If you flourished up in the 90s, you kbrand-new that Color of Night was famous for one thing that will more than likely be absent in this screening: Bruce Willis’ penis. Color of Night was released simply after the height of the erotic thriller phase in cinema, many kind of films of which garnered NC-17 ratings from our MPAA overlords. Many of the moment the NC-17 was handed down for thrusting or sex scenes or whatever before, no massive whoop. Madonna’s Body of Evidence had actually minutes of sheer lust excised for…well…did we really desire to see it?

But, Color of Night was rare in that it had complete frontal male nudity, if just for a couple of fleeting frames as Bruce Willis was swimming about naked. Sure it had actually bare breasts galore, and also I forgained if tright here was any kind of complete frontal female nudity, but a non-erect penis swimming in the water? That’s for adults just. (Standards haven’t adjusted a lot, however we’ve watched a lot of plastic fake penii of late. Maybe we’ll check out some actual ones quickly.)

Like many movies that offer themseves on a salacious hook, Color of Night is a terrible movie. But, it’s not simply damaging, Color of Night is one of the many ridiculous and also abhorrent pieces of erotic thriller trash whose ridiculousness is matched only by its moral repugnance. Sexist, homophobic, transphobic, and oddly waffling on kink, Color of Night is a movie that should be left to the dust bins of time…

Except it’s so damned funny. Here’s the collection up: After bring about among his patients to take a flying leap out of his pentresidence office, world’s worst therapist, Bruce Willis, takes a respite from New York to sit in on his friend’s group therapy session. The team is made up of a wide selection of deviants, none of whose deviancy has actually any relevance to each other. But, they’re being killed off, and also Willis is intended to number out who…all while continuing to be at an additional friend’s LA mansion and resting through a nubile young thing whom he bacount knows. Both Willis and his lover reportedly think it is sexy to drive toy tanks on her body in the bathtub (who plays via tanks in the bath?!). And, Leslie Ann Warren plays a klepto lesbian or something? And there’s a baseround chair, and also snakes in mailboxes… I don’t understand, this movie is just…it’s just…it must be seen to be thought.

Color of Night airs at 7:55pm on Showtime Extreme

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Julius Kassendorf

Julius Kassendorf is the founder of nlinux.org, and also previously founded The Other FIlms and also Project Runamethods in 2013. Tright here, he dabbled in develop within reviews to better textualize thought procedures about the tool of film.

Previously, he has actually blogged at various other, now-defunct, websites that you more than likely haven’t heard of, and had actually a boyfriend in Canada for many kind of years. Julius lives in Seattle, where he enjoys the complete life of the Seattle Film Community.

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