display ground options yet you have to pick it on the first page that comes as much as calculate shipping.Does the mailpiece require Ground Transportation?You need to select it.It will ONLY display ground prices.These new prices are not a bug.New DIM pricing entered effect now.Any package over 1 cubic foot / 1,728 cubic inches will certainly currently have DIM prices used.To figure cubic inches you multiply all 3 measurements, the 18x16x14 box is 4,032 cubic inches.A 14x14x14 box is 2,744 cubic inches.The divisor likewise changed from 194 to 166.This provided to simply apply to areas 5-9 now it applies to any kind of zone.Few examples of what the postage did expense and what it does cost now:18x16x14 box 5 lbs from NC to a zone 4 zip was $9.12.Same box now is $26.99.24x24x12 box 20 lbs NC to NY: was $22.19 Priority and also $22.09 Parcel choose.Now it"s $40.91 Priority, $40.81 parcel selectIt looks choose every one of your cprices will incur DIM pricing now since all seem to be bigger than 1 cubic foot.