Indulges skin via outstanding humectants for lasting hydration.Formulated through a luxurious infusion of treatment ingredients to optimize the problem of skin through regular use.Contains Revitalizing Moisture ComplexProvides flawless coverage and a beautitotally lightweight texture.DERMATOLOGIST-TESTED.

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Ingredients :Price : USD 120 for 25 ml

Available in 8 shades


My Experience through Clé de Peau Beauté Silky Cream Foundation SPF 23This is the first time I’m using Cle de Peau commodities. I picked up a pair of them during my current pilgrimage. And honestly, considering these are some super high end luxury commodities, I have actually exceptionally expectations from them. I have been using their concealer, foundation and primer non stop from previous one month and I am in love!

Cle De Peau Silky Foundation comes in this gorgeous midnight blue squeeze tube. The cap top has a gold logo design embossed on it. The tube has a nozzle that helps in regulating the amount of product.This structure comes in 8 shades. I use it in the shade B30, which is pretty a lot a okay match for my skin.

This foundation was love at first swipe.It is a medium to buildable coverage structure. I suppose you can entirely develop it approximately a complete coverage without making it look hefty or cakey. It goes on the skin smoothly and looks organic as soon as blfinished. It neither feels hefty on skin nor looks hefty. But it being a buildable structure yo0u can totally take it from day to evening. It does not accentuate the pores, nor does it settles in fine lines. I have normal to dry skin and even in these winters it keeps my skin comfortable. It does not oxidize.


I’d speak to the complete herbal and slightly dewy. It is neither matte nor as well dewy. I have offered it through my finger tips, brush and also a sponge. I chosen using finger tips and sponge the the majority of via this foundation. This foundation need to work-related for all skin kinds barring someone via incredibly oily skin bereason this is not a mattifying structure. It is not just an excellent day-to-day foundation, it is a great evening foundation as well.

The remaining power is pretty much all day lengthy. I have actually worn it for 8-9 hrs and it looks pretty good at the end of the day too. It is an extremely pigmented structure so you need much less product per intake. It doe snot have actually any kind of considerable perfume to it. Tright here is a very light fragrance to it and I fairly favor it. It is barely noticible though.

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The cons would certainly be the price. It is an extremely expensive structure as it is a 25 ml tube. Many structures come in 30 ml packaging. Second, civilization with dark skin tones would certainly not find their color in the variety.Also, I feel the color range is a little tricky. The variety is not astronomical so you always need to pick the closest match and it can not be the exact match to your skintone.

Given an option, I would certainly definitley repurchase this structure. I have barely supplied any various other structure in previous month. It goes on the skin within seconds, blends like a dream and also you are set. I am addicted.