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Explain the prestige of paranormal experiences in the novel. What carry out the characters learn from desires and visions? How do these experiences modify your knowledge of the characters? How carry out the supernatural aspects connect via the novel"s realism?

2. Discuss the representations of the various womales in the novel: Mrs. Reed, Miss Temple, Céline Varens, Blanche Ingram, Bertha Mason, and also Diana and Mary Rivers. What does Jane learn around appropriate feminine behavior from these women? Which are positive duty models? Negative?

3. Explore Jane"s concepts of religion. What does she learn around Christianity from Helen Burns, Mr. Brocklehurst, and also St. John Rivers? How do their views of Christianity comparison via hers? What troubles does she view in their values?

4. Discuss two scenes that display the ambiguity of Jane"s social course. What are Jane"s opinions of the top classes and also the reduced classes? What does the novel say about the social class mechanism in England? Does Brontë critique the mechanism or assistance it?

5. The narrator in the novel is an older Jane remembering her childhood. Find a few places where the voice of the older Jane intrudes on the narrative. What is the impact of this older voice"s intrusions on the story? Does it rise or decrease your sympathy for the young Jane?

6. Jane offers descriptions of a number of of her paints and also drawings. Why are these artistic renditions important? What do they disclose around Jane"s imagination? About her inner self?

7. Discuss the contrast in between images of ice and fire in the novel. What ethical features are associated with fire and via ice? How is this image pattern offered to expose personality? For instance, which personalities are associate via fire and which with ice? Does Jane attain balance between fire and also ice?


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Analyze the importance of the five significant locations Jane lives on her journey: Gateshead, Lotimber, Thornfield, Moor House/Marsh End, and Ferndean. What do their names signify? What lessons does Jane learn at each place? Jane gives in-depth descriptions of the herbal human being roughly each place: What execute these descriptions reveal about their character?

9. Compare and also contrast Rochester and St. John Rivers. What are their strengths and weaknesses? Why does Jane select Rochester over St. John?

10. Discuss the representation of foreigners in the novel — Bertha and also Ricdifficult Machild, Céline and Adèle Varens. How are the colonies represented? What is the source of Rochester"s wealth? Of Jane"s inheritance?