How a lot does it cost to live in San Antonio? Turns out, less than any kind of various other major Texas city.

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Have you ever before looked at your wallet after a trip to Austin (or Dallas or Houston) and also assumed, “Wright here on earth did my paycheck go?!”

Yeah. You’re not alone.

While these high-profile Texas cities offer their fair share of foodie-apconfirmed restaurants and stunning real estate choices, the ever-climbing expense of living in Austin, Dallas, and Houston has many type of wondering: is the huge city is really worth it?

Enter, San Antonio. Offering fabulous food, low-expense real estate choices, and also cultural attractions galore, the Alamo City might simply be the following substantial point for Texas residents exhausted of the overpriced city game.

Here are 6 ways San Antonio supplies a lower expense of living than any type of various other major Texas city:

1. Better Overall Cost of Living

In situation you necessary yet an additional factor to love living in San Antonio, TX, take a look at this fun fact: the as a whole cost of living is a whopping 14 percent below the nationwide average (according to PayScale). If you compare these numbers via other significant Texas cities, you’ll view a big difference. It’s 12 percent even more expensive to live in Austin, 18 percent higher to live in Dallas, and 14 percent pricier to live in Houston. If you element in the $43,740 average salary for a San Antonio resident (according to Unpakt), this difference is quite literally hundreds of dollars per year.


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2. Food + Groceries are Cheaper

Not only is it tastier to eat tacos in San Antonio (yep, we sassist it), it’s also cheaper. From barbeque to fine dining, you’ll generally pay much less to eat in #SATX than you will certainly in Austin, Houston, or Dallas. And, as soon as it comes to groceries, you’ll dole out much less cash too. San Antonio shoppers spfinish 18 percent much less than the national average (thank you, HEB!). Austinites, on the other hand, spfinish six percent more than we perform, while Houstonites spfinish four percent even more, and Dallasites spfinish 14 percent even more.


2018 Buffalo St ($175,000)

3. Save Money on Your Mortgage

In situation you don’t think us, take a look: buying a residence in San Antonio lets you level up. Homeowners and buyers in the San Antonio area repeatedly gain more home for less money, and according to skilled s, that trend isn’t preventing anytime quickly. According to Payrange, housing in San Antonio expenses 25 percent reduced than the nationwide average. On the other hand, moving to Austin will expense you 34 percent more than SA, while Dallas and Houston will certainly both price 38 percent even more.

4. Lower Bills

And, not only will certainly buying a residence in San Antonio cost much less than various other cities, you’ll additionally pay less in monthly fees. Utilities favor electrical energy, water, garbage, sewage system, and also internet are less expensive throughout the board, coming out 13 percent reduced than the national average. Austin comes in at about an equal price, but Dallas and Houston are considerably greater (18 percent and 26 percent, respectively).


Image Courtesy of Valero Energy’s Facebook Page

5. Fuel Up Smarter

San Antonio’s website traffic may not constantly be appropriate, however we give thanks to our lucky stars we don’t have to address bumper-to-bumper Austin highmeans. Add in slightly much better fuel prices and also an ever-boosting public transit system, and San Antonio’s transport expenses additionally come in considerably better than Houston, Dallas, and Austin, which pay 5, 12, and 9 percent more respectively.

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6. Feel Good About Healthcare Costs

Not just are San Antonio’s healthcare systems fantastic, they’re also much less expensive than the surrounding options. In basic, San Antonio’s healthcare costs are around 10% lower than the nationwide average, whereas Austin expenses 9 percent more, and Dallas is 11 percent pricier.


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