Maybe you"ve heard the stories. Perhaps it was a relative, or a frifinish, or perhaps you were watching a late-night talkdisplay and also some smashingly beautiful vixen was on informing exactly how she and her husband also met.

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They"re so in love. They have actually the perfect marriage. They can not imagine being apart from one another.

But it didn"t begin that means.

She wasn"t, actually, exceptionally interested in him when they first met.

But he pursued her, and also he was relentless. It was months, maybe also years, before she finally cracked.

But she DID crack. Fell head over heels in love with him... and also they"ve been living in a dream people -- Happily Ever After given that.

How is this possible?

I suppose have you not check out, even more than as soon as most likely, that a womale knows within minutes of meeting a male if she"s romantically interested in him or not. Does he not get put in the doable or dontable category immediately? Frifinish or lover? Hot or not?

How can she EVENTUALLY fall for a male that she wasn"t IMMEDIATELY attracted to?

Well let me fill you in.

And this "filling in" is going to relate the incredibly essence of being a Don Juan. The incredibly core of becoming the kind of females guy you"ve constantly wanted to be.

The vital to woguys, the essential to being surrounded by woguys, the essential to being the envy of all your friends, and also the key to being a Don Juan... is Confident Persistence.

Confident Persistence (CP) is composed of deciding what you desire, and also going for it... and doing it via a smile, despite the countless obstacles which you will certainly the majority of most likely encounter along the way.

Obstacles could, for example, incorporate points like: she doesn"t rerevolve your contact, she breaks or reschedules the date, she does not flirt through you or laugh at your jokes, she"s difficult to talk to, she seems interested in someone else, and, in basic, she doesn"t put herself out or go out of the means to convey that she"s interested in you.


In other words, the obstacles are simply just how a girl would act that is not HIGHLY INTERESTED in you.

Now... when we speak of CP, we"re largely talking around woguys that don"t recognize you. Women you"ve simply met. Or women that you"ve never spent any type of considerable amount of time with. We"re not talking about womales you"ve recognized (and had a crush on) for years.

We employ the approaches of CP to obtain the initial interemainder up, to get her to relax and also open up up, to get the phone number, and to gain theinitially date. CP is not an excusage for you to proceed pursuing a woguy that you"re crazy around, but that knows you pretty well, and also has no interest in you.

Now there are basically 2 ways to address the instance where you"re interested in a girl, however she"s not all that crazy around you.

1) You deserve to provide up, relocate on, NEXT HER! And look for someone who is even more interested in you.

This is a famous strategy among guys that are beginning to learn the "game." It"s the basic and safe way of taking care of woguys. And it"s what many type of guys learn to execute as they acquire older, and also start realizing just how a lot time they have wasted pursuing woguys who weren"t interested in them.

Of course, the bad thing about NEXTing a girl is that you DON"T GET THE GIRL.

And the the majority of common mistake that guys make once employing this strategy is NEXTing a woguy as well soon. They flirt with a womale, and she doesn"t flirt back - NEXT. They leave a message on her machine, and she does not contact back - NEXT. They arrangement a date yet she calls at the last minute to cancel - NEXT.

In short, they NEXT any type of womale who does not screen IMMEDIATE HIGH INTEREST.

What"s wrong through this you say?

Well the MISTAKE below is that you"re filtering woguys based simply upon their INITIAL level of interemainder in you. You"re filtering womales based upon whether they are IMMEDIATELY attracted to you or not.

This is a WEAK strategy and not one employed by a true Don Juan. It reeks of low confidence, a vulnerable ego, and fear.

And it"s also a BADVERTISEMENT strategy.

It"s negative because you"re expecting a womale that you simply met, that you may have only talked to for 3 or 4 minutes, or much less, to screen indicators of high interest. You"re expecting some woman that you hardly know, and also who hardly knows you, to gain excited at the prospect of spfinishing time with you.

Expecting immediate high interest is UNREALISTIC!

Now, of course, it"s possible that this will occur, that she will instantly be overwhelmingly attracted to you... maybe bereason you are simply her form physically, you remind her of someone she offered to be crazy about (perhaps Uncle Steve), she"s incredibly desperate at the minute, or you were really on peak of your game when you approached her and managed to blow her entirely out of the water.

All these things are feasible, however you shouldn"t rely on them.

You see, as soon as your strategy involves sorting woguys based upon initial interemainder levels, you"re placing your entire future into the hands of fate. If she is immediately attracted to you -- great! If not -- NEXT!


Being a Don Juan is not about sorting woguys and NEXTing women. Anyone deserve to type woguys based upon their initial attraction levels. That doesn"t take any kind of skill. All that takes is not having a fear of rejection and also approaching numerous woguys... till you take place to luck out and uncover one who, for some stselection unwell-known factor, is instantly attracted to you.

Being a Don Juan is around acquiring the women you desire. And it"s about taking a woguy who has low to modeprice interest and, by adhering to a couple of basic principles, converting that into high interemainder and, hopecompletely, an overwhelming desire to view you naked.

Or 2) You deserve to PURSUE her.

Now the "pursuing" is where it gets tricky and also complex.

You can go after her in such a method that you come across as being DESPERATE, prefer most of your fellow Non Juans perform, prefer most guys in this people do. Or you have the right to pursue in such a means that you show up CONFIDENT, STRONG, CHARISMATIC... favor a Don Juan does.

So let"s talk around how a Don Juan pursues womales. Let"s talk about the 6 significant characteristics of confident persistence.

And remember, CP is not just persistence. CP is the procedure of displaying specific personality features which actually make you more attractive to women... as you seek them.

1) A Don Juan never gets upcollection.

A Don Juan is always in finish manage of his eactivities. He does not obtain mad once a girl fails to rerevolve his speak to. He doesn"t come to be depressed once she breaks the date. He does not acquire jealous once she flirts through some other guy. He doesn"t end up being irate once she doesn"t show up at the restaurant or she mirrors up late.

He doesn"t react in any kind of of these ways because he EXPECTS these little annoyances to occur. He understands that womales are flaky. Woguys are moody. Women are illogical and also incredibly inconstant. (Especially women via low to moderate initial interemainder.)

He additionally understands that it"s TOO EARLY to mean continuous positive habits.

Remember, these are women who hardly understand you. Maybe women you met at the mall, on the street, at a grocery save. They don"t have actually any type of reason YET to display indications of high interest. It"s your Don Juan task to offer them the factors. But that takes a small little of time together.

Now the higher her interest level is, the much less flaky, moody, illogical, and incontinuous she behaves. But we don"t really need to "pursue" extremely interested womales, execute we?

2) A Don Juan does not worry around his ego.

Some males are as well worried around getting hurt, also worried around being taken advantage of, also worried about being made a fool of, and too worried that things are going to rotate out badly... to be extremely reliable at pursuing womales.

A Don Juan does not problem about these points. A Don Juan is not afrassist of rejection, he"s not afraid of being provided, he"s not afrhelp of looking foolish, and he"s not afrhelp of failing.


His self-esteem is high and also firmly grounded. He"s happy and loving life. And the actions of a few flaky, moody, and also illogical women are not going to adjust that. And it"s this base of high self-esteem that gives him the confidence to go after woguys that seem to be not all that interested in him.

You can also say that a Don Juan loves the CHALLENGE of peaking a girl"s interest, closing for the phone number, gaining the initially day, and then converting her low interest into high.

3) A Don Juan is not lazy.

CP is not really essential once the girl is extremely interested in us best from the begin (in other words, when we LUCK OUT). CP is necessary as soon as the girl has actually a low to modeprice level of initial interest in us.

So we suppose problems. We mean obstacles. We mean that she probably will not return our call, or that she"ll cancel the day, or that she will not present up, and so on.

And we"re ready to attend to it. We"re prepared to contact again and also aget (till we acquire a definite NO). We"re ready to have actually dates canceled or plans changed (we constantly have actually backup plans). We"re ready for her inconstant and also confusing habits (and also neglect it). And we"re all set to WORK our way with all the obstacles, confusion, troubles, and also other drama in order to get what we desire.

Getting woguys is not always basic. Sometimes we have to work-related a little bit. But favor they say, anything worth having actually is worth working for.

(Special Note: tbelow are a variety of exceptionally cool methods that one deserve to make use of to rise the probcapability of her providing the number, her calling back, her accepting the day, and her actually showing up. Look for those in a future post.)

4) A Don Juan has actually alternatives.

One of the main factors a Don Juan is able to manage his emovements, that he does not get upset or issue about points, is that he"s always pursuing countless women at the exact same time.

He realizes when he begins his pursuit of any type of one certain lady, that things may not work out. He might never before get her and he"s completely ready to deal with the case. So he has actually various other alternatives.

Do you really think you"d sit roughly worrying, or obtain upset, or worry yourself via "protecting your ego" if you had a day via Susan on Wednesday, a date with Kelly on Friday, two other womales calling you all the moment, and a stack of 9 or 10 different phone numbers sitting on your dresser?


Of course not, you"d be serene and also confident. When a girl does not return your call, it wouldn"t faze you a bit. When she cancels at the last minute, you"d feel favor laughing. When you watch her flirting with some various other guy, you"d kick ago and enjoy the show.

This is not to say that you"re a player, or that you don"t choose one womale over all the others. It"s simply that you"re smart enough not to put all your eggs in one basket till you"re POSITIVE that she"s puttin all her eggs in tbelow too.

5) A Don Juan accepts the unavoidable games and tests.

The reality that womales play games and test guys does not make them poor world. It simply means that they have actually numerous choices (many men who are interested in them) and also they have had to come up via tests (frequently administered in a non-conscious fashion) as a method of filtering their pursuers into the Median Guys and also the Real Men.

If you follow the basics of being a Don Juan, you will constantly pass the tests and blow amethod the competition. So a Don Juan does not concern a lot about these little tests.

But also if you perform, also if you pass the initial tests and she becomes highly interested in you, do not intend the tests and also games to stop. Never before suppose that things will certainly gain logical and basic through women. They won"t.

For example, she might be exceptionally exceptionally attracted to you and also still not rerevolve your phone calls, or she can break a date, or flirt through various other males, or some other such thing. Why?

Due to the fact that she knows, from years of reading Cosmo and also pointing out "strategy" through her friends, just how to play the game. She knows around playing hard to acquire, hot and cold, social proof, being busy, and so on. And when she finds a man that she really really wants (that would be you, Don Juan), by golly, she"s going to usage all these little bit tricks and also approaches to try and keep him.

So do not let it upcollection or confusage you. Take it as a compliment that she"s placing in all this effort to store you interested.

6) A Don Juan knows that he"s one-of-a-kind.

The entire basis for employing CP is discovering that you are, not simply a good man, yet the finest man she"s ever going to satisfy. You KNOW dvery own deep in you spirit, that if you might simply acquire a block of her time (a date or two) that you might blow her away and also make her forgain eincredibly various other guy she"s ever known.

Beautiful womales are all over. Go to any mall, or nightclub, or office building, or just walk down a crowded sidewalk. Beautiful woguys are not that rare. You view them all the moment.

But YOU ARE RARE. You"re a Don Juan. How many type of males execute you think are Don Juans? How many kind of execute you think are really good via women? Well, my friend, it"s extremely incredibly few. That I understand for a fact. But if I had actually to make an educated guess, I"d say perhaps 3 out of 100 men are good through womales, and also possibly 1 out of 1000 is Don Juan good via womales.

If you store these numbers in mind, if you save in mind that the variety of drop dead gorgeous womales much exceeds the variety of Don Juans, you begin to realize that "Hey, I"m the one who"s distinct right here. I"m the male that all these womales are in search of."

This must be your mindset. This is the mindset of a Don Juan.

To aid crystallize the ethics of CP for you, how bout a real-life instance of a Don Juan who regularly employs CP to charm the ladies? I"m talking around the guy himself, James Bond. (Okay, okay he"s not really actual.)

Any Bond fan knows that James does not constantly have actually immediate success with the women. Sometimes the woguys are not interested in him, sometimes they despise him, sometimes they"re bitter evil adversaries, and periodically they actually desire him dead.

Do these "minor" obstacles ever bother James? No way. Whenever a woguy acts favor she"s uninterested, despises him, or wishes he were dead, what does he do? He just smiles.

He knows that NO WOMAN have the right to stand up to him... FOR LONG. He knows that he"s distinct. And he employs all of the above ethics of CP to charm and also disarm the ladies.

So when playing the area of beautiful ladies, keep the ethics of CP in mind: never acquire upset, forgain your ego, do not be lazy, accept the tests and games, have plenty of options, and, many importantly, always remember that you"re a Don Juan and also any kind of lady would be lucky to even have actually a swarm at you.

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