FORTNITE dance on height of a gigantic dumpling head is just one of the week 4 seakid 9 obstacles. Here is the map location you need in Battle Royale.

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Fortnite dance on peak of a gigantic dumpling head - Week 4 map place (Image: EPIC GAMES)

To settle Fortnite dance on optimal of a huge dumpling head players must head to the Lucky Landing POI.

The large dumpling head have the right to be found on optimal of one of the buildings in this Fortnite place.

Simply land also on optimal of it or usage structures to acquire on height of it and also have actually a boogie.

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In instance you’re wondering then right here is the nlinux.orgmplete list of the Fortnite week 4 seaboy 9 challenges…


Fortnite dance on peak of a gigantic dumpling head - Head in the direction of Lucky Landing (Image: YOUTUBE GATTU)


• Deal (500) damages through Sniper Rifles to enemies – 5 Battle Stars

• Stage 1/3: Dance inside a holographic Tomato head – 1 Battle Star

- Stage 2/3: Dance inside a holographic Durrr Burger head – 2 Battle Stars

- Stage 3/3: Dance on top of a gigantic Dumpling head – 2 Battle Stars

• (3) Legendary weapon eliminations – 10 Battle Stars


Fortnite dance on top of a gigantic dumpling head - Here"s the map place (Image: YOUTUBE GATTU)


• Destroy a Loot Carrier in (3) various matches – 5 Battle Stars

• Stage 1/5: Land also at Polar Peak – 1 Battle Star

- Stage 2/5: Land at Lazy Lagoon – 1 Battle Star

- Stage 3/5: Land at Salty Springs – 1 Battle Star


Fortnite dance on peak of a large dumpling head - Land also on the dumpling then have actually a boogie (Image: YOUTUBE GATTU)

- Stage 4/5: Land also at The Block – 1 Battle Star

- Stage 5/5: Land also at Lonely Lodge – 1 Battle Star

• Eliminate (3) opponents in Haunted Hills or Dusty Divot – 10 Battle Stars

• Visit (5) various Named Locations in a single enhance – 10 Battle Stars


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