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1)The ________ concept holds that achieving organizational goals depends onknowing the demands and wants of tarobtain industries and transporting the desiredsatisfactions better than rivals do.

A)marketingB)productC)productionD)sellingE)societal marketing.

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2)Which of the adhering to concepts is based on a customer-centered philosophy?

A)the product conceptB)the marketing conceptC)the manufacturing conceptD)the selling conceptE)the distribution idea

3)Customer-propelled marketing is a lot of efficient once ________.

A)a clear need exists among customers, but the need is hard to identify

B)customers carry out not recognize what they want however are conveniently persuaded

C)customers look for new commodities and technical inventions

D)clear requirements exist and also customers understand what their demands are

E)customers have desires however cannot afford them

4)Directing consumers toward commodities and services that fulfill their present andfuture demands is referred to as ________ marketing.





E) product

5)When customers don"t know what they desire or don"t also know what"s possible,the the majority of efficient strategy is ________ marketing.






6)Cylog, a leading provider of individual computer units, started manufacturingtablet gadgets after predicting a future consumer require for portability. Whichof the adhering to was a lot of most likely imposed by Cylog?

A)the selling idea

B)customer-driving marketing

C)the product idea

D)sustainable marketing

E)the production idea

7)Futuristic Deindications Inc., a furniture retail chain, understands and also anticipatescustomer needs also much better than customers themselves perform and creates productsand services to accomplish their existing and future demands. Which of the followinghas actually Futuristic Deindications adhered to in this case?

A)the product idea

B)customer-driving marketing

C)the societal marketing idea

D)customer-propelled marketing

E)the production concept

8)The societal marketing idea holds that ________.

A)consumers will not buy enough of a firm"s commodities unmuch less the firm undertakes amassive offering and proactivity effort

B)a company"s marketing decisions must focus on developing financial worth in amethod that also creates value for the bordering environment

C)the society will certainly just favor commodities that are available and highly affordable

D)achieving business goals counts on discovering the requirements and also wants of targetmarkets and also transporting the wanted satisfactions better than rivals do

E)consumers will favor products that sell the the majority of in high quality, performance, andinnovative features

B) a company"s marketing decisions need to focus on developing economic value in a method that also creates worth for the bordering environment

9)Which of the complying with concepts calls for sustainable marketing?

A)the societal marketing concept

B)the marketing principle

C)the marketing concept

D)the manufacturing principle

E)the product principle

A) the societal marketing idea

10)Some rapid food restaurants market tasty and also convenient food at affordableprices, but in doing so they add to the soaring excessive weight prices andeco-friendly difficulties. In this situation, these fast-food restaurants haveoverlooked the ________ principle.




D)societal marketing


D) societal marketing

11)________ marketing is identified as socially and environmentally responsiblemarketing that meets the present needs of consumers and businesses while alsomaintaining or boosting the capacity of future generations to fulfill their demands.






C) Sustainable

12)In the BCG matrix, ________ are low-share businesses and assets in low-growthsectors. A)dogs

B)cash cows

C)babsence holes


E)question marks

A) dogs

13)Which of the adhering to statements is true in the conmessage of the BCGgrowth-share matrix?

A)Stars regularly need heavy investment to finance their fast growth in a sector.

B)The positions of SBUs in the growth-share matrix rarely adjust over time.

C)The income from one SBU cannot be provided to support various other service devices.

D)Dogs promise to be large resources of cash.E)Cash cows commonly turn into stars.

A) Stars regularly need heavy investment to finance their fast development in a market.

14)When using a harvest strategy for a particular strategic organization unit, acompany ________.

A)invests just sufficient in the strategic company unit to save its sector share atthe present level

B)invests even more in the company unit to develop its market share

C)sells off the strategic organization unit and invests its resources elsewhere

D)tries to maximize its short-lived cash circulation regardmuch less of irreversible concerns

E)progressively boosts investment in the strategic business unit over time tomaximize profits

D) tries to maximize its temporary cash flow regardmuch less of irreversible concerns

15)When a company chooses to divest a details strategic company unit, it________.

A)increases the declaring budget for that strategic company unit

B)invests more in the strategic business unit to construct its sector share

C)sells off or phases out the strategic service unit

D)invests just enough in the strategic service unit to keep its sector share atthe present level

E)progressively boosts investment in the strategic company unit over time tomaximize profits

C) sells off or phases out the strategic company unit

16)Which of the following providers is making use of a divesting strategy?

A)Juggernaut Bikes acquires new businesses in order to rise its industry share.

B)To achieve a higher industry share, LBD Inc. boosts investments in advertisingand proactivity.

C)When sales of its clothing department decline, Blackrock sells the department to achallenger.D)Getix Computers boosts the price of its assets in order to maximizetemporary profits.

E)Harlow"s market share stays stable over 2 years, and the firm decides tomaintain its share at the existing level.

C) When sales of its apparel department decline, Blackrock sells the division to a competitor.

17)A strategy for firm growth that requires increasing sales to current marketsegments without changing the product is recognized as ________.

A)sector breakthrough

B)market differentiation

C)market penetration

D)product advancement


C) market penetration

18)EcoBean, a chain of cafes, has actually presented a Special Shopper Card that allowscustomers to pay in development for coffee and also snacks. This effort by EcoBeanmonitoring is many likely an example of ________.

A)market breakthrough

B)product advance


D)sector penetration

E) product adaptation

D) industry penetration

19)Acme Inc., a manufacturer of building and construction and also mining tools, is based inAustralia. Acme modifies the production processes of its widgets and also devices tooffer its existing commodities in Eastern Europe. This is a lot of most likely an example ofa ________ strategy.

A)industry penetration

B)sector development

C)product diversification

D)organization harvesting

E)product development

B) market breakthrough

20)Which of the following is an example of a local public?

A)a neighborhood company that addresses welfare problems in its neighborhood

B)a supplier responsible for sourcing many of the raw materials provided inmanufacturing

C)a firm director who is working to boost the organization"s public image

D)a bank that helps a firm gain loans E) a federal regulatory firm that monitorsservice practices

A) a neighborhood company that addresses welfare problems in its community

21)Which of the following are examples of inner publics of a company?

A)newspapers, magazines, television stations, blogs, and various other Net media

)governpsychological departments and also agencies that regulate businesses

C)neighborhood occupants and also area organizations

D)the supervisors, board of directors, and employees of the firm

E) the general public that is directly affectedby the company

D) the supervisors, board of directors, and also employees of the company

22)According to the text, ________ are the many crucial actors in a company"smicroenvironment.







23)________ industries consist of people and family members that buy items andsolutions for individual usage.






A) Consumer

24)Which of the following is the majority of most likely categorized as a service market?

A)government agencies that buy items and solutions to create public services

B)people who buy goods and services for personal usage

C)firms that buy items and solutions for further processing

D)firms that buy goods and services to resell for profit

E)retail outlets that buy items and also solutions to market at discounted prices

C) firms that buy items and also services for even more processing

25)Reseller markets consist of ________.

A)government agencies that buy items and also services to develop public services

B)people who buy items and also services for individual usage

C)firms that buy items and solutions to assemble abroad

D)firms that buy goods and also services to sell at a profit

E)firms that buy goods and solutions for even more processing

D) firms that buy goods and also solutions to sell at a profit

26)Dextora Technologies manufactures microprocessors and also caters solely topersonal manufacturers that develop high-end computers. Which type of marketdoes Dextora straight target?

A)retail sector

B)federal government sector

C)consumer industry

D)company industry

E)reseller market

D) organization industry

27)Diane Chambers, the marketing manager of FarmFresh, collects information from hermonthly documents of sales, prices, and also cash circulation. In this case, Diane is makingusage of ________ databases.A)outside





D) interior

28)Which of the following sources constitutes the internal database of a company?

A)commercial virtual databases

B)conversations on social media

C)the company"s sales records

D) reports sold by market study firms

E)the Web

C) the company"s sales records

29)Which of the following is a lot of most likely the cheapest and also quickest indicates tocollect information for marketing research?

A)using external agencies for study

B)seeking marketing intelligence inputs from partnering firms

C)seeking information concerning strategies embraced by rivals

D)making use of internal databases to gather sales data

E)hiring a considered firm to conduct a sector analysisn

D) utilizing interior databases to gather sales data

30)Hammond Corp. opeprices in the very aggressive electronics market. The firmintends to obtain early warnings of opportunities and also threats caused by theactions of other firms that are doing well in the sector. Which of thecomplying with resources would best serve Hammond"s purpose?

A)sales information from exclusive Hammond retailers

B)archival data on agency performance

C)competitive marketing knowledge

D)study on demographics of its existing customers

E)inner survey on employee performance

C) competitive marketing intelligence

31)Which of the following statements concerning marketing knowledge is true?

A)Marketing knowledge generally requires sensitive and confidentialinformation retained out of the public doprimary.

B)The advantage of utilizing competitive knowledge is negligible as it is basedjust on interior sources of data.

C)All marketing knowledge inputs are available at no expense to all potentialcustomers.

D)Marketing intelligence is the systematic repertoire and analysis of publiclyavailable information.

E)Marketing intelligence efforts are even more concentrated on gaining insights into afirm"s consumers quite than its competitors

D) Marketing knowledge is the systematic repertoire and also analysis of publicly accessible information.

32)Haley Computers Inc. has appointed a couple of employees to sift through customerconversations on online forums and also social netfunctioning sites concerning productspurchased from Haley. These employees are most likely to be functioning as ________.

A)indevelopment technology officers

B)virtual Net designers

C)quality control specialists

D)corpoprice bloggers

E)listening officers

E) listening officers

33)Which of the adhering to is true of competitive marketing intelligence?

A)It can predict a firm"s future but not the pattern of forces in the industry.

B)It cannot be collected from inner sources of a firm such as employees andsales pressure.

C)It calls for inside information from a competitors" internal database.

D)It deserve to be derived from information that is available in the public doprimary.

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E) It deserve to be obtained from virtual databases onlyvia subscription and also a fee

D) It deserve to be acquired from information that is easily accessible in the public domain.

34) ________ refersto the practice of including ethnic themes within a company"s mainstream marketing.

A)Cross-cultural marketing

B)Buzz marketing

C)Viral marketing

D)Guerilla marketing

E) Cause marketingZp

A) Cross-social marketing

35)Which of the adhering to is a lot of likely a true statement around social class?

A)Members of a social class differ dramatically in their values, interests, andhabits.

B)In the United States, the lines in between social classes are solved and also rigid.

C)Social classes display distinct product preferences in areas such as clothes.

D)Wealth is a more crucial variable than education in measuring social class.

E)Consumers of the same age belengthy to the same social class

C) Social classes show distinct product choices in areas such as garments.

36)Which of the following is a social aspect that influences customer buyingbehavior?


B)life-cycle phase

C)financial situation



A) family members

37)A shoe company"s ads feature the members of a popular nation music band.Product sales increase considerably among the band"s fans. From the fans"viewsuggest, the band also is a(n) ________.

A)membership group

B)referral group



E)late-majority adopter

B) recommendation group

38)________ are civilization within a recommendation team that, because of distinct skills,expertise, personality, or other attributes, exert social affect onothers. A)Opinion leaders

B)Late mainstream adopters



E)Lagging adopters

A) Opinion leaders

39)Which of the complying with types of marketing entails developing opinion leaders toserve as brand also ambassadors to spreview the word around a company"s products?

A)social marketing

B)traditional marketing

C)buzz marketing

D)direct marketing

E)values marketing

C) buzz marketing

40)Opinion leaders are likewise recognized as ________.A)lagging adopters

B)leading adopters

C)early on mainstream adopters

D)late mainstream adopters


B) leading adopters

41)When marketers want to promote their products and also solutions throughword-of-mouth marketing programs, they commonly begin by ________.

A)pushing one-means commercials at customers

B)identifying and targeting late adopters

C)developing print and also radio advertisements D)generating person-to-perkid brand conversations

E)withillustration from virtual social networksage

D) generating person-to-perboy brand conversations

42)Pediacertain Pet Supplies, a pet-food agency, divides the pet market accordingto the pet owners" gender, occupation, earnings, and household life cycle. In thisinstance, which of the complying with variables has the company offered for marketsegmentation?






D) demographic

43)Demographic variables are the many well-known bases for segmenting customer groupsbecause they ________.

A)produce smaller segments

B)create even more quickly accessible segments

C)do not involve stereokinds

D)are less complicated to measure

E) involve fewer qualities to consider

D) are less complicated to measure

44)Zindle, an Amerihave the right to smartphone-production firm, targets youngsters below theage of ten by providing totally free games and applications. The firm"s marketingtechnique is reflective of a(n) ________ segmentation.

A)age and life-cycle




E) revenue

A) age and life-cycle

45)________ factors are the a lot of famous bases for segmenting customer teams.






B) Demographic

46)ProFem Inc. caters its line of sports apparel solely to womales. What typeof segmentation does the agency use?

A)age and also life-cycle





B) gender

47)Which form of industry segmentation is mainly supplied by marketers that sellassets for the affluent segments of a population?

A)intake price



D)benefits sought


C) earnings

48)At one time, Miller Beer was recognized as the "champagne of bottledbeer." It was targeted at an elite class of customers. Later, to increasesales, Miller was repositioned to lure members of the functioning, middle-course.What is this segmentation technique called?

A)user status

B)consumption price




E) psychographic

49)Dividing buyers into teams based upon their understanding, attitudes, uses, orresponses to a product is referred to as ________ segmentation.



C)age and also life-cycle

D)user status


A) behavior

50)A refrigerator is an instance of a(n) ________ product.






B) shopping

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