the illness ______________ is characterized by damage of CNS myelin sheaths and the formation of hardened scars.

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Multiple sclerosis is a neurological disorder in which myelin sheaths in the CNS are destroyed. Which of the complying with neuroglial cells is being damaged in multiple sclerosis?
Schwann cells create a myelin sheath approximately a part of just one axon, while oligodendrocytes can surround portions of a number of axons.
The cytoplasmic extensions that, along with the cell body, administer the primary receptive surencounters for neurons are
___________ develop the blood - brain barrier and also act to administer structural support for nerve cells in the CNS.
Some ___ neurons are specialized to detect stimuli, whereas ____ neurons send signals to the effectors of the nervous system.
What is the primary approach of preserving the distinction in sodium and potassium ions throughout the plasma membrane?
The continued movement of potassium ions out of the cell via open voltage-gated K+ networks is called
A substance released from neurons that deserve to affect the manufacturing of activity potentials in the postsynaptic cell is referred to as a(an)
-Are called inhibitory neurons-Causage hyperpolarization-Decrease the likelihood of producing activity potentials
What procedure is essential to return a membrane to its relaxing membrane potential with all ions in the correct locations?
-they are synthesized by a presynaptic neuron.-they are released in response to stimulation.-they bind to certain receptors on the postsynaptic cell.-they transform the physiology of the postsynaptic cell.

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complement the functions of the neuroglial cell, then enhance the neuroglial cell to the appropriate department of the nervous device where it deserve to be situated.
1. Large cells; wrap about CNS axons developing a myelin sheath - Oligodendocytes 2. Also referred to as Schwann cells; myelinate PNS axons - 2Neurolemmocytes3. Small cells; wander via the CNS in response to infection - 3Microglial cells4. Cuboidal epithelial cells; line inner cavities of the brain - ependymal cells5. Flattened cells in the PNS; approximately neuronal cell bodies in ganglia - Satellite cells6. Have a starfavor shape; many plentiful glial cells in the CNS -Astrocytes
Please match the form of glial cell through its summary.1. Large cells; wrap around CNS axons developing a myelin sheath2. Also called Schwann cells; myelinate PNS axons3. Small cells; wander via the CNS in response to infection4. Cuboidal epithelial cells; line internal cavities of the brain5. Flattened cells in the PNS; roughly neuronal cell bodies in ganglia6. Have a starprefer shape; a lot of abundant glial cells in the CNS