Dishonored judges how ruthmuch less you"ve been via an end-of-mission stat called Chaos. It affects a lot around the means the game works out for you, but the game itself doesn"t fully define just how it functions. I misconstrued it, and accidentally committed myself to a darker route than I wanted.

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The game likewise rates you on two entirely optional criteria: whether you were detected, and whether you killed anyone. For the a lot of part it"s noticeable exactly how to prevent these, however tbelow are some subtleties to exactly how they"re calculated that could cause you to fail them without realising.

Happily, Bethesda sent out us all the juicy details of just how Chaos, detection and also kills are calculated, so we can tell you.


Low Chaos

What captured me out via Chaos was the fact that the finish of mission display screen calls it "Chaos (existing total)". I got "High" after my initially mission, and also since it"s a complete, I assumed it was already as well late to ever before gain "Low", so I didn"t try to prevent killing after that.

It"s not. If you obtain High Chaos on the initially mission but then don"t kill many kind of civilization on the next few, it"ll go earlier to Low. In various other words, redemption is possible.

But it"s still not that simple to gain Low Chaos. Here"s what Bethesda say about exactly how it"s calculated and also what it means:

Chaos is a value that is changed according to the actions of your character during gameplay. This system is a hidden mechanic and also you will just watch the Chaos rating shown in the time of the "end mission" Stats display screen.

The basic rule is killing less than 20% of the personalities in a Mission have to permit the Low Chaos rating to be continual.

Your character"s Chaos level will certainly change the story outcome and also cause various other various differences throughout gameplay, such as even more opponent personalities, even more rats, or different scenes/setting items and also conversations.

Kills by Rewired traps will certainly add to player kill quantities and Chaos; that"s Watchtowers, Arc Pylons, and Wevery one of Lights.

Rats, Hagfish and River Krust carry out not raise Chaos if killed. They additionally do not count towards detection of your character.

Wolfhound kills carry out not count towards Chaos, but they can detect your character. Wolfhounds have the right to uncover bodies, and also their corpses will certainly count in the direction of “bodies found”.

Weepers perform count for detection. They execute raise the Chaos level if they are killed.

The best technique for reacquiring a Low Chaos rating is to not kill adversary personalities and take stealth courses to prevent combat once playing via a mission.

Tright here are scenarios wbelow percreating a good deed will drop the Chaos rating by a tiny amount (Example: saving a character that is in distress).

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Following “Non-lethal” objectives will decrease chaos by a far-ranging amount when the mission is completed.