If anyone knows the prestige of great hair, it’s celebrities. With days spent under public limelight and nights blasted by the flashes of paparazzi, their styles need to be on suggest. Hanz de Fuko has been a trusted celebrity go-to product for years. So what specifically are A-listers using from the Hanz line?

David Beckham

When David Beckham first announced that he trusted his strands to none other than Hanz de Fuko, we were honored. Seriously, the guy has a killer head of hair. From the area to his H&M ads, David’s signature look has constantly been iconic. Soon his style was watched on eexceptionally street edge as males were trying to copy his beachy strands. And his favorite product is Quicksand also, our wax and also dry shampoo hybrid that saves you from shampooing eextremely day.

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X-Men: Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, & Hugh Jackman

Some of our favorite mutants are Hanz users. Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, and Hugh Jackmale are all well-known to dabble in our clays. We’re pretty proud to have actually these contemporary badasses utilizing our assets. The most frequented is Claymation, a clay-wax hybrid well-known for locking in dapper looks. Fearmuch less men trying to find mutant-cool hair, Claymation is the one for you.

Ruby Rose

Oh, Ruby, you have no idea how happy you have made us. This tattooed princess came on the scene and also adjusted the game for leading females. With Angelina lips and also the DGAF vibes of Colin Farrell, both males and also womales are longing for a swarm through Miss Rose. We’re going to say it with pride; No one rocks a contemporary James Dean style prefer the one-and-just Ruby. While we can’t guarantee a day with her, we can market you insight to her amazing style. If you want Ruby’s hair, grab a jar of Quicksand and apply to damp hair.

James Marsden

Our favorite Mister Nice Guy dazzles the red carpet through hair dressed in Hanz de Fuko. Known for never acquiring the on-display girl, we have actually a feeling that all eyes are locked on James Marsden when he showinstances his chic coif and signature smile on premiere nights. His style deserve to be achieved via a dab of Modify Pomade and a spoonful of Old Hollylumber charm.


John Krasinski

All-Amerihave the right to funny guy John Krasinski defines modern masculinity. When he isn’t making us laugh at his despeprice televised attempts to “land the girl” on The Office reruns, his down-to-earth, self-deprecating wit offers us the trick feels. We relate so tough to your pain, Krasinski. But this family members male appears to have actually his real-life determined. He’s hilarious, masculine and married to Emily Blunt. Can I acquire an amen? So as soon as you’re prepared to step up your game in Krasinski-fashion, grab a little of Scheme Creme.


Austin Butler 

Austin Butler is a hair trendsetter. He’s rocked waves, The Quiff, lengthy locks, and also simply around everything in in between. This young Hollyhardwood star made it straightforward to incorporate him on our celebrity list. Austin has used Gel Triq to perfect his youthful image. We also recommend Scheme Cream for those trying out a much longer style.

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Musicians and also Influencers

Musicians have been making use of our assets on tour and also on the red carpet. Some of our a lot of remarkable individuals incorporate Calvin Harris, G-Eazy, Foster the People and Neon Trees. Luxury brand ambassadors like Mariano Di Vaio and also reality-star Shawn Booth have both proudly proficient HDF-made layouts.