“My 17 year old son lies all the moment,” a mother said to me freshly. “He lies about his schooljob-related, what he ate for lunch and also whether or not he’s brumelted his teeth. He also exaggerates to make his stories even more dramatic or to make himself sound bigger.

It’s involved the allude wright here I don’t take anypoint he states at face worth. He’s not a bad kid, yet I just don’t understand why he lies so often, particularly as soon as telling the truth would certainly be simpler. What should I do?”

By acknowledging the lie without moralizing or lecturing, you are sending an effective message to your boy that being dishonest won’t acquire them what they want

Dealing via lying is frustrating and also confutilizing for many type of paleas. Unfortunately, teens and also pre-teens often lie or tell just part of the fact. James Lehmale describes that kids lie for many type of reasons: to cover their tracks, to acquire out of something they don’t want to execute, and to fit in via their peers.

Sometimes youngsters tell white lies to protect various other civilization. I’ve heard my stepson insurance claim a “bad connection” while speaking to a relative on the phone, fairly than sindicate telling them, “I don’t want to talk right now.” When asked, he says he doesn’t desire to hurt that person’s feelings by saying he wanted to acquire off the phone. Simply put, it was just easier to lie.

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Some teens build the halittle bit of informing half-truths or exaggerating about things that seem completely irpertinent or unnecessary. They could think it will certainly get them what they desire, or acquire them out of a sticky instance. Like many adults, youngsters can additionally be less than hocolony at times bereason they think the reality isn’t interesting enough. They may lie as a means to obtain attention, to make themselves seem even more powerful or attrenergetic to others, to gain sympathy or assistance, or because they absence problem-solving abilities.

Lying about Riskies or Dangerous BehaviorIt’s crucial to identify below in between lies that cover up for drug usage or various other risky habits, as opposed to “eextremely day lies” that some teenagers tell simply as a matter of halittle or convenience. Make no mistake, lying that outcomes in, or covers for, unsafe or illegal habits need to be addressed directly. If your boy is lying around points that can be dangerous, entailing drug or alcohol usage, stealing, or other riskies behavior, look for resources and assistance in your neighborhood community.

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Why Doesn’t My Child Care that Lying is Wrong?Adolescence is such a difficult time: trying to fit in, feeling unsensibly judged or limited, wanting to be viewed as powerful also while you feel completely powermuch less. Teens and also pre-teenagers are navigating some pretty complicated waters. For some, lying deserve to seem choose a straightforward method to address the anxiety of being a teenager. According to the Amerideserve to Academy of Child and also Adolescent Psychology, an occasional fib from a boy is nopoint to get as well involved around. Chronic dishonesty and also exaggeration, on the various other hand also, need to be addressed – but perhaps not in the means you think.


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