What is the Durr Burger number? Where is the massive telephone in Fatal Fields? Here’s exactly how to complete this week 8 challenge

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As you have the right to watch on the phone, the Durr Burger number is 555 0152. Rather than shooting each of those numbers in the correct order, you need to smash each one with your pickaxe – just as you would certainly the choose switch. Once you’ve done it the phone will ring, and also this part of this two-phase challenge will be complete. Then, as soon as it involves the second, and last, part, find out how to input the Fortnite pizza pit number on the phone close to The Block for the maximum rewards.

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And that’s a wrap! That’s wright here the Fatal Fields telephone is, and what the Durr Burger number you have to dial into it is. When you’re all done through this week 8 pursuit, you’re going to need to make sure you’re caught up with the remainder of your challenges before the seakid ends. That suggests making certain you’ve found the Fortnite Paradise Palms treacertain map signshort article and also done a search the X to discover wright here the map leads.Anymeans, if you discover yourself answering a phone speak to for me in Fortnite, please tell them I haven’t remained in an accident that wasn’t my fault, for the love of god.

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Published: Apr 24, 2019

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