I simply defeated Braccus Rex, but I can not uncover the essential to the magically locked chest in his room. I"ve check out that I can usage an unlock scroll to open up it, yet I"d quite find the crucial. Wright here can I gain it?



In the third act/map/whatever of the game, completing the pursuit "A Forge of Souls" in one manner (dunno if doing it the other way will work) will certainly offer you the key.

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I do not recontact specifically when I acquired the crucial, however it remained in the process of killing Cassandra (either she drops it or you gain it from the "Temple of the Dead")

Though at that suggest the loot from the chest is useless.


The purple padlock symbol shows a magical lock, quite than a mechanical lock. Magical locks cannot be unlocked by mechanical indicates, such as tricks or lockpicks. The just means to unlock them is with magic, especially the Unlock Magic spell or scroll (Witchcraft).

With a little of luck you deserve to craft one of these scrolls from a blank Witchcraft scroll, or learn the equivalent spell if you have the right to find a spellbook. Or attempt to find/buy one.


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