LONDON -- Has Princess Diana of Wales had a nose job? Yes, states Eric Jackboy, director of a London cosmetic clinic. No, say officials cshed to Diana, that report she was "extremely amused" Monday at the insurance claim in The Star, a tabloid newspaper.

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The newspaper invited its readers to compare 2 profile photos of Diana -- one taken before the birth in 1982 of her initially child, Prince William, and the second taken in October 1985.

Jackkid told The Star he believed Diana "has had a slight Concorde-like droop removed from the finish of her nose and a tiny bump on the bridge smoothed out."

The minor surgical procedure was most likely performed in a 40-minute procedure utilizing basic anesthesia, he said, including it would most likely call for "seven or eight stitches."

She would have had actually to wear a splint over her nose for a week adhering to the procedure, Jackchild shelp.

The Star suggests that Diana had the "nose job" at some time quickly after the birth of William, noting that she was not viewed in public for around 3 months at that time.

The verdict on the alleged imperial operation? According to Jackson, "It has made her look also even more attrenergetic."

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