There’s constantly the concern of potted balms not being hygienic bereason you’re dipping your fingers into the exact same pot and then smearing it on your lips, however I think it’s fine as long as you’re maintaining your hands clean. You really need to avoid emotional your confront at all unless your hands are clean but periodically that’s simply not helpful. In the finish, I’m even more concerned through the results, so earlier to the review!


The climbed scent is amazing; not man-made. I love roses and this smells simply choose the flower, yet it’s subtle. I know some people aren’t a fan of rose scents so this may not be the product for you. The scent does, but, seem to wear off after 15-20 minutes.

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The balm is light pink yet is sheer on the lips. When you open up the pot, the surconfront of the balm is rather firm; it’s like a barrier on the top because the balm is more creamy once you break with that layer. I don’t recommend just ramming your finger via the optimal layer though. Just keep utilizing it like you’d use any type of balm, lightly rubbing your finger over the height. Otherwise, you’ll simply end up wasting product and also producing an unattrenergetic crater in the balm.

The balm is thick, yet not sticky or grbasic. It feels smooth and also silky on the lips — much less waxy than Chapstick, however thicker and creamier than Rosebud Salve.


You have the right to use the Creme de Rose balm as a treatment — applying a thicker layer at night to the lips and area about the lips. When I wake up, my lips are always soft and feel hydrated; it really soaks right into the lips.

Use as an daily balm. Creme de Rose has SPF 10, so your newly soft lips will certainly be safeguarded from the UV rays. The balm penetprices deep dvery own right into your lips so you don’t need to reapply often to obtain that moisturized feeling.

Or you can use the balm as a primer for your lipstick or lipgloss. I like to use the Benecolor lip stain on my lips and then apply the Creme de Rose on height. My lips feel great, however I have actually a festive red shining via without having actually to think around reapplying color throughout the night.


I’ve been loving this balm! During these winter months, my lips have actually been smooth and also soft which is exceptional for me. My lips were constantly peeling or cracking before and also I absolutely didn’t aid the situation by peeling the skin; gross, I recognize. My lips appeared to be really sensitive also. I’d been on the hunt for a hydrating/healing lip product and also provided all forms of drugsave commodities, even medicated commodities, from Blistex to BabyLips through just momentary relief. So, the Creme de Rose lip balm definitely makes great on the “smoothing” case.As much as “plumping” goes, I don’t watch my lips looking fuller, but I execute feel that slight tingling feeling (very slight) that you feel via those plumping lip glosses. If anything, I deserve to watch just how a healthier, more moisturized lip can appear fuller and plump.

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I recommfinish Dior Creme de Rose to anyone who has dry, chapped lips or someone just searching for a nice hydrating lip treatment. I’ll proceed to usage it for many kind of years to come.