How’d you say in German: “Did you sleep well yesterday?”?

by Manuel November 2. 2018.2 Comments

Want to learn how to soptimal German more confidently and also even more fluently in your day to day life?

Then, let’s carry out some Verb-Juggling!

Take 1 German verb a day, juggle it about and also skyrocket your fluency spending just 2 minutes.

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I’ll show you how in this podactors lesboy.

In this leschild we’ll go through the verb: schlafen (to sleep)


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(Note: Keep in mind to actively connect and also say the answer OUT LOUD whenever before I ask you:

“How would certainly you say…”

I’ll offer you constantly a few secs for your take.)

Here are some of the sample sentences I go through in the podcast:

Schläfst du schon?

(Sleep you already?)

Are you sleeping already?

Ich schlafe noch nicht.

(I sleep still not.)

I’m still not sleeping.

Ich bin müde, aber ich schlafe noch nicht.

(I am tired, however I sleep still not.)

I’m tired however I’m still not sleeping.

Hast du gestern gut geschlafen?

(Have you yesterday good slept.)

Did you sleep well yesterday?

Wie lange hast du geschlafen?

(How lengthy have actually you slept?)

How long did you sleep?

Ich habe gestern acht Stunden geschlafen.

(I have yesterday 8 hrs slept.)

I slept 8 hours yesterday.

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Next off time we’ll go via the verb: lesen (to read)

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