The Ambassador Bridge border crossing in between Canada and also the United States. The USA is Canada's only neighbor by land.

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There are at leastern seventeen soveregime countries around the world that just share worldwide border lines through one various other nation. Some of these nations are landlocked while others have actually a shore. The unquestioned countries who share boundaries through just one various other neighbor are Vatideserve to City, the UK, Timor-Leste, South Korea, San Marino, Qatar, Monaco, Portugal, Papua New Guinea, The Gambia, Ireland, Haiti, Brunei, Canada, the Dominican Republic, and also Denmark.

Countries That Only Border One Other Country


Canada develops the north half of The United States and Canada and just shares its land border with the USA. This border is the longest binational land border in between nations in the people and was negotiated by numerous various treaties for over a century. Canada is the closest ally of the US and citizens in both countries reap many kind of mutual privileges. On the other hand also, Canada has actually a long maritime border through Greenland also and also a brief maritime border with the French Oversea Islands.

Vatideserve to

The Vatideserve to City State is an absolute monarchy, ecclesiastical and also elective theocracy develop of Government ruled by the Pope (Bishop of Rome). The Vatican is enclaved within Rome, Italy and also is the smallest State in the World by land also and also populace with Sovereignty being organized by the Holy See. Vatican is the only State that enjoys good diplomatic relationships via all the nations in the people.


The Kingdom of Lesotho is an independent landlocked nation with a population of about 2 million people. It is completely enclaved by South Africa. Lesotho is financially integrated with South Africa, and also its agricultural, livestock, production, mining, import and also export sectors mostly depend on the South Afrideserve to Customs Union. Lesotho likewise mostly counts on the Afrihave the right to Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) that has made the country come to be the largest clothes exporter to the US from the Sub-Saharan Africa.

South Korea

The Republic of South Korea lies in East Asia to the southerly component of the Korea Peninsula. South Korea shares a land border through North Korea along the Oriental Demilitarized Zone. The two Koreas separated after the Korean War through the South coming to be a autonomous State and the North staying a communist State. South Korea, however, shares maritime borders via both China and also Japan.


Countries that border only one other nation and also are landlocked are protected by the Convention on Transit Trade of Land-Locked States. The convention is a multilateral treaty that allows these countries to move items to and also from seaports and also usage the airspaces of their neighbors. All landlocked and seaside says need to ratify and domesticate this treaty as per the United Nations General Assembly agreement signed in 1965 and also imposed in 1967. In the Convention, the coastal states (transit states) agree to make favorable agreements via land-locked claims that wish to import and export products via the transit state’s area. The transit claims carry out not discriminate the origin or destination of these items, and the products are protected by global regulations while in transit. Landlocked says, on the various other hand also, are accountable for all cost incurred by the transit says throughout the good’s supervision and defense. The UN Convention on the Law of the Sea offers enclaved nations a right of accessibility to the sea without taxes via the transit state and also through waivered sea tariffs.

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RankCountry Name Bordering Country
2CanadaUnited States
4Dominican RepublicHaiti
5The GambiaSenegal
6HaitiDominican Republic
7IrelandUnited Kingdom
8LesothoSouth Africa
10Papua New GuineaIndonesia
11Portugal Spain
12QatarSaudi Arabia
13San MarinoItaly
14South KoreaNorth Korea
16United Kingdom Ireland
17Vatihave the right to CityItaly