: a favorite place for spending time additionally : a area frequented for entertainment or for socializing

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2 intransitive, informal : to spend time idly or in relaxing or socializing simply hanging out by the pool My mother told me not to hang out in bars because the type of human being I would certainly fulfill tbelow were the sort of people that hang out in bars.— Calvin Trillin Traditionally, most owners are wealthy egomaniacs eager to hang out with athletes and also get their names in the paper.— George Vecsey
3 transitive : to display screen (something) external as an announcement to the public hang out a sign/banner —supplied chiefly in the expression hang out a/one"s shingle in the figurative sense "to begin a organization, start working professionally" Publishing was not as facility a organization … as soon as young Alfred Knopf hung out his shingle almost 70 years back.— John F. Baker Back then massive L.A. law firms hardly ever hired Jews … . So Sterling hung out a shingle in Boyle Heights and also ended up being a tiremuch less advocate for his old next-door neighbors, taking care of everything from divorces to personal injury cases.— Franz Lidz

Synonyms for hangout

Synonyms: Noun

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Noun The park was their favorite hangout. a favorite hangout of the golden-agers is the local area center
Recent Instances on the Web: Noun Last month, the mom of one mutual a sweet video to her Instagram Story of daughter True and also niece Dream, 4½, doing her makeup during a family hangout in the backyard. — Georgia Slater, PEOPLE.com, 27 Aug. 2021 Downtvery own Phoenix"s outdoor entertainment hub, Pemberton, has become one of the many famous hangout spots in Roosevelt Row. — Priscilla Totiyapungprasert, The Arizona Republic, 26 Aug. 2021 As a SoCal indigenous, Santillan loves hanging out by the beach or experimenting brand-new hangout spots. — Los Angeles Times, 25 Aug. 2021 Cheery chairs and also tables and also a refreshment station were set up in a hangout location for attendees awaiting their results. — Anne Quito, Quartz, 17 Aug. 2021 But on a sunny Saturday afternoon prior to the first open preseason Bengals practice, Foster opted for a much more casual hangout of about 150 fans at the Blind Pig’s rooftop bar. — Sarah Michels, cincinnati.com, 13 Aug. 2021 And with a tiny added attention to the style, your balcony have the right to serve as a cozy outdoor hangout that"s well equipped for dining, entertaining, gardening, and unwinding. — Jessica Bennett, Better Homes & Gardens, 21 July 2021 While the Richardsons wax nostalgic around tfinishing bar during those beforehand brewery weekends and acquiring to know every last neighborhood customer, Tilted Barn still feels very much like a regional hangout. — BostonGlobe.com, 22 June 2021 On a walkie-talkie application called Voxer, Fang heard about a Lyft driver hangout in a shopping plaza in a nice part of tvery own. — Lauren Smiley, Wired, 22 June 2021 Recent Examples on the Web: Verb Allen have to not have a gun or hang out via others who have guns. — oregonlive, 14 July 2021 The facility had been a place where low-income and also also homeless seniors might get a meal, take classes, learn about benefits, receive dental care or just hang out with friends. — Gary Warth, San Diego Union-Tribune, 7 July 2021 David Benavidez is a long way from the young boy that supplied to hang out at Central Boxing Gym in downtown Phoenix, watching his older brother train for fights as José Benavidez Jr."s boxing career began to take off. — José M. Romero, The Arizona Republic, 3 Aug. 2021 The episode really kicks off as soon as Julien invites Zoya to hang out at a members’ just club. — Kyndall Cunningham, Vulture, 8 July 2021 Tright here are picnic tables for outdoor dining, and Castro plans to add hammocks and also lounge chairs for people to hang out at the Sunnyvale market. — Elena Kadvany type of, San Francisco Chronicle, 8 July 2021 Harry & Izzy’s is setting up a beer garden attached to its patio permitting guests to hang out at high-height tables and order cans of drinks, together with the well known St. Elmo Steak House shrimp cocktail. — Cheryl V. Jackboy, The Indianapolis Star, 18 Mar. 2021 People used to come in and also just hang out at my store for hours simply to talk. — Emily Davies, Washington Post, 16 Mar. 2021 Two Georgian mansions have actually been linked to make a hang out area for locals with 15 bedrooms that have copper baths and a loungey vibe plus a waterfront garden. — Sarah Turner, Forbes, 28 Feb. 2021

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