Dragon Age: How to Use the Golden Nug to Enhance Future Playthroughs Dragon Age: Inquisition"s Golden Nug allows players to transport specific arsenal items and also schematics in between games. Here"s just how to usage it.

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Dragon Age: Inquisition was a vast undertaking for gamers, through the average playthrough clocking in about 200 hrs. BioWare introduced a lot of new functions, such as armor crafting, advanced potion production and also collections. While traveling throughout Thedas, the Inquisitor and also their party were constantly discovering or purchasing new collectibles, recipes and also schematics alengthy the way. And while that was absolutely interesting on the first playthrough, players that enjoy multiple explorations were likely to have actually little interest in relearning or spending their gold on the very same schematics they gathered the initially time about.

With the arrival of the Golden Nug statue in Patch 10, players who currently completed at leastern one Inquisition playvia could finally soptimal wasting time on the monotonous search for specific collectables, recipes and also schematics. The Golden Nug permitted players to synchronize their previous collections by interacting through the statue with a brand-new character at leastern once.

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The Golden Nug does not appear the initially time you play Inquisition because tbelow is nothing to sync to. However before, after completing that initially playwith, launching the game and also opening a post-game completion save spot will certainly make the Golden Nug show up in the Undercroft location of Skyhost. Approaching the statue and also connecting via it will gather all the vital collection item information so it becomes obtainable with the launch of a new game.

Once you launch a brand also brand-new game, the statue will certainly show up and end up being interactable. It deserve to initially be accessed in the outdoor smithing area at Haven, then later in the Undercroft after finding out Skyorganize. A Golden Nug statue is also obtainable while attfinishing the Exalted Council at the Winter Palace during Trespasser, and also while experimenting Darvaarad Fortress in that same DLC.

Tright here are a variety of crucial items that come to be available almost instantly in future games, which has actually the potential to totally free up helpful questing time and give the Inquisitor and their companions a far-ranging leg up as soon as it comes to armor and also weapons while still in Haven. Transferable items incorporate tier 2 and greater tools, armor and weapon rune schematics, potion recipes, nursery seeds, some mounts and a number of Skyhold customization items, such as beds, drapes, banners, thrones and windows.

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Inquisition is certainly a game that calls for many collecting to advance specific questlines. The Golden Nug is a lifesaver for completionists, as it frees up most time and enables them to emphasis on the essential searches, prefer battling Corypheus and also his Red Templars. However before, tbelow are numerous collectables that cannot not be synched throughout games, like mosaic tiles, bottles, found landmarks, tavern songs, completed astrariums, gathered shards, dragon battles, exclusive mounts that have to be unlocked on the War Table and tier one schematics.

One of the major benefits of the Golden Nug is acquiring the ability to craft runes, tools and also armor that are well over the Inquisitor"s beginning level. Not just does this administer higher protection and better damage rates during at an early stage battles that enables the party to skate with otherwise challenging areas, yet it likewise helps players earn a little bit more gold and permits them emphasis on more crucial facets of the game. Without having actually to problem about constantly upgrading the party"s tools and also armor, the player can instead sell every one of the loot they pick up in the time of their travels instead of worrying them might need it for somepoint.

Of course, that isn"t to say crafting will not be a aspect in future playthroughs, however tright here is definitely something rewarding around gathering the materials and producing greater grade equipment that will ensure the party is at their ideal straight out of Haven and past. Unfortunately, despite having actually the schematics to craft masteroccupational runes and gear, the Inquisitor can"t produce masterwork-related items until they reach Skyhost and also bring on Arcanist Dagna to assist them understand also the intricacies of arcane crafting.

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Another advantage that improves overall gameplay is having actually the capability to craft and use all potions, poisons and also grenades earlier in the game. Those items are a beneficial component of fight and also can make dispatching opponents even simpler. Even potion items, such as Sera"s Jar of Bees reward from the War Table operation "Red Jenny: The Inquisition Needs Beeees!" end up being obtainable, even though the player is still asked to complete the task in future games.

One essential thing to remember when utilizing the Golden Nug to synchronize collections is that, to transfer the data, the player"s account have to be linked on game launch to EA, Origin or the Dragon Era Keep. Regardmuch less of the device one is playing on, the game attempts to link at launch of game, so be sure those accounts connect before beginning.

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While the Golden Nug is not without its odd idiosyncrasies and also bugs from time to time, it has actually come to be a beneficial resource for players that save coming back to Dragon Age: Inquisition. It improves and also improves future playthroughs, enabling players to focus on the components of the game that truly matter to them.