Dark Matter Seaboy 2 Episode 6 Review: We Should Have Seen This Coming

Six episodes right into the seaboy, the character of Nyx lastly obtained some background. (It appears wildly unlikely that she"d been flying about on the Raza for weeks and also no one had demanded some kind of story from her.)

I had actually a huge trouble via just how the crew reacted to Nyx lying to them and using them to complimentary her brvarious other from the seers. For some reason, just Three appeared to have a difficulty with it! Two"s response came dvery own to this quite weak statement:

Anyway, we all have actually problems with our past, right?


Um, yeah, they all have problems through their pasts, yet she intentionally put the crew in grave danger and lied around it and they then acquired the psychics chasing after them! I do not understand about you, but I"d be seriously upcollection around that!

It came off choose the scriptauthors wanted to simply obtain previous this point in the story to move on with all haste to the "being chased by the psychics" percentage of the story. Either that, or Nyx is their brand-new favorite character and also what is wrong is alideal wbelow she"s involved.

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That"s another difficulty I have, with Nyx as a character. She does not seem to have any fregulations. Has she ever before actually made a mistake, been wrong?

This actually feeds into yet another problem I have: the seers" apparent omniscientific research. They tried to describe this by combining "gut feeling" via enormous quantities of information in a collective consciousness, yet that only gets you so far and leaves out 2 significant factors: possibility and coincidence.

Nyx"s actual prescience shows up to only extend numerous secs into the future, however the seers as a whole seemed to be limitless in their predictive abilities. And without limits, that creates an fundamentally unbeatable enemy, which is really, really frustrating from an audience perspective.

One part of the episode I really did favor was the Three-Six interactions, such as when they were stuck on the Marauder together. Stuck in a tin can together, surrounded by an acidic atmosphere that might sexpedition the flesh from their bones, they ultimately were able to concerned a type of understanding.

Three, of all of the Raza crew, had actually organized the best grudge over Six"s betrayal, complied with carefully by Two. It was nice to see that he was willing to provide Six the chance to prove himself as a member of the crew.

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A few thoughts before I revolve the conversation over to you:

Now that we understand somepoint around Nyx, would certainly it be as well much to ask for somepoint around Devon? Man"s a not-very-subtle drug addict, but no one"s seemed to actually notice so much.The seers sure seemed willing to fire on both the Marauder and also the Raza, which had actually their star player (Milo) on board. I guess it"s okay if he"s blown up, just so long as he"s not out tbelow loose?Four offered Milo through the knife to kill himself, then supposedly neglected to tell Nyx what fate her brvarious other likely chose.Three"s giddiness at gaining dvery own to a "good old-fashioned heist" made me grin. These civilization need to smile more!The lingering distrust of Six illustrated throughout this episode really contrasts the speedy forgiveness given to Nyx.Three has actually learned how to pilot the Marauder; character advance is a great thing! Although:

Flying right is not an evasive maneuver!


Remember to watch Dark Matter digital if you haven"t already! Dark Matter Seakid 2 Episode 7, "She"s One of Them Now," is scheduled to air on Friday, August 12, 2016 at 10/9c on Syfy.

So, what did you think of "We Should Have Seen This Coming"? How did you react to the reaveal of Nyx"s backstory? Was the Raza crew"s incapability to defeat the seers frustrating or fitting? Let us recognize in the comments section below!