Go Out to the Yard

After the reduced opening reduced scenes, you regain control in your cell. All your augmentations have actually been disabled and also you have actually nothing in your inventory. Alideal, let"s execute this! You start off in cell A-318. Go next door to A-320 and look to the ideal of the door for a mystery panel containing Neuropyzine. A lot of cells have actually some kind of secret stash choose this. You have the right to loot the remainder of the cells on this floor.

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A-315: Kylmyster Candian Whisvital to the right of the door and a Gyroscopic Regulator on the table; climb up onto the bunk and also then get to the shelves over the sink to discover Stop! Worm Software behind the towelsA-311: Crafting components to the left of the door.A-307: Crafting components to the left of the door and a Praxis Kit in a panel in the roof above the toilet.A-301: Lift out the panel in the wall behind the toilet to discover a Stun Gun. With no ammo. Awesome!A-304: Crafting components to the ideal of the doorA-306: A poem on the table.

Make your means downstairs. All the cells on the second level are locked so continue dvery own to the first level. The cells are locked here as well so follow the pursuit marker to the leave. Tbelow is an inmate standing here. If you give him some alcohol, he will certainly offer you a Multitool, unlocking the Quid Pro Quo trophy.


Go via the door and also up the stairs for a scene wbelow a prisoner dubbed D-Tvery own practically recognises Jensen. After that, select either option in the time of the conversation with Flossy that will direct you to discover the Fixer.

(Optional) Speak to the Fixer in the Yard

You"ll discover your man behind an electrified fence. This does not prevent you from talking to him, however. If you"re planning two playthroughs, one augmented and also one non-augmented, make a tough conserve here.


Throughout the initially part of the conversation, pick the "Dig Deeper" option followed by "Accept" to be directed to cell A-309. Next you"ll talk about reacquiring the use of your augmentation abilities. If you desire the Winners Don"t Use Augs trophy, you"ll have to refusage. If you pick to take the pill, you will be able to choose whether to have the ability to usage the Experipsychological Augs from the main game. Hell, why not? The teddy you deserve to watch on the ground is searchable. When you later on obtain a General Access Keycard, you have the right to examine it out. You"ll should be mindful not to draw aggro, but. I discovered that it didn"t contain anypoint.

(Optional) Search the Fixer"s Cell

Rerevolve to level 3 of Cell Block A and also make your method to A-309. Search the fox teddy on the optimal bunk for a letter directing you to the shower and the laundry. On level 2, you will certainly uncover that the cells have opened up. Let the looting begin!

A-213: Absinthe to the appropriate of the cell doorA-211: Crafting parts to the left of the cell doorA-203: Stun Gun ammo to the left of the doorA-201: Crafting parts to the left of the doorA-204: Praxis Kit in the roof panel over the toiletA-208: Neuopyzine to the right of the door and also an Angry Note on the bedA-214: eBook "Top Ten Tech... Trends in VR" on the table.A-220: Old Man"s Prestige to the best of the door

You deserve to talk to Flossy aget in cell A-212 to obtain the General Access Keycard. Exhaust his conversation options for background indevelopment. The inmate in A-214 will profession Multidevices for Neuropyzine.

Cell A-204 additionally has actually a mystery wall panel above the sink which you can use to acquire access to a vent. Follow the vent to the finish to gain to an outside location wright here there"s an eBook "The Moment To Fight Back". Be careful of the patrolling guard up here, but.

(Optional) Retrieve the Package

The showers on the ground floor are currently open up. The note you picked up in A-309 makes point out of them. As you enter, you"ll hear D-Town talking around you via an additional inmate. Ignore him and also study the teddy in the laundry basket to uncover a note with "6014" composed on it.


If you desire to explore a tiny you deserve to acquire on optimal of the shower cubicles using the sink and also the lockers in the northeast corner of the shower room. It"s a minimal zone so don"t let the patrolling guard view you carry out this. From tbelow you have the right to climb up onto some pipes and also make your method into the vent in the ceiling. Follow this vent to find a passagemethod for a 300XP pathfinder bonus. Unmuch less you have the right to withstand electric damages, you won"t have the ability to explore any type of additionally, yet. If you are able to stand up to EMP damage, the breaker switch is through one more vent and you deserve to retrieve a Pocket Secretary from the corpse of an inmate.

Use the code 6014 on the door to the laundry room. Make certain that the cam is pointing amethod from you and go inside. Examine the teddy for the Altered Biocell. If this is your initially playthrough, pick up the basketsphere that is on the respond to and take it out to the yard. Save your game in instance you lose the sphere and toss it via one of the basketsphere hoops to unlock the Don"t Reach, Kid trophy.

(Optional) Bring the Altered Biocell to Flossy

There is additionally an "(Optional) Consume the Altered Biocell" alternative, but this will certainly lock you out of the Winners Don"t Use Augs trophy. Go to cell A-212 to tell Flossy about the Biocell. He will certainly desire you to provide the Biocell to one more inmate in Cellblock B referred to as Red Shoes.

(Optional) Give the Altered Biocell to Red Shoes

If you"re using augmentations, you have the right to take the Altered Biocell yourself for a bunch of Praxis points; be mindful, but, that this will make the last component of the mission somewhat harder. Given that the mission is well balanced to be playable with no augmentations, you may wish to provide it to Red Shoes as intfinished.

Rerevolve to level 1 and also use the exact same 6014 code on the Supply Room door. Go inside, making certain you"re not watched. You can grab a HypoStim injector and also some whiscrucial from the lockers along with some Crafting Parts on a shelf. There"s likewise a vent in right here. Enter and also follow it alengthy for a 400XP trailblazer bonus. You will certainly arise on the surprise level 4 of the cell block. Make your method along the western edge of this location to discover an additional cable duct which brings you out right into a protection room. You"ll have to be careful in right here, because the guards in the adjoining room have the right to spot you quickly. However, you can use the ECG shutter to keep you safe from the guard patrolling the walkmeans. Ignore the tempting looking security lapheight considering that we"re around to leave cell block A. Pick up a Pocket Secretary from the desk which gives you the Secret Stash Point of Interest and also a code 3499. There"s a Medical Box via a HypoStim Injector on some shelves. You have the right to loot the lockers for Stun Gun and also Pistol EMP ammo together with some booze. Finally, you can uncover an ePublication "CellRead - Everyday Items" on the bench alongside the lockers. At the southern end of the room are some Crafting Parts and a Nuke Virus Software.

When you"re done looting, go down the stairs on the west side of the room and also leave through the door at the bottom. There"s a video camera and guard that you should avoid. Make your way down to an electrified gate and usage your keycard to open it. You"ll discover yourself in a room in between the cell blocks.

If you have augmentations and also want to carry out some trying out, make your method up the stairs right here. Avoid the attentions of the drones and also the guard up below and also turn to find a cable duct. Go inside for a 200 XP Explorer Bonus. The duct brings you down into a defense office. You"ll need to knock out the guard below but then you have the right to loot the weapons locker for some exceptionally tasty stuff, consisting of a Silencer. The Pocket Secretary on the desk unlocks the Roll Call Point of Interest. You can"t hack the protection lapheight right here without being spotted yet you have the right to absolutely Mutitool it. There"s a guard outside the door to this room but if you open up the door, she will certainly come and investigate enabling you to usage your Stun Gun or a Takedvery own attack.

The Secret Stash is adjacent yet if you"ve not disabled it, there"s a peskies camera on a wall a distance ameans that stays clear of us simply from helping ourselves. I discovered that I didn"t have time to enter the code before the alarm was raised so I hid behind a crate and also progressively relocated it to in front of the keypad, offered a Multitool and also conveniently entered prior to the cam went red. Inside you can uncover some Crafting Parts, whisvital, EMP ammo, a Stun Gun and also some Neuropyzine in the miscellaneous lockers in addition to some additional Crafting Parts on top of a cabinet. Next to among the sets of lockers is one more teddy with a HypoStim Injector inside. The right-hand locker also includes a B-Block Prisoner Jumpsuit. Placed it on to unlock the Dressed for the Occasion trophy. Note that your old red jumpsuit will be inserted in the locker and you"ll must remember to put it on if you return to Cell Block A. Before leaving, move some cardboard boxes aside to uncover a vent. This will result in a ventilation shaft which you may currently have actually watched.

Leave and also make your way in the direction of Cell Block B, making sure that you don"t alert the electronic camera. Make your means up the stairs on the side of the building, hugging the side to prevent being spotted. When you acquire to the height, wait for the guard to go downstairs and also make a beeline for the cable duct. Go to the finish to find yourself in level 4 of Cell Block B. You"ll additionally gain a 400 XP Trailblazer Bonus for entering this way. There are two cable ducts on the western side of the room. Go throughout to the one in the southern west edge initially dvery own to discover yourself in a Security Office. There"s a Weapon Locker here wbelow you have the right to grab a Tranquilizer Rifle and also some grenades. There"s also a Medical Box via a HypoStim Injector. Because the security lapheight is unlocked, it would certainly seem rude not to disable the camages and alarm panels. A drawer has some Overclock Software.

If you want to do some analysis, go outside, making certain that you"re not spotted by the guard that patrols alengthy right here, and also climb the ladder automatically to your left. There"s a guard through a sniper rifle whom you"ll have to stun yet alongside him is an eBook "Calming Eye Exercises & Meditation". You can additionally pick up a 10mm pistol.

When you"re prepared to proceed, rerevolve via the cable duct to level 4. You"ll discover another cable duct in the north west. This will bring you to the security office on level 3 of Cell Block B. As you enter, a guard might come from the nearby office, so make sure you"re not spotted. There"s additionally a electronic camera that have the right to check out inside so use the EG shutter as soon as the guard leaves again.

The guard won"t continue to be put, so you"ll have to use your Stun Gun if you want to loot the location. The office we"re in has little of interemainder besides a Weapon Cabinet with a couple of Combat Rifles. The office next door has some Crafting Parts in a drawer and also a Pocket Secretary on the desk in addition to a HypoStim Injector in a Medical Box over the (empty) lockers. Make certain you usage the EG shutter prior to you discover the room, yet. When you"re prepared, nonchalantly stroll out of the door onto the landing.

Most of the cells on this floor are locked, although you deserve to discover a mystery panel above the toilet in B-319 containing some Revolver Armor Piercing Ammo. On the second level, a number of cells are open. B-204 has an enigma panel above the toilet that reveals a vent that we"ll come earlier to later.

(Optional) POI: Roll Call

If you picked this up in the security office earlier, the POI is cell A-116. Level 1 is limited access, however if you have the right to disable turrets and camages, you can carry out this appropriate currently. Go to the stairs at the northern end of level 2 so that the guards on level 1 are facing amethod from you. Get in cell A-116 and also review the note on the table for 750 incredibly simple XP. While you"re dvery own here you can look in A-114 for a Note from Cooper.

Take the leave on level 2 to the yard and find the holding cell. Go round the back and also talk to Red Shoes. Give him the Altered Biocell to unlock the Just Cause trophy.

Find Guerrero in Cell Block B

Rerotate to the cell block and also go right into the vent behind the toilet in B-204. Go to your left and also punch via a destructible vent to find a Praxis Kit. Go in the oppowebsite direction to the finish to discover a 10mm Pistol. Finally, knock via one more destructible vent to emerge in the Supply Room on the first level for a 300 XP Pathfinder bonus. The lockers in right here contain some Pistol EMP Ammo and there"s a Silencer on the shelf which you deserve to fit to the pistol. Open the door and wait for the video camera to not be looking at you straight before making your way across the hall to the laundry room opposite. You"ll most likely make a guard suspicious so leap into the vent and hide. When the shore is clear, punch through the destructible vent and also make your way to the various other finish. Pick up the crafting parts from the top of the cabinet before you drop dvery own. Go with the door and down into the Shower Room for a scene. Assuming you haven"t triggered any alarms approximately this point, you"ll earn the Smooth Like Soap trophy.

Setting off alarms from this suggest won"t invaliday any type of trophies. You still desire to stop doing so, however, given that the growth is already challenging enough!

After the scene, you"ll be in conversation through Stenger. He appears to think you"re someone you"re not so play alengthy for some background information.

Enter Solitary Confinement

You"re in the 3rd floor defense office and also there"s a riot going on outside. This makes the wings of the prichild no-go areas. You may want to hack / Multitool the security lapheight below to revolve off camages and also disable alarms. Grab the Praxis Kit from the desk in front of you. Go down the steps in this room. There"s a dead CO at the bottom through some Pistol EMP Ammo on his perboy and 10mm Pistol lying beside him.

Go back up the stairs and right into the office next door. Pick up the Praxis Kit lying next to the lockers and go down the stairs and take the exit. Be cautious, because there"s a guard patrolling the location external. Turn left and also make your way to the defense office on the edge. Use the home window below to acquire access to the yard.


Follow the pursuit marker, preventing trouble on the method. If you elaborate doing some reading, take a diversion to the guard tower on the eastern of the yard.


Climb the ladder right here to uncover a dead CO and an ePublication "CellRead - Signs of a Riot". At the foot of the ladder is a cable duct. Enter for a 100 XP Traveller bonus. You will certainly arise right into a tunnel. East is the direction that you desire to go in, but you deserve to go the oppowebsite method if you desire to execute a small experimenting.

(Optional) POI: The Death of Wilburg

Go the other finish of the tunnel and also pick up the Crafting Parts below. The door at the end leads to a dead finish, but there"s a vent behind some boxes. You"ll emerge in a cell B-116 on level 1 of B Block. Pick up the Shower Duty Reminder from the desk. There"s a guard on the ground floor and one on the landing of the second level whom you might desire to knock out. If you haven"t done so already, you have the right to disable cameras from the protection office on the 3rd level. If you don"t have actually the necessary augmentations to disable it, the turret on level 2 may need even more too much measures: a round of EMP ammo from your pistol followed by a burst of armor piercing ammo from a combat rifle should carry out the trick. You are currently free to loot the whole area. Be certain to go right into the showers on the ground floor and pick up the Praxis Kit from the dead inmate behind the shower stalls. There"s another Praxis Kit in a mystery roof panel above the sink in cell B-108.

Because we"re nominally here to investigate the Death of Wilburg, examine out the burning robot on the floor and research the hacking gadget for 750 XP and also a completion for the POI.


When you"re ready to continue, make your way earlier to cell B-116 and also return to the tunnel to continue the major mission. You may should perform a tiny cprice manipulating to avoid the attentions of the turret here. At the finish, enter the air shaft for a 300 XP Pathfinder bonus. Get in the vent to discover yourself in a ventilation shaft. You have the right to grab a Biocell from the dead inmate right here. Be careful as you go alengthy the shaft because there"s a mine. Climb the ladder at the finish and also enter another vent to arise in the prison"s administration complicated.

This part of the complex is under prisoners" regulate. However before, there"s a turret guarding the elevator that will turn hostile so you may want to disable it. If you are able to hack the surrounding door, you deserve to uncover a Praxis Kit on a cart. It"s rather hard to spot, so usage the screenswarm as a guide.


The Weapon Cabinet has a Tranquilizer Rifle and also ammo among other points. There"s an ePublication "Cellcheck out - Fictional Guard" on the desk.

Use the elevator to obtain to the Observation floor. Go down the stairs to the Processing Area and also go into the large white framework given that there"s an important item that you should collect. In the western office, look for a desk through an unlocked lapoptimal and also an inmate leaning versus it. Search the drawers for a Pocket Secretary containing a piece of proof "Schedule Change".


Besides numerous other loot in the workplaces, be sure to pick up the Multitool on the trolley in the corridor between the 2 offices.

Go via the security door at the end of the corridor and look for a couple of dead guards leaning against the wall. Examine the female guard"s body for the Restricted Access Keycard.


Rerevolve upstairs to the Observation level and look for the East Wing sign. Call the East Wing Elevator and, when inside, look for a keycard reader that you can use your Restricted Access Keycard on.


Alternatively, if you"re utilizing augmentations, take the door to the ideal of the double doors and hack the keypad for the defense office below. You"ll discover Tranquilizer Ammo, a Praxis Kit and an EMP grenade in the lockers. If you sophisticated mixing your tools up, there"s a Battle Rifle leaning versus the desk and a Silencer on a shelf.

Now take the lift as much as Automated Security. As your lift arrives, tright here will certainly be a firefight going on in the direction of your left. Avoid it and go right into the office oppowebsite. Look for a desk through an unlocked safe underneath it.


Loot the Praxis Kit and also the Pocket Secretary. Read it for one more item of evidence "Reextended Turret Command also Logs". Look on the desk next to the door to the western stairwell for an ePublication "The Profitable Prophet". Grab all the loot in below, consisting of a bunch of Crafting Parts and a Multitool and also leave by means of the door that you came in through and enter the vent. Punch through one destructible vent and then rotate ideal to uncover yourself in the lift shaft. Leap over the large crates and also drop dvery own to platform wbelow you deserve to uncover a teddy and also a 10mm Pistol surprise behind some boxes. The teddy may well contain a Praxis Kit however appears to be a small bugged. I indicate you conserve before examining it.


Rerevolve to the vent and go in the oppowebsite direction, punching your means through a variety of destructible vents. You will certainly emerge on a walkway overlooking the Administration Building and also will certainly obtain a 400 XP Trailblazer bonus. Head for the vent on the oppowebsite side of the walkway and also you will arise on the stairs leading down to Solitary Confinement.

At the bottom of the stairs you"ll discover a dead guard versus the wall. Read the Pocket Secretary alongside her for a password. The next little bit is a little tricky: you"ll have to sneak to a vent while avoiding a turret and also a male in an exo-suit.


Go via and round for a 100 XP Traveller bonus. You will certainly emerge on the various other side of the open up area. Use the (mercicompletely unlocked) terminal to open up the doors and also go via. Approach S-04 and your purposes will certainly upday.

Rekeep Power to the Emergency Override System

Before attfinishing to the main objective, look to the south end of the floor you"re on to check out a ladder leading as much as the roof area. Tright here are a number of cable ducts up right here. Make your method to the northeast edge for a 200 XP Explorer bonus. The cable duct here leads to the external of Automated Security which is crawling through guards and also drones. If you want to carry out some trying out, take the ladder dvery own to the ground level. There are at leastern 2 Praxis Kits in the location about Solitary Confinement. Make your way to the northwest edge of the compound. There"s a Praxis Kit here surprise among grass and rocks.


Follow the southerly wall of the area wbelow you"ll find a Praxis Kit alongside a Fragmentation Mine.


Rerevolve to the ladder and make your means back with the vent to the roofroom of Solitary Confinement.

The two ducts in the southeastern and southwest corners result in a maintenance location behind the cells. Take the southwest one and drop down to the maintenance passage. Pick up the Crafting Parts and then go with the southerly tunnel for a 400 XP Trailblazer bonus. Go dvery own the ladder here and you"ll find a caged location. Examine the Augmented Heart. There"s some Typhoon Ammo if you need it and also a teddy containing a Praxis Kit. The door at the finish leads exterior.

Go back up the ladder to return to the maintenance location. Go to the finish of the western tunnel to uncover a destructible vent. You"ll emerge into a room via an ePublication "Model AA-02 Stun Baton User Manual". Beyond the door is a turret, which you"ll want to take out ASAP. Additionally, you have the right to sneak to a vent on the oppowebsite wall. Be certain to pick up some Crafting Parts and go via to the Emergency Override room. The consingle presents you through a tiny puzzle: press each edge button and also the centre button to restore power.


Use the Security Computer to Unlock Cell S-04

Rerotate to the previous room and go up the ladder to find a room through a Pocket Secretary on a desk that unlocks the "Vanishing Act" Point of Interest. Use the security lapheight below to disable all camages. You just have to unlock the one door however you might too unlock them all while you"re at it. If you want to go with the door right here, be conscious that tright here is a turret that you"ll have to scrap initially. Return to the cells area yet you wish.

Release Guerrero from Solitary Confinement

Before opening S-04, make certain you have check out the Pocket Secretary logs "Schedule Change" and also "Reextended Turret Command also Logs". Interact with the door for a scene. Throughout the conversation, exhaust all conversation options. Bring up the topic of Wilburg"s murder. Due to the fact that you have actually the evidence, you have the right to call him out on the inconsistencies of his story to unlock the Objection! trophy.

(Optional) POI: Vanishing Point

Just entering S-06 is sufficient to provide you the XP bonus. There"s a hatch in the floor that opens up onto a chute. This solves the mystery of what happens to inmates in cell 6! Don"t attempt going down yourself unless you have the Icarus Landing augmentation. Before leaving this area, look in cell S-01 to discover a Praxis Kit lying on the floor.

Shut Dvery own the Transport Tracking System

You"ll have to return to the Tower the means you came. Exit the structure and also quickly sneak behind the big cprice before the turret goes hostile. Duck into the vent and also make your way earlier to the various other side of the open up location. When you emerge from the various other side, you"ll most likely desire to shoot the turret above you with a silenced EMP round, dash for the huge cprice and also then dash for the open doorway. You should be able to avoid anyone (or thing) turning hostile. Enter the lift and take it down to the Infirmary & Morgue level.

When you exit the lift, you"ll view a vent on your left. This leads to the lift shaft. You can pick up some Crafting Parts along the means, but ultimately you"ll finish up below. There"s a door oppowebsite the lift which leads to a cleaning cupboard. You can pick up some even more Crafting Parts in right here. The vent leads to the Morgue where we"ll go later.

(Optional) Sheight to the Fixer in the Infirmary

Get in the Infirmary. Talk to the Fixer for background indevelopment. You have the right to gain a pill from him yet if you"re going for an aug-complimentary playthrough, I assume you"ll refuse. If you did take the pill at the begin, you can take one more for 3 Praxis points, although the blurred vision that you get when utilizing your powers will worsen. Refutilizing twice will certainly unlock the Primincreased Path Point of Interemainder. If you talk to Teddy on the desk, he"ll act as a shop. You deserve to trade in all the Neuropyzine you"re been picking up for credits and buy a totality load of Crafting Parts to save you in Multidevices.

A Medical Crate has some Tranquilizer ammo and also Neuropyzine and you can pick up the Infirmary Keycard from a medical trolley. Use it to access the Morgue. Examine Ian Wilburg"s corpse and then usage the Keycard to access the storeroom here.

(Optional) The Primincreased Path

Loot the storeroom for Neuropyzine, Painkillers and Biocells then duck dvery own behind the trolley to find a Computer Setting Switch.


The lapoptimal will readjust to a defense computer system which you can Multitool and also use to turn off a video camera and open up the back door. Keep in mind that this doesn"t result in fabulous loot (although you have the right to pick up some Crafting Parts), simply a path to the external location.

Rerotate to the entrance location of the structure and go through the door noted "Administration". The passagemeans ahead is blocked by electrical energy so duck right into the room on the left. Pick up some even more Crafting Parts and jump via the vent to the room following door. Use the boxes to keep off the floor as you make your method to the Breaker switch. The corridor external is currently safe so leave the room you"re in and also enter the room slightly additionally along to find even more Crafting Parts and a Multitool along with some ammo in the lockers. Finally go via the double doors at the end to access the Administration Block. Do not go with the next door. Instead, go up some stairs to a storage area. There"s some fantastic loot in the assorted Searchable Containers, consisting of Multitools and 3 Praxis Kits. Leave via the double doors to go external. Turn best and go up the stairs and also look for a vent set right into the wall. Use it to access the inner of the Administration Building.

As you make your way dvery own, usage the furniture to keep yourself out of sight of the camera ahead of you and also the patrolling guards wandering approximately over. When you have the right to, duck into the hallway on your best, however beware of patrolling guards - a Gas Grenade works wonders if they"re bunched up. If you favor analysis, examine out office 103. There"s an "Cellread - Dating a C.O." on a shelf behind one of the desks. It"s kinda tough to spot so usage the screenswarm as a guide.


In room 106, look on the ground for a Pocket Secretary concerning Wothmuller. You recognize you"ve discovered somepoint crucial as soon as Adam and also Delara talk about it.


Make your way to the east of the area wbelow there"s a stairsituation leading down. Go down to the reduced level. There"s a patrolling guard that you might want to deal with. A vent in the ladies" toilets will give you a 100 XP Traveller bonus and leads to a storeroom with a Multitool. Go back into the vent and also proceed along to uncover yourself in the lift shaft for a 200 XP Explorer bonus. If you have actually Optimised Musculature, you have the right to move a huge cprice in the lift shaft to reveal a teddy containing a Praxis Kit and a Biocell. If you have the Klipspinger Jump Mod you deserve to continue right into an additional vent and also jump as much as obtain earlier to the cafeteria level. Otherwise, remap your steps and also go right into the Cafeteria. If you have actually Optimised Musculature, go to the stairs in the southwest and relocate a vending machine out of the way to reveal a Praxis Kit.


Make your means to the lift. Be mindful as you approach the it because there"s a mine on the wall. The vent here leads down to the lift shaft where you were earlier so neglect it. Instead, take the lift approximately the Management level.

This level is regulated by the inmates so you deserve to relocate approximately easily. Tbelow are a couple of eBooks to check out up right here. Office 305 consists of "Library Book Policy". You can uncover "A Lasting Legacy" in office 302 on the bookshelf.

Make your way to the Warden"s Office for a scene with Flossy. If you take a confrontational technique, you have the right to uncover yourself through a fight on your hands. If you choose this course, you deserve to grab a Praxis Kit from Flossy"s body. After that, pick up the Pocket Secretary on a table to get an unlock code 2027. Go into the toilet at the earlier and use it on the terminal below to disconnect the tracking system. There"s a handily unlocked safe through a Praxis Kit among other things. On your method out, use the defense lapheight to disable camperiods and open doors.

(Optional) Investigate the Infirmary

Take the lift ago down to the cafeteria and also take the stairs ago as much as Administration. If you want a shortcut, hack or Multitool the door to storage. Make your means to the infirmary to discover Stenger deservedly dead. Loot Stenger"s Keycard and a critical Pocket Secretary from his remains. This additionally opens up up the Head of the Snake Point of Interest.

(Optional) Head of the Snake

Make your way back to the elevator in the Administration block and ride it approximately the Management floor. As you make your method to the bridge to your destination, a firefight will break out. Wait it out - it won"t take long - and continue across. You have the right to discover a Pocket Secretary right here with the code for Stenger"s Office. You"ll require your Restricted Access Keycard to get access to the internal. There"s a cam guarding the corridor which you may desire to disable. The room to your left consists of 2 guards. Open the door and also earlier ameans to draw one of them out. The other will be further right into the room and also not dealing with you, making him basic to take out through your Stun Gun. Grab the loot and inspect out the balcony. There"s a Praxis Kit on the ground right here.


Use the keycode or hack / Multitool the lock to acquire accessibility to Stenger"s office. Look under his desk for a switch and press it to reveal an area in the wall containing a Stun Gun and also ammo and a Praxis Kit.


Finally, use Stenger"s Keycard on the card reader to open up the safe and also take the Pocket Secretary from inside with an audio recording of Majia and Wilburg. Before leaving, examine out the bookshelf for an eBook "The Vacillating Lover".

Disable the Anti-Aircraft Turrets

Rerevolve by whatever path you desire to the Infirmary / Morgue level of the Tower and also take the East Wing Elevator approximately Observation. When you arrive, you"ll discover a firefight going on in between the inmates and also guards and also drones which the inmates are shedding. Avoid gaining blended up by taking the stairs to the ground floor and going throughout crossing over to the other stairsituation. Your goal is the West Wing Elevator. When you contact it, you"ll have a cutscene via D-Tvery own (the antagonistic inmate that thinks he recognises Jensen). After that, shoot him through the Stun Gun and loot his body for a Praxis Kit.

With that obstacle out of the means, take the lift as much as Roof Access. Emerge onto some walkways. Your initially targain is nearby. It is safeguarded by a camera and also a turret and also there are two patrolling Sentry Robots and also four Drones defending this. Take them out piecemeal and also run for the elevator when points acquire as well hot. If you have actually the crucial augmentations, you can climb the tower on the north side of the area and usage the security lappeak to disable the camperiods and also the Drones (which are the a lot of dangerous enemies). You have the right to disable the robots and turret from a lapheight in the central well (although you"ll most likely need to disable whatever to get there safely anyway). The central well location additionally has actually 2 cable ducts, one blocked by a heavy crate. Both result in exact same maintenance room. Look on a stool in the corner for an eBook "Natural Way Rekind Vacations".

When the shore is clear, make your means up to the turret platcreates and hack / Multitool the terminals, unlock the manual override and then push the manual override button. If you don"t have actually Multitools, tbelow are many Crafting Parts in the location.

When both turrets are disabled, examine that you have the adhering to pieces of Pocket Secretary evidence:

"Schedule Change" from the office in Processing"Recovered Turret Command also Logs" from Automated Security"Worthmuller" from the psychiatrist"s office (room 106) in Administration"RE: This week"s list" from Stenger"s corpse"Audio Transcript" from the covert safe in Stenger"s office.

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Arm yourself with the Stun Gun simply in instance and also go back to the elevator and also ride it down to the Landing Pad for a scene with Mejia and the Fixer. Choose "Challenge" and also "Confront About Wilburg" / "Hold Accountable". If you have review the proof, you have the right to choose the "Blackmail" choice to obtain Mejia to back dvery own. If you have actually augmentations permitted, you"ll have a "Persuade" option (follow up with the Beta options). Otherwise, choose "Side via Mejia" and also then easily - quickly - shoot him via the Stun Gun. Talk to the Fixer thereafter and also pick what to perform via him to unlock the Umlauts or No Umlauts trophy. Finally, interact with the Prichild Transport to finish the mission. If you"ve met the necessary requirements, you"ll unlock the Winners... and Code of Conduct trophies at this point. Following the last scene through Delara Auzenne, you will additionally receive the Criminal Past trophy.