A pneumatic building and construction tool can be deadly in the hands of a trained Operator in Warzone or Babsence Ops Cold War Multiplayer and Zombies. Here’s just how you have the right to add the Nail Gun to your digital arsenal.

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A pneumatic building and construction device have the right to be deadly in the hands of a trained Operator in Warzone or Babsence Ops Cold War Multiplayer and also Zombies. Here’s how you can add the Nail Gun to your virtual arsenal.

Ready for a little of DIY in the DZ?

From gameplay tips to an obtainable bundle, to just how you deserve to unlock it in the initially place, this is what you must know around the Nail Gun:

Tips for Unlocking the Nail Gun

The Nail Gun’s in-game unlock difficulty for Multiplayer and Warzone is as follows:

Using Special Weapons, Eliminate 5 enemies in 15 different completed matches.

And here is just how you unlock this weapon in Zombies:

In Outbreak, acquire 25 Kills with Special Weapons in 12 different completed regions.

Now, let’s develop a loadout for Multiplayer and also go over a couple of tips for these challenges:


5. One Shot, One Kill. Repeat Five Times.

We used the following in Core game settings, where the R1 Shadowhunter and also Ballistic Knife are both one-hit kills.

Primary Weapon: Any

Secondary Weapon: R1 Shadowhunter OR Ballistic Knife

Perk 1: Paranoia, Forward Intel

Perk 2: Tracker, Assassin

Perk 3: Ninja, Ghost

Equipment: Any Lethal Equipment, Decoy Grenade

Field Upgrade: Field Mic

Wildcard: Perk Greed

Those 5 elimicountries don’t have to be done in one life, simply in one game, so our loadout is constructed on seeking and also destroying the foe through one-swarm kills.

Paranoia and Forward Intel are the 2 major intel Perks in that red slot. Paranoia will alert you to adversaries targeting you outside your field of see, while Forward Intel offers advises will certainly use an expanded mini-map to where enemies are respawning.

Tracker also helps through intel gathering via footsteps, while Assassin offers additional score bonsupplies to get a stable stream of UAVs operational. As for Perk 3, we went via a bread-and-butter Ninja and Gorganize combo to stay silent and continue to be off radar respectively, but Cold-Blooded or Spycraft are likewise awesome alternatives for this loadout.

The various other vital item of this loadout is the Decoy Grenade; its simulation of footprocedures throws even the many elite Operators off their game, enabling you to take benefit of their confusion long enough to gain the lethal shot off.

As for the remaining loadout pieces, pick whatever Primary Weapon and also Lethal Grenades you have superior challenges for; that way, when you earn those five elimicountries, you deserve to stay in the game to complete the fight while functioning in the direction of various other rewards.

4. A Job to Do at Your Own Pace

If you are struggling to get 5 eliminations in a solitary match, try playing respawn-permitted game settings that last for much longer durations of time, such as Warzone Plunder or Integrated Arms modes in Black Ops Cold War.

Conversely, if you are a professional Operator who deserve to earn 5 special weapon kills conveniently, you could play faster game settings choose Team Deathmatch or Free-for-All to earn your Nail Gun faster.


3. A Short Physics Lesson

Including the Nail Gun, the special weapon collection is built on low-speed projectiles.

When making use of any special weapon, always account for distance and take a trip time, as your projectile will fire in an arc toward its target. In various other words, when going for eliminations at longer ranges, aim a bit above your targain and ahead of wbelow they are going to allow your swarm to hit its note.

2. Zombies – Upgrades In and Out of the DZ

Constantly upgrading your special weapon within an Outbreak match will certainly allow it to handle tougher adversaries as you finish Regions. Be sure to use your Salvage to upgrade its Rarity, which rises its damage through each action up, and usage Essence to Pack-a-Punch it for substantial damages boosts.

Also, put those Aetherium Crystals to use by upgrading the special Weapon Skill. This reasons these weapons to deal increased damages against Special and also Elite Enemies. They will additionally have actually better penetration versus opponent armor, and also give you a chance to pull ammo from the stock rather than your existing “magazine,” which is good for the non-Nail Gun chop of one-of-a-kind armaments.

1. Zombies – Pick Your Battles

Special tools tend to shine versus Elite and Special Zombies, particularly when that ability is upgraded. Don’t be afrhelp to fight these monstrosities head on yet understand that the 50 Elimicountries for the difficulty count towards any kind of and also all undead.

Haven’t earned those 50 Elimicountries yet? Start cruising around the region for roaming packs of the undead, or complete a World Event, wbelow you will certainly also get some excellent items and Essence for your troubles.

Remember, you have the right to constantly pause to inspect your development if you can’t count to 50 eliminations while fending off the horde.


Unlock the Nail Gun in the Store

Already have actually a space for the Nail Gun in your loadout’s toolshed and also can’t wait to grab one? Then go to the Store and pick up its menacing cousin: the “Puncture Wound.”

Featured in the “Framework” Bundle, which introduced at the begin of Seachild Four, the “Puncture Wound” is crafted for those who have the right to aim very closely and also don’t desire to construct their dwellings out of bricks. This Bundle likewise comes through the “Switcheroo” Finishing Move, the “Celebratory Smoke” Gesture, the “Awful Timing” Watch, and a Calling Card, and an Emblem for your profile.

Head to the Store currently to grab the “Framework” Bundle and also gain your hands on this new unique weapon before completing its challenge. Note: This Blueprint will not unlock the base variation of the weapon, nor allow you to level up the weapon and also development via its camo difficulties prior to you unlock the base version.


The Nail Gun – Weapon Overview

Introduced in 1950, adhering to a high demand also for housing because of a post-WWII population boom, the nail gun was instrumental in accelerating construction jobs about the world. In Warzone and Babsence Ops Cold War, the Nail Gun is a power tool that deserve to be provided in a loadout despite its lack of attachments.

In Black Ops Cold War, both in Multiplayer and Zombies, the Nail Gun does 50 damages up cshed and 30 at a distance. That indicates in Hardcore, this weapon is a one-shot kill, which might appeal to Operators who delve right into the limited health and wellness and HUD settings.

But in traditional Core settings against Operators via no armor, this damages profile translates to a three-swarm elimicountry up close and five at a distance, through Headshots not enhancing damage sufficient to have a far-ranging affect.

Because its 15-nail magazine deserve to be emptied in less than two secs, this weapon can remove operators in less than half a 2nd up cshed, competing with the likes of a strong SMG. However before, its low “nail velocity,” because of utilizing compressed air as a firing device, suggests that you’ll should lead your shots at a distance for them to land also, and also your enemy could get a lethal hit in on you prior to their health and wellness drops to zero. Its continual capacity also is low, as without Danger Close, you’ll enter a mission via only 2 extra magazines of 15 nails in addition to your beginning one.

Still, its great mobility enables Operators to sprint and also slide throughout the combat zone through ease or move well while in combat to throw adversaries off their rhythm. That deserve to be lifeconserving once fighting Operators with high bullet velocity weapons, as a few well-timed crouches or strafes can sway the fight in your favor.

For Zombies specifically, the Nail Gun gets a beefy 4x damages multiplier for any kind of headshots – 200 damages per headswarm up-close, as a beginning loadout weapon – and gets founding ammo capacity of 240 nails in addition to its starting magazine of 15.

Integrated through the Special Weapon Skill benefits, the Nail Gun can be a versatile loadout weapon, having all the toughness of Special, Elite, and Armor Damage as a regular weapon yet via the magazine capacity of a high-powered tactical rifle. And that’s not also counting the 25% possibility of ammo being pulled from the stock rather of the magazine many thanks to the Tier III skill; with that, or the benefits of a spec’d out Ring of Fire, the Nail Gun can put in some occupational against elite enemies in typical Zombies or Outbreak areas.


As for Warzone, the Nail Gun gets a secondary five nails per magazine (for full of 20 nails per magazine) and will certainly reveal you on adversary radars for a shorter duration compared to the majority of tools. Also, bereason it provides nails rather of bullets, its tracer trail is smaller sized, yet for this exact same reason, the Stopping Power Field Upgrade won’t occupational on it (as adding in rusted nails might not be OSHA compliant).

Furthermore, the Nail Gun is taken into consideration an SMG in Warzone (compared to its usual role as a Special Weapon in Black Ops Cold War), which means it straight competes against the 19 other available armaments in the category as a Primary Weapon.

While the Nail Gun’s high mobility make it attrenergetic for significant run-and-gunners, its low magazine dimension and lack of attachments might streatment off much less proficient players, specifically those who desire to usage it in squad-based settings. Still, its reliability in the field can make it a great fit in speculative loadouts or in Solos and also Duos, where having actually a larger magazine size may not be as necessary.

Zombies Loadout Suggestion – Construction Carnage

Primary: Nail Gun

Field Upgrade: Ring of Fire

The Nail Gun is built for ripping via Special, Elite, and Boss Zombies in close-quarters situations.

In addition to ensuring your Special Weapon Skill is upgraded, you’ll want to tune up your Ring of Fire to its maximum Tier as shortly as possible. The possibility of an insta-kill while within the Ring and always taking ammo from your stock are both phenomenal perks for this weapon, which will already reap the rewards of enhanced damage from the Ring.

On its own, this loadout is excellent for Solo runs, and in squads, you’ll be the major damage dealer while your squadmates feed you with their very own abilities choose the Healing Aura.

Multiplayer Loadout Suggestion – No Task Too Tough

Primary: Any Weapon through Task Force Barrel

Secondary: Nail Gun

Perk 1: Tactical Mask

Perk 2: Quartermaster

Perk 3: Spycraft

Equipment: Molotov, Flashbang

Field Upgrade: Jammer

Wildcard: Danger Close

We are making use of all the devices in our utility belt for this loadout constructed roughly the Nail Gun.

First, our Wild Card is Danger Cshed, bereason the additional beginning magazines from it straight benefits our Nail Gun and also its usual reserve capacity.

We’re acquiring this benefit across both our weapons, so we’ll desire to use a Main Weapon with a “Task Force” or comparable Barrel, as it commonly reduces our reserves as a drawearlier to its significant damages bonus. We took the “Kintek Burst” SMG for that very factor, because its Bundle, “Nefarious Tactics,” simply came out in the Store, yet you have the right to usage any weapon or Weapon Blueprint with that barrel.

For Perks, Tactical Mask is constantly vital for substantial projects wright here gas, bbest lights, and disorienting effects have the right to injury us, and also Quartermaster ensures we gain a fresh stream of Molotovs and Flashbangs – at double capacity, thanks to Danger Cshed – every 25 seconds. Then there is Spycraft, which allows us to hack right into our enemy’s Field Upqualities and other innovation, and also usage it against them.

Your Field Upgrade have the right to be as much as individual choice, however we determined the Jammer given that it disrupts the enemy’s radar within a radius wbelow the Nail Gun is the majority of reliable.

Warzone Loadout Suggestion – Nailing References Down

Primary: Nail Gun

Secondary: Kali Sticks

Lethal: Thermite

Tactical: Stun Grenade

Perks: E.O.D., Restock, Amped

This weapon is primed for those who choose to experiment and also have fun in Warzone, so let’s leave out Overkill and also focus on a loadout developed for rate.

Since the Nail Gun is a highly mobile weapon, we’ll usage it via the fastest melee choice in Warzone: the Kali Sticks. They are very effective as soon as fighting turns to fisticuffs, as a few whacks will down an enemy. Just don’t accidentally nail those two sticks together, lest you obtain a weird-looking 2x4.

The rest of the loadout is an untraditional weapon user’s gold standard: Thermite guarantees downs if it sticks and is good versus vehicles, Stun Grenades limit your enemy’s mobility to allow for Finishing Moves, Restock constantly refills those tools pieces, E.O.D. protects versus explosive devices and also various other risks, and Amped is great for when you need to conveniently swap in between your sticks and also nails.

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If you desire to use the Nail Gun through Overkill, we recommfinish pairing it through a weapon for mid-to-long array engagements, favor the Krig-6 and Groza assault rifles, or a your wanted sniper rifle, or throwing on a Riot Shield for ago defense.