Ok... Who the frig is David Banner. From the episode Emission Imfeasible of Family Guy, Peter has Lois" sister say, "David Banner, I simply slashed your tires." Then Peter rippes up that guy"s shirt that is way also tight for him. I do not feel choose googling or yahooing this bereason my computer system sucks and also it would certainly no doubt take a lot longer to carry out a search than it would simply ask you guys. Thanks

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Oh. That would certainly make sense seeing as just how Peter tore outta that shirt choose the Hulk did. I watched some dumass Demi Moore movie in theology course one day, and also the name of some saint dude was David Banner so daily all the Family Guy watchers in the class would certainly act out that scene... ah, great times.

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i believed he was a a rapper...like in the beggining of the song "rubberband man" it goes "david banner david banner david banner"....well idk
Well Rubberband also Man is around a super hero...Intrelaxing reality, Ozzy wrote Rubberband Man but determined it wasn"t dark sufficient for Babsence Sabbath, so he offered it to the Commadores (I think).
Originally posted by kameleon I guess ther is a David Banner rapper also http://www.david-banner.com/primary.html
And he sucks....He just has one good song..and also i forgain its name...But it starts off going david david david banner..
Look it up...Title:RubberBand also ManArtist: T.I. David Banner additionally is a big record producer and artist...not just a rapper. He doesn"t execute many tracks by himself either, he is always featured on other individuals tracks.
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Originally posted by chandler betke i assumed he was a a rapper...choose in the beggining of the song "rubberband also man" it goes "david banner david banner david banner"....well idk
cadilacs on 22s aint did nothing in my life but stay true, pimp my voice, and also mac these beats, and pray to the lord for these mississippi streeets hey... thats a song by david banner.. its funny.. lol..
Originally posted by $horT_$trokEIf Jesus was born in 2005, his name would have been Google.

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Quote from Vincent in GattacaYou desire to know how I did it? This is how I did it, Anton: I never before conserved anypoint for the swim ago.
aren"t tright here like 2 songs that begin off saying david banner, one is prefer a pimp and also various other is rubberband also guy right?