i"ve gotten all the boxes so far, until i obtain to the added level through the skull challenge on the platdevelop. tright here are lots of boxes tright here, however once i finish that additional level, it drops me down to the following location. exactly how carry out i acquire all the boxes by doing the additional level?
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Hi. The trick is to acquire all the boxes on the fatality route, but not to autumn down at the end. Get the green exclamation box at the finish of the death route; however sheight BEFORE you fevery one of the end. You then have to go back to where you began the fatality route and hop ago on the skull and also it will then take you back to where you hopped on. Note: If you now die prior to the next checksuggest, you will certainly need to perform death phase again; so attempt not to die prior to you obtain to the following C.

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I was around to say the very same thing Dramon. Do you have all the boxes in the bonus level? Thats the one that commonly reasons trouble.
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I have actually all the boxes, took me one hell"uva lengthy time though.
That brought about me trouble, and also frustration prior to.

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I still haven"t acquired package gem in Cold Hard Crash. I offered up trying to gain all the gems lengthy earlier... however I had actually acquired virtually all gems in the game, except package gems for that level, Piston it away, & Night Fight (I was cshed in Night Fight though. Only missed 2, perhaps 1, boxes!)
This was fairly the hardest gem to obtain actually.The "hidden" box in the bonus level, playing until the fatality route, completing the death route, backtracking the death course, and also doing it aobtain
If you still miss out on some boxes, I suggest you searching for a YouTube video.
Sorry to burst every one of your bubbles, people, however I"ve found the "hiddden box" in the bonus level, completed the fatality track, backtracked it to acquire the extra life box, and acquired eexceptionally other box in the level. However before, I always gain 117/155 boxes. I think the question is, wbelow are those additional boxes??
Sorry to burst every one of your bubbles, world, but I"ve found the "hiddden box" in the bonus level, completed the death track, backtracked it to acquire the added life box, and obtained eincredibly various other box in the level. However before, I constantly gain 117/155 boxes. I think the question is, wbelow are those extra boxes??
you do not just backtrack the fatality track to get the added box you jump earlier on the fatality mover point that lugged you to that area and also then proceed the level favor normal bereason there are boxes in the normal area on the way dvery own to that checkallude in the finish area and also proceeding via the fatality track does not enable you to get these.So if you didn"t understand also that once you"re in the fatality track and also you backtrack to get that additional box, continue backtracking to the start of the fatality track, jump on the thing that carried you tright here and then continue to your best and down there are some extra boxes tbelow and then that will certainly take you (eventually) to an additional drop wbelow you"ll end up at a checkallude (the exact same checksuggest that you would certainly have finished up at if you just went down the drop at the end of the death track)