The first novel in the Chief Inspector Charlie Woodend Series:The Salton Killings

​"She didn't ask why she was being murdered, she had actually checked out her killer's confront and also that was enough."

When the strangled body of teenager Diane Thorburn is uncovered hidden in the salt save, Chief Inspector Woodfinish is drafted in from London to investigate.

An outspoken Northerner, he does his policing the old-fashioned way: neighborhood understanding and also a healthy and balanced pinch of intuition. And he is convinced that Margie Poole, daughter of the regional landlady, and also Diane's ideal frifinish, knows more about Diane's last motions than she is ready to tell.

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Then Woodend's inquiry turns up the death of an additional young girl a generation before. The similarities in the two situations begin to look even more sinister than mere coincidence.

Is tright here a serial killer on the loose, and if so, wbelow and also at whom will he strike next?

Kirkus Reviews said: "Spencer's US dehowever offers sturdy mystery-mongering, reliably quaint suspects, and an uncommonly thorough list of ideas."

Booklist said: "This fine mystery succeeds both as a nuts-and-procedural and also as a portrayal of an English village moving from the quiet rhythms of rural life to the even more contemporary beat of rock 'n roll. Spencer conjures up a good sense of menace in the troubled village, and also her epilogue is a real stunner, promising even more from an extremely talented writer."

Felicity Newboy in the Lincolnshire Daily Press: "If you are a devourer of murder mysteries, right here is a remarkable example. Serial killing, an authoritative detective and a good feeling of menace all in one package."


The second novel in the Chief Inspector Charlie Woodend Series:Murder at Swann"s Lake

​With its funfair, caravan sites and social clubs, Swann"s Lake seems the right weekend retreat for Manchester"s sprawling workpressure.

But it is likewise the establishing for brutal murder as soon as Robbie Peterkid, ex-con turned nightclub owner, is uncovered dead in his office; a six-inch nail driven deep right into his skull.

With the neighborhood force baffled, Scotland Yard drafts Chief Inspector Woodfinish and Sergeant Rutter up from London, and also as the concerns and also suspects multiply, it soon becomes clear that it is a much from straightforward case.

Why was the victim"s office broken into twice on the day of the funeral? Why did Robbie"s son-in-legislation assault his very own brother on the night of the murder?

And why, later on, does Robbie"s daughter attempt to claw her sister"s eyes out?

Added to his difficulties via the case, Woodend is also having actually trouble via his sergeant.

Bob Rutter"s fiancée, María, is a Spanish political activist and when she is badly hurt at a demonstration, Rutter blames the police, threatening resigcountry.

Woodend thinks it would certainly be a tragic waste, but what neither realises is that in María"s injury lies the essential to the mystery.

Kirkus Reviews said: "Sorting through the red herrings that develop as many kind of subplots as a vintage Agatha Christie, Woodfinish and also Rutter match the felony to the suspect until the cheese stands alone. Quietly trustworthy, retro puzzling."


The 3rd novel in the Chief Inspector Charlie Woodfinish Series:Death of a Cave Dweller

​When Eddie Barnes is electrocuted on the phase of the Cellar Club, in front of 3 hundred adoring fans, the Liverpool Police immediately contact in Scotland also Yard, which - in effect - implies calling in the Yard"s resident skilled on "Up North", Chief Inspector Charlie Woodend.

But for as soon as, Woodend feels out of his depth.

For a begin, he does not understand what makes young musicians tick. He can not view why Eddie"s mommy states that Eddie had a girlfriend, while his best mate, Steve Walker, insists that he didn"t.

And who has actually been playing nasty tricks on Eddie"s team, the Seagulls, culminating in Eddie finding a dead rat - with a noose round its neck - in his guitar case?Was Eddie murdered bereason he was Eddie, or bereason he was among the Seagulls.

As Woodend battles through the complexities of the situation - and with the less-than-affable neighborhood police - he is more than mindful that if he does not uncover the murderer quickly, there might well be an additional death.

Booklist said: "Although Spencer is relatively unheralded among authors of British police procedurals, she deserves a a lot wider audience. Her characters are varied, intriguing, and believable; her plots never before fail to surprise; and the procedural details are grittily realistic. Spencer"s gift for incorporating historical information in her crime dramas - in this instance, Liverpool and also English metropolitan life before the Beatles - is reminiscent of the means Max Allan Collins offers Chicearlier in his Nate Heller mysteries.

Recommfinish Spencer confidently to anyone that enjoys the British procedural. "


The fourth novel in the Chief Inspector Charlie Woodend Series:The Dark Lady

​The night after the mysterious appearance of the legendary Dark Lady on the road external Westbury Park, a German efficiency experienced, Gertough Schultz, is discovered battered to death in the woods, and Chief Inspector Charlie Woodend is challenged via his a lot of puzzling situation yet.

Why did Schultz seem so frightened when among his colleagues pointed out the legend of the Dark Lady?

Did the workers at the BCI chemical manufacturing facility - many of whom are known to hate the Germans - have anything to execute via his death? How can Fred Foley, the tramp whose bloodstained overcoat was discovered cshed to the scene of the crime, have totally disappeared?

And is this murder connected with one that developed in Liverpool practically two decades earlier?

Booklist said: "Spencer"s gift for bringing remote corners of 1960s England also to vivid life is on a par via the finest historical mystery authors, as is her capacity to construct a multifaceted plot. This time Woodend and also Rutter follow the case to its tangled World War II roots, which will certainly remind many of Jack Higgins or Frederick Forsythe. Excellent work-related from a too-little-known writer.

From The Library Journal, January 2001: "A incredibly effective British procedural, nicely complex by leftovers from both local lore and also the battle."


The fifth novel in the Chief Inspector Charlie Woodfinish Series:The Golden Mile to Murder

​The Rerotate of the Native!

The optimal brass at Scotland Yard have actually lastly had actually as a lot as they can take of Chief Inspector Charlie Woodend"s quirky approach to police procedure, and also this time his exile to the wilds of his indigenous Lancashire is irreversible.

But it is no joyful homecoming. Even on the first day of his brand-new examination into the brutal murder of Detective Inspector "Punch" Davies, Woodfinish realises he is not exactly being invited via open up arms.

Not just is his new bagmale far less sociable than the trusty Bob Rutter, however he quickly gets the distinctive impression tbelow are elements of the situation that the Blackpool police would a lot quite he didn"t probe too deeply.

Still, it would certainly take more than main disapproval and bureaucratic interference to keep "Cloggin"-it" Charlie from complying with his instincts, and also he is soon immersed in the world of the Golden Mile, via its bingo halls, sleazy reflects and dubious fortunetellers. Woodfinish pertains to realise that resolving this crime will certainly call for all his wit, bravado and also creativity - aided probably by the occasional puff on a Capstan Full Strength and a couple of pints of ideal bitter.

Recheck out by Publishers Weekly: "Spencer"s murders have actually a genuine catprefer creepiness about them and also her bloodcurdling finale leaves one through a maniacal grin.

Her fifth Charlie Woodfinish procedural is a walk on the wild side of Blackpool, Britain"s R-rated Disneyland also for the working classes...An achieved craftsguy who serves up an excellent puzzle and also deftly solves it via intelligence and insight."

Booklist said: "Spencer proceeds to display screen a lively pace, a strong main character, a satisfying plot, and also vivid, realistic views of 1960s England. The bonus in this book is a fascinating summary of life at English resort. Highly recommfinished for fans of English mysteries or police procedurals in any setting."


The 6th novel in the Chief Inspector Charlie Woodfinish Series:Dead on Cue

​When Valerie Farnsworth, star of the very successful soap opera Maddox Row, is found murdered in her dressing room, the question is not so a lot that would to view her dead as that wouldn"t.

The powers that be consider the situation a political warm potato, and also so, of course, it lands firmly in the lap of Chief Inspector "Cloggin"-it Charlie" Woodend, who when even more finds his shaky career on the line.

The more Woodend learns about the people of television, the more he concerns appreciate the truth that he will certainly never understand also the civilization that live in it, though it shortly becomes simple to him that unmuch less he unmasks the murderer quickly, there is a grave hazard that tbelow will be a 2nd killing.

As Sergeant Monika Paniatowski goes under cover, posing as an individual assistant and Bob Rutter wonders whether he will ever make it as an inspector, Woodfinish struggles to untie the knots of jelousy, betrayal and revenge, which seem to be all that is holding the television studio together.

Recheck out by Publishers Weekly: "Fast-paced, often humorous puzzler ... Spencer melds her characters" spoken words and also inner thoughts seamlessly, and also nimbly makes scene transforms to areas as much amethod as the The golden state coastline.

Descriptions of melancholy English moorlands are reminiscent of Conan Doyle, as is the inspector";s sudden revelation of the culprit in a tense final scene."

Booklist said: "The latest Charlie Woodfinish novel again boasts a difficult mystery and evocative at an early stage "60s atmosphere. There is much below to please Woodfinish fans, as well as those that prefer mysteries with a television setting."

The 7th novel in the Chief Inspector Charlie Woodfinish Series:The Red Herring

Why, this time, are the waters being muddied for DCI Woodend?

The discovery of the body of a young schoolmistress lying in a pigsty is the start of a brand-new examination for Charlie Woodend.

But he is quickly to be ordered to abandon the examination when Helen Dunn, the daughter of Wing Commander Dunn - and a pupil at the school where the dead woguy taught - all of a sudden vanishes right into thin air.

While Woodfinish and also Rutter race against time in the desperate house of finding the girl alive, Woodend"s bagmale, Monika Poniatowski, proceeds to work-related on the murder, under the supervision of the mysterious Chief Inspector Horrocks, a Scotland also Yard man that appears to have only a mild interemainder in finding the killer.

Woodend begins to wonder whether the two situations are associated. And if they are, who is it that seems to be blocking both investigations at eexceptionally turn?.

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Kirkus Reviews: "Spencer"s ideal hour: a tightly plotted puzzler via surprises at eexceptionally turn."

The Red Herringhas actually been awarded the coveted StarbyKirkus Reviews.

Booklist: "This latest Woodend and Rutter mystery supplies a fast, unsettling pace, strong dialogue and also dark humor.

Along through a sure feeling of police procedure are vivid descriptions of life during the Cuban Missile Crisis and also the environment at an exclusive school, together with Le Carré-prefer feeling of the folly of espionage.

Spencer expands her appeal below from procedural fans to devotees of armed forces and also spy thrillers."