Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Heavyweight sluggers Derrick Lewis and Alexander Volkov will certainly scrap this Saturday (Oct. 6, 2018) at UFC 229 inside T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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It’s tough to pinallude what precisely makes Derrick Lewis such a successful fighter — “The Black Beast” has swanged-and-banged his method to the No. 2 place in the ranmajesties — but it’s mainly been a lot of fun to watch. Plus, winning eight of nine fights at Heavyweight is a seriously hard task. Volkov’s current four-fight win streak has actually been exceptionally exceptional, capped off by a destructive victory over Fabricio Werdum. The Russian has been steadily living up to his potential as of late, closing in on a potential title swarm.

Let’s take a closer look at the secrets to victory for each man:

Derrick LewisRecord: 20-5-1Key Wins: Francis Ngannou (UFC 226), Marcin Tybura (UFC Fight Night 126), Travis Browne (UFC Fight Night 105), Shamil Abdurakhimov (UFC Fight Night 102)Key Losses: Mark Hunt (UFC Fight Night 110), Shawn Jordan (UFC Fight Night 68), Matt Mitrione (UFC Fight Night 50)Keys to Victory: Lewis is not the most varied fighter, however the results cannot be denied. He breaks down pretty simple: Lewis throws explosive kicks at array, sometimes walks forward with huge power punches, and also is downideal brutal if able to acquire top position.

Of those three opportunities to victory, the takedvery own seems best for Lewis. Volkov throws many kicks to keep range, and also catching kicks is most likely Lewis’ favorite method to acquire optimal position. Unfavor Werdum, Lewis is not hunting for subobjectives or regulating position: He weighs so heavily on foes that they cannot relocate ... and also then he obliteprices them. In fact, Volkov is somewhat hittable and not particularly tough to take down. Usually, he relies on conditioning and also toughness to outlast his enemy and minimize those defensive liabilities.

That appears a devastating plan versus perhaps the hardest hitting man on the roster.

Alexander VolkovRecord: 30-6Key Wins: Fabricio Werdum (UFC 229), Stefan Struve (UFC Fight Night 115), Blagoy Ivanov (Bellator 120), Tim Johnboy (UFC Fight Night 99)Keys Losses: Vitaly Minakov (Bellator 108), Cheick Kongo (Bellator 139), Tony Johnboy (Bellator 136)Keys to Victory: Volkov is among the finest conditioned men at Heavyweight, a rangy kickboxer that breaks dvery own opponentsvia continuous kicks to the legs and also body. With 20 wins coming using knockout, Volkov likewise carries a fair amount of pop in his hands despite his high-volume strategy.

Volkov has little room for error here: he cannot afford to be dumped on his earlier or bombed on alengthy the fence. Luckily, he does host an absolutely enormous benefit at array via his kicks, and that’s something Lewis has struggled oppowebsite in the past. Many notably, Travis Browne just require a pair kicks to the belly to have Lewis covering up alengthy the fence, clutching his gut and waiting for the pain to subside.

Volkov has actually the kicking prowess and array to make Lewis’ life miserable in comparable fashion. In that bout, however, a mix of tiredness and also sloppiness from Browne enabled Lewis to start landing and also fight ago right into the fight. Volkov has no problems maintaining his strike and mostly does a much better job of not leading via his confront, so he should have the ability to protect against repeating “Hapa’s” mistakes.

Bottom Line: It’s a violent potential title eliminator.

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There is a major X-variable when predicting the Heavyweight title picture, and his name is Brock Lesnar. If Lesnar is cleared and also signed, he’ll more than likely fight Daniel Cormier for the belt. If not — and also tbelow are plenty reasons that wouldn’t take place — the winner of this bout is likely the many deserving of a title swarm. Stipe Miocic and Curtis Blaydes won’t choose that, but they deserve to always fight each various other about it. Seeing as a potential title shot is on the line, the stakes are certainly high. There’s absolutely not a wealth of contenders at Heavyweight, yet through Lesnar and Jon Jones potentially delaying points for the present crop of challengers, this is not the time for a setago.

At UFC 229, Derrick Lewis and also Alexander Volkov will certainly go to battle. Which male will remain standing as soon as the dust settles?