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You Like Making a Deal With the Devil? is a series of TikTok parody videos in which users lip sync to a line from The Vampire Diaries which was edited into American rapper XXXTentacion"s song "Look At Me!"


The earliest TikTok "You favor making a attend to the devil?" parody video is unwell-known. According to YouTuber Dierdre Nevers, the original sound clip was uploaded to Instagram. It was made by combining XXXTentacion"s "Look at Me" and also The Vampire Diaries character, Kai Parker"s<1> line "You prefer making a attend to the devil?"

On September 12th, 2017, XXTENTACION uploaded an official video for "Look At Me!" to YouTube (displayed below). The video acquired over 40 million views and 1.2 million likes in two years.

On May 25th, 2018, YouTuber Victoria Counce reuploaded a parody video by user alverdine (presented below).


The sound clips that circulated TikTok were uploaded by
lovisaajonschild which was provided in over 29,800 videos,
baby.tavy which was provided in 36,000 videos and
brokeboybeck which was provided in over 67,000 videos as of February 1nine, 2019.

In Summer 2018, many TikTok individuals uploaded sincere lip syncs through the clip. For instance, On June 23rd, YouTuber Ellie Prieto uploaded a TikTok parody video (displayed below). The video acquired 6,455 views

In February, 2019, the sound clip proficient a rebirth when TikTok user
brokeboybeck uploaded his parody video which has obtained 164,900 likes, 14,400 comments and also 130,900 shares within a pair of weeks. Many kind of TikTok individuals developed duets with
brokeboybeck or parodies of his particular videos emphasizing his jawline or expressions.

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On February 13th, YouTuber Really Got It uploaded "You Like Making A Deal With The Devil? TikTok Memes Compilation" which has obtained 221,089 views and 3,400 likes in a week (shown listed below, left). On February 17th, YouTuber MitchellReacts uploaded a reactivity video to the meme compilation (shown listed below, right). The video obtained 1,744 views and also 143 likes in two days.

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<1> Fandom – VampireDiaries

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