Being the the majority of famous social netfunctioning website is no mean feat. You are forced to evolve constantly, come up via attributes that very few can. At a glance, the Featured images on Facebook carry out not look all that impressive, however it goes a long method in obtaining human being acquainted through one another. 

If you are not also acquainted via this attribute, we are here to aid you out. Today, we will tell we what a Featured photo suggests on Facebook and just how you deserve to manipulate it. Now without further ado, let us obtain to it! 

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What does a Featured photo intend on Facebook?

Facebook presented the principle of Featured photos fairly a while back. However before, it has adjusted the method Featured photos are presented on your profile. Currently, you are permitted to pick photos that are cshed to your heart — tell the world who you are — and save them to your profile.

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When a user clicks on the featured panel on your profile, they obtain to watch a slidedisplay — just prefer just how Facebook Stories are presented. Unprefer Stories, Featured photos do not expire after 24 hrs. You have the right to store them for as lengthy as you like. 

Now that Featured photos have adjusted and also turned right into collections, you have the right to include even more than one collection of Featured photos at as soon as. You have the right to take up new sets, rename, and also edit them as you view fit.

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How Feature photo is various from plain photo posts?

A Featured photo is supposed to be a tad even more meaningful than ordinary photos on your profile. While the photos you write-up remain on your wall, Featured photos occupy a special place at the top of your profile. They are rather various from typical photos as they are presented equivalent to Facebook Stories. 

Additionally, your Featured photo collection is not posted on your wall if you pick to add or remove entries. They just remain on your profile web page, waiting to be explored by other Facebook users. 

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How to add a new featured photo on Facebook

As we have debated already, the presentation of Featured photos has actually adjusted quite a bit over the last couple of years. Adding them or updating the roster is additionally a tad various. Below, we will tell you just how to include a new Featured photo through the internet client and also Facebook application. 

On Internet client

Launch your preferred web internet browser and go to After you have actually logged in, click on your profile button at the top-best edge of your display screen.

Now, store your eyes concentrated on the left-hand side of your screen. Scroll down till you come across the ‘Edit featured’ switch.

Click on the switch. Now, click on the repertoire you want to modify. Here, we will be concentrating on ‘Featured.’

Now, click the ‘Add more’ switch and also upfill a picture from your computer or your present collection.


Now, click ‘Upload Photos’ to pick photos from your computer. 


Click on ‘Open’ to upload the picture to Facebook.


Next, make sure tright here is a white tick on the bottom-ideal corner of the photo you uploaded and click on ‘Save.’


Your new featured repertoire would be conserved ideal away. 

On Facebook app

Even if you execute not have access to a computer, you have the right to include a brand-new Featured photo in a heartbeat. First, launch the Facebook app and also tap on your profile image thumbnail at the top-left of your display screen.

This will take you to your profile web page. Scroll down and you will certainly find your ‘Featured’ repertoire just above the ‘Edit Public Details’ switch.

Now, tap on the repertoire. A slidedisplay will certainly start, showing you all the Featured photos you have actually. At the bottom-right of a photo, you will uncover an ‘Add new’ switch.


Tap on it. Now, tap on the ‘Add more’ button and Facebook will certainly open your Camera roll for you. Tap on the photo you desire to include to your Featured photos list and also it will certainly gain marked. Then, tap on the ‘Next’ button.


Finally, once you are done via it, tap on ‘Save.’ 


How to rerelocate a featured photo from the list

In the previous area, we have actually learned all around adding a new Featured photo. Now, we will certainly take a quick look at removing one for great. As always, we will provide you the overview for both the internet client and also mobile application. 

On Web client

Open a web browser of your alternative and go to Now, click on the profile image thumbnail at the top-right of your screen to go to your timeline.

Scroll dvery own and also you will discover the featured photos section on the left of your display. Click on the ‘Edit featured’ button and also choose which collection you desire to modify.

Now, to remove a featured photo from your arsenal, depick the photo and click ‘Save.’


That is it! Facebook will rerelocate that certain photo from your Featured photos arsenal. 

On Facebook app

Launch the Facebook application on your smartphone. Now, tap on your profile image thumbnail at the top-left edge of your screen.

Next off, scroll dvery own and tap on your ‘Featured’ photo repertoire.

At the top-ideal corner of a photo, you will uncover an ellipsis button.

Tap on ‘Edit featured collection.’


Then, tap on the photos you want to rerelocate from your collection and they will certainly be deschosen. Finally, tap on ‘Save’ to save the transforms you have actually made to the collection.


How to delete a featured collection

Finally, if you are not content with removing one or 2 Featured photos and would quite keep your private life exclusive, you have the right to opt to delete your Featured photos collection altogether. Here is just how to execute that via the web client and also Facebook application.

On Net client

Launch any kind of internet browser on your computer and also go to Log in via your username and also password and click on the profile switch at the top-right edge of your screen.

Now, scroll dvery own and also click ‘Edit featured.’

Now, click the ‘Featured’ repertoire to edit its contents.

Finally, scroll dvery own and click ‘Delete Featured Collection.’


Facebook will throw up a confirmation. To delete the Featured repertoire, click ‘Delete.’


All photos would be promptly rerelocated from your profile. 

On Facebook app

Open the Facebook app on your smartphone. Now, tap on your profile picture thumbnail at the top-left edge — right beside the Status Upday area.

Now, on your profile web page, scroll dvery own and also tap on the Featured photo arsenal.

Now, tap on the ellipsis button on the top-right corner of any kind of featured photo.

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When you acquire the choices, tap on ‘Delete Feature Collection.’


Finally, tap on ‘Ok’ to confirm your activity.


Your featured photo collection will be deleted right amethod. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to delete old Featured photos on Facebook

Even if you had actually old Featured photos on Facebook, every one of them have been compiled together in story format. The guide we have created over is as much as the present Facebook rules and will certainly enable you to delete old Featured photos. 

When you include featured photos on Facebook does it post?

No, Facebook does not article on your news feed once you include a Featured photo. Your Facebook contacts are forced to visit your Facebook profile to view all your Featured photos. 

Can your friends watch your Featured photos?

Yes, your friends have the right to view all your featured photos by visiting your profile and clicking on the ‘Featured photos’ arsenal. 

How perform you acquire the featured imperiods earlier on Facebook?

Facebook freshly went through an overhaul, interpretation its old designs were shed, making room for a brand-new one. The old ‘Classic’ Facebook provided to display screen Featured photos as still imperiods. Now, in its modern-day avatar, all photos are compiled into a Story. 

Because the old look has been abandoned for excellent, there is no method for us to get the old Featured photos back. And also if it were feasible, Facebook would certainly quickly uncover a way to remove it. 

What happens when a Featured photo is added?

When you pick a new Feature photo, it is not posted on your newsfeed. A brand-new circumstances of the photo is created, definition all the likes and also comments of the original photos are not carried over. Finally, the photo is added to your featured repertoire and also have the right to be viewed by anyone that visits your profile — unless you lock it, of course.