Wright here does this come from? Obviously the first fifty percent is from Star Wars however the expression is not from Spaceballs and also some Googling doesn"t uncover anything.

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In mallrats (the movie) they refer to cigarette smoking pot as "the dark side" making use of a stars wars recommendation which might bridge the gap in between vader and also cookies...


I was using "Join the Dark Side, win a cookie!" as my tagline in the Star Wars chatroom, Cloud City Cantina (www.outpost10f.com) from September 1999, and also I have yet to check out an previously reference. I supplied the take care of Darth Sidious, and also when I log in on occasion, I still usage this tagline.

The various other "Sith" of the chat would then tempt new members via, "Join us! We have cookies!" and also I have actually factor to believe that it may have stemmed from there.

I stopped routinely chatting tbelow in about 2005, and also the earliest referral I deserve to uncover to it otherwise is around 2006.

So...yay me? :D :p


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