I really love this game and also honestly I can't help yet desire more! This is what fanfics are for however most of the time I simply check out a Connor x Reader bereason everyone desires a piece of the android from Cyberlife I would too tbhI likewise don't mind crossovers as lengthy as it provides sense!


I found some amazing ones so far. I can short article the ones that I'm waiting for to be updated.

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https://archiveofourown.org/works/15218348/chapters/35296457 Markus sees Connor for the initially time. Then Markus meets Connor for the initially time. Then he meets his handler.

https://archiveofourown.org/works/14984054/chapters/34726259 Three weeks after Markus' tranquil revolution, Connor is still working alongside Hank when he is alerted to an invading AI in his mind palace, one via a dangerous gift to offer. This is a Heavy Rain crossover.

https://archiveofourown.org/works/14969339/chapters/34691183 This one is Kamski and also Connor one so there's smut in chapter 5. Connor and Hank go to Kamski’s residence to get information on the deviant instance. When asked to shoot the female android Connor spares her and also Kamski finds this fascinating. Instead of letting Connor and also Hank go he decides to try to test just how much Connor's humankind goes in exreadjust for practical information. How could Connor perhaps refuse?

https://archiveofourvery own.org/works/14989250/chapters/34739690 Frigidity, heartlessness. Heartfelt emovements. Two sides of a coin. Everypoint he was, whatever he wasn’t.

In which Elijah Kamski is annoyingly cryptic, Hank is an overprotective dad, Markus is simply trying to execute his ideal, and also Connor is still perplexed. CyberLife, as usual, has actually its very own agenda.

https://archiveofourvery own.org/works/14921612/chapters/34565942 Following the victory of the rebellion, androids have actually now attained the right to co-exist with humans on an equal level. Jericho functions to develop a federal government for androids, and the human being is adjusting to the recreated societal standards. Everything's been altering. Except for Connor. With guilt over the fatality of his partner, Lieutenant Hank Anderson, continuing to be a hefty burden on his conscience, and also with his main function in life in shambles, Connor has nopoint else to rotate to, except to continue the occupational that the Lieutenant had actually left behind, as well as picking up the pieces left behind by the radvancement.

(Story takes place after the pacifist finishing to the game, wright here Hank dies in the Cyberlife tower after being shot by fake Connor, after Connor transfers bodies.)

https://archiveofourvery own.org/works/14942165/chapters/34620956 The mostly tranquil Android Rebellion of 2038 ended via tentative success, yet now the androids must carve out a long-term place in a wary society. Markus, trying to organize on to that hard-won freedom, gets drawn right into Hank and freshly deviant Connor’s investigation into a string of facility thefts and murders. With much also many type of coincidences for comfort and old opponents resurdealing with in the shadows, Markus has to figure out rapid who he can trust. Letting North blow everyone up is founding to sound favor a far better principle eincredibly day…

https://archiveofourvery own.org/works/14913287/chapters/34543568 This one is based upon that Ex Machina movie. Hank Anderson, a programmer at the trillion-dollar technology company, CyberLife, wins a contest which allows him to spfinish a week-long internship with the company’s elusive CEO, Elijah Kamski, who has actually isolated himself from culture in his estate in the mountains. Upon arrival, Hank learns that he’s actually been invited there to act as the humale component in a Turing Test to identify the artificially intelligent capabilities of Kamski’s robot, Connor. However before, the two men quickly learn that the truth of the situation is far darker than either of them could ever before have actually imagined.

https://archiveofourvery own.org/works/15204947/chapters/35265512 In the aftermath of Markus' tranquil radvancement, CyberLife does not desire to concede whatever to the androids. Connor is willing to be the price they pay for his people's flexibility. Hank thinks this is a stupid idea, and also Markus agrees via him (though he offers nicer words). Connor, however, has freshly realized he has a mind of his own, and also he's determined to use it to defend the human being he loves. Hank was right. He always is.

https://archiveofourown.org/works/15193637 Connor searching Markus, properly.

https://archiveofourown.org/works/15031715/chapters/34847027 What’s the point in fighting for your flexibility if there will be no one left to fight? Are you really totally free or did you simply burry the worry in a mass grave? Connor didn’t grant of the method Markus taken on things given that one grumpy huguy had taught him that mankind wasn’t as poor as Markus let it seem to be. (Alteraboriginal finishing where Connor chose to become deviant however wouldn't follow Markus on his violent revolution)

https://archiveofourown.org/works/15088478/chapters/34985615 Connor starts to question himself after catching Rupert. Hank starts to question why he shouldn't just throw Connor off a roof. But after a split-second decision perhaps ruins his partnership through his new partner and also threatens the whole investigation, Connor is starting to realize that he might be even more than just a maker. The principle is terrifying.

https://archiveofourown.org/works/14858169/chapters/34398270 Markus knows that he requirements a break, however the last thing that he expects is for Connor to display up at his door.

https://archiveofourown.org/works/15216347/chapters/35291549 In which being an equipment is more facility than RK900 first realized.

https://archiveofourown.org/works/15022238/chapters/34824167 Connor and also Gavin are partners to solve a examination together.

https://archiveofourown.org/works/15077132/chapters/34956425 Cyberlife’s last chance at control was stopped as Connor came to be the incredibly thing he pursued. A Deviant. After the serene protests got the hearts of the human beings, civil liberties for Androids were being talked about by the head of the country. Though while that happens, Connor struggles via the selections he made. Including ending up being a deviant. Oceans of emotions often pull the android in eexceptionally which means, though he’s frequently pulled out from the crushing weight by Hank. Even through Hank watching out for him, Connor struggles to learn what it means to come to be humale.

https://archiveofourvery own.org/works/14898581/chapters/34506275 After the relaxed rebellion of the deviant androids, tensions are high in Detroit. Although androids have been provided equal rights, there are still many type of people that don't want to offer up their tech, and also many androids that haven't foroffered humans for the slaughter of so many type of of their human being. When devaints start dying, Lieutenant Hank Anderson and also his android companion Connor are given the case. When it becomes clear that the deviants are being killed as soon as a virus enters their systems. With the virus spanalysis further every day, and also more androids dying, it's dvery own to Connor and also Hank to figure out that made the virus and also exactly how to sheight it.

https://archiveofourown.org/works/15077009/chapters/34956140 Massively in-dept from his decades long gambling addiction and also serious alcoholism, exclusive investigator Henry “Hank” Anderboy stays a dreadfully miserable life alone in the city of Detroit where he spends his days taking on small cases and also assignments below and also tright here to make ends satisfy. Then, throughout the summer of 1912, he mysteriously receives an market from two alluring strangers who offer to wipe his slate clean if he agrees to come and occupational for them. His job description: “Bring us the boy and also wipe amethod the debt.” Bioshock Infinite crossover.

https://archiveofourown.org/works/15309126 Connor's course to deviancy was so different from the various other 2 examples we experienced, so I feel choose the way he breaks it should be various, too. It starts at Jericho. Hank is tbelow.

https://archiveofourown.org/works/15087776 Connor Model RK800 is sent out by Cyberlife to the FBI to help in their examination of the Minnesota Shrike. He is assigned to Will Graham, a teacher at the academy and consulting profiler for the instance. This is a Hannibal crossover.

https://archiveofourvery own.org/works/14837114/chapters/34340882 In the months complying with the android's peaceful campaign for equal legal rights, Detroit has actually mostly returned to normal. As Hank and Connor work-related to settle the situations that come by their desks, something that must be routine transforms a lot more deadly. Cops and also androids working for DPD are turning up dead, and a worrying pattern is emerging behind the scenes. With the threat raising, Hank and Connor have to occupational rapid to number out who is behind it, and consequently, uncover the motive that would certainly drive someone to such drastic actions. Will their initiatives prove successful? Or will certainly they simply become the next targets in their suspect's killing game?

https://archiveofourown.org/works/15729330/chapters/36568839 Taking location 3 weeks after the android rdevelopment. The historical event having actually been a success many thanks to Connor leading an army of androids from cyberlife tower. Things were now progressively coming into area through the leading hand and liberating words of Markus. The only catch is that Connor never before truly deviated from his routine, and is now stuck in limbo.

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https://archiveofourown.org/works/15433047/chapters/35822718 After Connor's discovery of Hank's kidnapping, he starts receiving roses on height of poem encrypted messages, complex and guiding the brunette android on just how to obtain his partner ago alive. However before, if he wishes the safe rerevolve promise to be fulfilled, he requirements to pair up via someone else to help him in this twisted up mind game and follow the unknown kidnapper's orders. How far they manage to gain relies on this brand-new partnership.