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100% polyester dress and stole, 87% polyester 13% spandex glovesLong pile faux fur stole w/ red satin liningPullover babsence jersey knit dress w/ slitPair of red stretchy satin glovesWig and cigarette holder marketed separatelyExclusively made by us!Officially licensed
1XGloves Length23"58cm
1XStole Length69"175cm
1XStole Width13"33cm
2XGloves Length23"58cm
2XStole Length69"175cm
2XStole Width13"33cm
3XGloves Length23"58cm
3XStole Length69"175cm
3XStole Width13"33cm
4XGloves Length23"58cm
4XStole Length69"175cm
4XStole Width13"33cm
5XGloves Length23"58cm
5XStole Length69"175cm
5XStole Width13"33cm

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Fashion without Fur

Disney"s Cruella De Vil will execute simply around anything to remain in fashion. If she hregarding prepare up an evil plan to acquire a distinctive coat to include to her wardrobe, she won"t even hesitate. She doesn"t treatment what kind of product she hregarding acquire to acquire it! 101 Dalmatians is proof of that. Well, the good news is that polyester has actually come a long method. These days, Cruella can quickly craft a coat from fine fabricated products, so she does not have to chase puppies or any kind of other pet for their fur. And neither execute you! With this Plus Size Cruella De Vill Stole Costume, you have the right to get the style of the iconic Disney villain, which comes via a coat made out of artificial materials!

Deauthorize & Details

This exclusive costume brings you whatever you need to transdevelop into Cruella De Vil. It starts with a babsence sheath dress that has a v-neck style in the front. The included red gloves are elbow-size and stretch to fit. Finally, the costume comes with a white stole, which is made out of faux hair products. When you have it all on, you"ll feel like the infamous villain from 101 Dalmatians!

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