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Northern troops consist of spearguys, heavy infanattempt, shock infantry, heavy mounties, and also yeomales. Northern levies deserve to be recruited from The North"s founding villperiods. Sellsword variants of Northern soldiers deserve to be recruited from the taverns of Barrowton and also White Harbor. Troop Tree (v6.2) Edit. An oversee of all troops that can be trained in King of Avalon, through information about the tier, category, form and also what is required to train them. "You Win Or You Die" A Clash Of Kings 7.0 Warband also Mod Gameplay Let"s Play Part 1 - Walkvia of A Clash Of Kings 7.0! The Mount and Blade Warband Mod.

Gather Event Tip: In this event only gold, iron and timber that countpoints. One day before the event offered to gather curibegin with gold mining.Example: Event begins 16 hrs, we began mining gold which time even more than 16hours, so as soon as the occasion gather has actually began, troop we are being gather iron hadgone home via gold that many (if making use of 3 legion 1 day prior to its normallydirectly dapet stage 2 or stage 3. Morning gotten in the occasion gather while troop home goldmining, proceed to use bonus items gather. This item serves acceleprice time togather resources. Remember once this time only gather lumber and also food.
Event Tips Monster: For preparations to follow this event, we need to nyetokenergy in items. It have the right to be purchased making use of gold or of alliance save. Mytip to usage an honorarium of alliance donations for the purchase ofpower in the alliance stores. Do not use gold. The more we donate it alsohelps enhance the toughness of our alliance. Monster as soon as the event begins. Hunting high levelmonsters alone, according to the maximum strength of our troop. This can speedup the points at this event. The better the level the greater monsterpointnya. Use complete straight your entire legion, so quickly whencollecting point.Event Tips Increase Power Usually this occasion after event monsters. While huntingmonsters, many kind of of our troops gone into hospital. Do disebuhkan initially, because thetime to heal is a power boost of this event. The fastest points of the rise of power is thetrain troops. execute not shed train troops. Tips upgrade all military tent adjustthe level of the castle to multiply once train troops.Train Event Tips Wake up all military tent, and carry out not drop out fortrains. The night prior to the occasion, all the train started to maketrain troops. But remember, take the train troops who completed just at thebegin of the event trains. This one curistar in this event. Can additionally usage the speedup 1 hour so fast trainnya time.Tips others caught up in the event that the various other write-ups, in addition you canread just how to rate up the game speed troop choke. Tips Clash of Kings Hopefullythis can aid you and also also all Indonesian player so that we have the right to prevail in allkingdoms.
Hopecompletely valuable, happy to play.
3Unit Analysis

Why Play Undead Armies


Maybe you"re an asshole. Maybe your mom didn"t offer you enough hugs. Maybe you watched also many Bruce Campbell movies.

Whatever the reason, you determined that fairly than making friends the difficult means, using spare or discarded human being components is the ideal means to acquire Sally to go to the prom via you.. not that she has alternative, mind, she"s going. Breapoint or not.

Did we point out the zombies are cheap and also one of the ideal range Mantic makes?

Army Special Rules

Evil Dead: All systems in this army have actually Lifeleech (1) unmuch less otherwise detailed.Undead Giant Rats (or are they Dogs?): Units through this upgrade rise their Lifeleech capacity to Lifeleech (2). Which is ridiculously good, by the means.

Unit Analysis


Apaphys, Champion of Death: (Clash Of Kings 2018) Basically a bigger, angrier Revenant King on Undead Worm through Fly tacked on standard. Has a 75x75 base, and the new rule for Huge Flier, so not quite as agile as Undead Worm, however the addition of Very Encouraging, Dreview, Elite AND Lifeleech make him a pretty attrenergetic different for cost of admission.Cursed Pharaoh: This man is a beastern. Hits in melee on a 3+ with Crushing Strength (2) base. He also comes through Individual, Encouraging, Lifeleech (1), Regeneration (5+), and Surge (6) with a defence of 6+ (Though COK rules have bumped him dvery own to 5+). He"s gained whatever you could want on an undead hero; hard to hurt, self-healing, has Surge, and also deals damage with almost every attack. Highly recommfinished. Try to give him wings and also witness explosions.Lady Ilona: A extremely expensive, but exceptionally effective, living legend. Lady Ilona has actually a high speed, hits in melee on a 3+, a defence of 6+, and also has actually better than average strikes for a hero. She comes base via Crushing Strength (3), Heal (3), Individual, Motivating, Lifeleech (2), Lightning Bolt (3), and also Surge (3), giving you a solid selection of spells, a source of Motivating, and also the capacity to wound almost anything with reliability. In enhancement, her one-of-a-kind preeminence provides all heroes that assault her obtain a -1 penalty to hit her. The problem is her points cost, which is the second highest possible in the army. Only recommfinished for narrative or high point games.Liche King: An upgraded Necromancer, costing virtually twice as many points. He comes through Surge (12), 4 points much better than the Necromancer, and have the right to buy Bane-Chant (3), Heal (6), and Lightning Bolt (5). You can additionally mount him on a equine if you so desire. You"re not really obtaining a lot better for the points and also are better off simply buying 2 Necromancers instead of a solitary Liche King...which might be argued, though. You get inspiring as well, and Heal (6) is bonkers.Lykanis: A hero werewolf. Crushing Strength (2), Motivating for werewolves, Lifeleech (1), and Nimble on a decent stat line. They"re pretty expensive, however they do obtain added attacks for flanks and also rears considering that they absence Individual. Take one in a werewolf heavy army.

Clash Of Kings Elite Legion Troops War

Mhorgoth the Faceless: Your other living legend hero unit in the core preeminence book. Anvarious other expensive, however powerful, hero. He has a slew of abilites; Bane Chant (4), Firesphere (15), Fly, Heal (6), Individual, Lifeleech (1), Lightning Bolt (6), Regeneration (5+), Surge (12), and Very Motivating. He also allows you to upgrade a solitary non-hero unit in the army to his individual guard, offering them Regeneration (5+). So yeah, he"s got a lot to offer, yet favor Lady Ilona his price indicates you"re only taking him in a narrative game or a really high suggest game.Mortibris the Necromancer (Destiny of Kings): Your brand-new living legfinish hero in the Destiny of Kings project book. He"s cheaper than Mhorgoth and also comes via a comparable selection of spells; Bane Chant (2), Heal (5), Individual, Inspiring, Lifeleech (1), Lightning Bolt (4), Regeneration (5+), Stealthy, and also Surge (10). He have the right to additionally buy the Hero of Renown upgrade, allowing his Encouraging to inspire allied units and core army ones. He additionally provides all non-allied friendly units within 6" the Stealthy rule. Solid choice, however choose the other living legends you"re probably just paying these prices for narrative games or incredibly huge games.

Clash Of Kings Elite Legion Troops Tier

Necromancer: Your budobtain hero. Like a lot of undead heroes, he comes conventional via Surge (8). You have the right to buy 3 spell upgrades or mount him on a horse. The spell upqualities are pretty weak, being Bane-Chant (2), Heal (3), and also Lightning Bolt (3). He"s much better as a cheap source of Surge instead of as a general offensive caster.Revenant King: A hero somewbelow in between a Necromancer and a Vampire Lord. Comes via Surge (6) and Inspiring. These males are kind of in a weird spot points-wise. For 15 points more you could take both a Necromancer and an Undead Military Standard Bearer, so you"re saving a few points to take a hero that fills both roles. It additionally lacks Shambling, interpretation you will not have as a lot trouble maintaining up with your hordes through the king. A solid choice if you"re planning to use it as a double Necromancer/Standard Bearer that walks behind an infanattempt block and also casts Surge while offering an Motivating bubble.Revenant King on Undead Wyrm: The big mounties version of the Revenant King. Adds Crushing Strength (3), 1 suggest of rate, and also 3 attacks for 50 points. Not a good deal at all. Somepoint to consider, the Revenant King on Undead Worm is NOT an individual, so you have the right to net yourself some nice flank/rear attacks if you play it smart. The extra points to include fly to him is a no brainer, since his lack of shambling indicates he is among the few points in your army that CAN march 20 inches.Also has actually insanely high Nerve. Upgrading him to either 6+ Def or Regen (5+) transforms him into a real tank.Undead Military Standard Bearer: Your cheap Inspiring hero. This walking corpse has actually Shambling itself, which you have to remember once moving it roughly the area, yet otherwise it"s your cheap source of Encouraging. Love it and take it, hell, take two or 3.Vampire Lord: Your basic infanattempt combat hero. This hero is type of almost everywhere the area. Comes standard via Crushing Strength (2), 8 strikes, and also a 3+ on melee, yet it also has a small selection of spells. Vampire Lords on foot suffer from the very same issues as all combat infantry lords: lords price way also much for what you gain. If you desire a budget caster, take a Necromancer. If you desire a combat hero, take one on a large monster....however then aget, there"s really not many type of devices in the entire game that deserve to wreck this guy. Without a large monster you"ll get that vital free pivot at the begin of rotate, and this man have the right to be everywhere, anytime. He"s really, really hard to kill, also on foot.Comes natively through 6+ Def and Lifeleech(2) which implies anypoint short of an elite regiment or a multicharge will certainly have a difficult time taking him out (and also via Individual all you"ll realistically gain are countercharges which means he picks what units acquire to fight him). You deserve to reliably count on him doing at least 3 points of damage on just about anything which is pretty darn excellent for an Inspiring Individual.Vampire on Undead Dragon: A Vampire Lord on a huge fire-breathing dragon. Comes via Breath Attack (10), Crushing Strength (3), Fly, Inspiring, Lifeleech (2), and also Surge (3), through options to buy Heal (2) and Lightning Bolt (3). It has the very same variety of strikes in melee as it does with the breath strike, so either option is viable depending upon the case, although with a melee of 3+ and also Crushing Strength (3) you will certainly on average carry out much more damages in melee. That being said, it is even more expensive than Lady Ilona and also mostly not a far better option unmuch less you really need that Fly. Like the Vampire on Undead Pegasus, this male additionally loses a allude in defence.Vampire on Undead Pegasus: For 25 points you deserve to upgrade your Vampire Lord to ride a flying steed. They shed 1 point of defence doing so, yet gain Fly and a rate of 10. Not a bad profession off if you need a flying hero.


Zombies: Basic, basic. They"ll survive versus shield wall surfaces and spearmales regiments lengthy sufficient for you to gain somepoint to help them, and also they price nearly nothing. A horde will perform nicely through a bucketload of assaults, however regiments host their very own for a turn or two also. Try to match them versus strong hitters (high amounts of CS) instead of many attacks, since their Def 3+ can not handle anypoint anymethods.All three versions (Regiment/Horde/Legion) are pretty great options. Legion-sized zombies hordes are more than likely the greatest tarpits in the game and also are really nice options for either Brew of Sharpness (+1 to hit) or Crystal Pendant (exploding). The Regiment likewise has actually great continuing to be power and make for decent anvils with the high Nerve/Lifeleech and are a really cost-effective method of gaining unlocks.Skeleton Warriors: Your various other standard infantry development. Better defence and slightly better nerves than zombies of the same size, for a tiny bump in the expense. In basic, if you"re in search of regiment/horde-sized tarpits, grab skeletons. If you require something through also more stickiness, zombies are your only choice anyhow. Unmuch less you"re dealing with adversaries via numerous Crushing Strength/Thunderous Charge 2, in which instance zombies are marginally better aobtain due to their slightly diminished price.Skeleton Spearmen: Phalanx development skelelots for you. Slight allude bump to cancel out Thunderous Charge, and also a couple of even more assaults if you go with the big formations. You"ll have to judge your neighborhood meta regarding whether you require this or not. It should likewise be noted that Mantic"s skeleton boxes only encompass 8.5 spears per 10 minis, so you could need to obtain crafty.Skeleton Archers: Your just ranged alternative, aside from the catapult, lightning bolts and also probably your vampire"s pet-dragon. Thoroughly average statline once compared to the archers everyone else gets, which actually provides them slightly above average. You can Halt!, shoot without an unfavorable modifier and then have someone cast Surge on them to still relocate forward. Potentially also charge them into whatever charged at them last turn for an additional wound or 2. Just carry out save in mind that any type of wounds they caused while shooting earlier in the rotate carry out not count towards the nerve test at the end of their charge, which provides this slightly much less awesome than it could otherwise be.Ghouls: Similar to Skeleloads however not dead. They are cheap as chips and also troops of them are excellent for chaff, especially as they do not shamble, so you can task them ahead of your primary line. You can use horde of them but shambling systems have actually method much better nerve. Both Troop and also Regiment selections are fantastic as chaff. Use them more or much less the very same but go through the Regiment for a little more points once you require the added unlock.Revenants: The more elite infanattempt formation. They"re a suggest much better in melee and defence than Skeleton Warriors. They can likewise switch out their shields to acquire Crushing Strength (1) at a expense of 1 suggest of defence. In general you"re going to be much better offered by Skeleton Warriors as the price bump doesn"t add a lot, while Mummies are a better elite infantry unit.Mummies: Crushing Strength (2) and also Regeneration (5+) on a decent stat line. Your adversary will tarobtain these men mercilessly, however they are hard-hitting and also will certainly heal back lost wounds in melee and movement quickly. They do have actually low nerve, as a result of their tiny unit size, however unless they are targeted extremely greatly this will not be as significant a problem as it shows up. These males are what you have to use your troop slots on, unless you really need those elite Reavers or setup on Surge *ickery with Wraiths (see below).Soul Reaver Infantry: Used to be probably the best infanattempt in the game, but they"ve since gotten the majority of competition for that title. Still, they"re both brutal as the hammer for your anvil of skellinglots, and incredibly handy in the rear line to complete off systems that have tuckered themselves out killing all the zombies. Thanks to their improved Lifeleech and the numbers of strikes they churn out eincredibly turn, they deserve to take rather a beating and still save on handing out retransforms too. Their just downside is how extremely expensive they are.Wraiths: This is wright here you"ll attain the the majority of hideous Surge *ickery. Survive a revolve through Def 6+ (store them Inspired because of that low nerve), fly to the attacker"s rear, and surge them in contact. Or simply save them at flanks threatening casters and war machines with 20" charge (even though they can not At the Double). Or whatever nastiness suits you. High manoeuvrcapability is crucial, and also this is your source for it. The points expense equates to the heart of your initially born child, though. Which is fitting. I"ll take that deal. They have the right to make a truly hideous initially line also. They"re hard sufficient to take on many chaff systems. This can pressure the foe to commit their main line troops to finish them off. In revolve this gives you the ability to obtain the charge on their hammers.Deathpack: (Clash Of Kings 2018) Chaff through no waiver worth, and also the defense of a wet paper bag, they"re cheap as chips, and should annoy the hell out of pretty a lot everyone. Ghouls that won"t acquire swarm and also decide to park their bottoms in an inopportune area.

Large Infantry

Werewolves: Of your 3 Large Infanattempt, these males are both the fastest and many expensive. Given their lack of Shambling, high rate and also Nimble, they are great at flanking. CS (1) is typical also.Wights: Fluff wise these males were dead heroic numbers of the past whom swelled in size because of their k/d proportion and legendary status. Crunch wise, they are the hardest hitters of your Large Infanattempt. Basically Zombie Trolls yet via -1 Ne, +1 Def, +1 CS and Brutal.Zombie Trolls: Trolls without regen?! What is this? These guys are your mid tier Large Infanattempt. Worse than most various other huge infantry (they"re undead, what did you expect?)

Clash Of Kings Elite Legion Troops World War Ii



Revenant Cavalry: Your cheap skeleton mounties. These are your screener mounties, although they cannot march via their Shambling holding them earlier. Thankfully you"re playing an army loaded with heroes that can Surge them right into your foes. Set them up on the flank and also Surge them right into your opponent"s lines while they cry that your spells are as well cheesy.Soul Reaver Cavalry: Vampires installed on cavalry. They are substantially even more expensive then Revenant Cavalry, however obtain even more strikes and also suggest each in Crushing Strength and also Lifeleech. Unfortunately they have the right to be wavered at the standard cavalry values, meaning you"re most likely not going to get a lot usage from them if your enemy targets them particularly. They"re a lot also expensive to be supplied as screeners, so if you usage them deploy them as elite heavy hitters.

Large Cavalry




War Engines

Balefire Catapult: The undead battle engine and your only non-hero option for those additional regiment slots because undead do not have any type of monsters. It hits on a 5+, favor your traditional war engines, and also cannot move and shoot. It does have Shambling though, so you have the right to Surge it approximately and still fire with the damn point. If it does hit, you gain Blast (D6+2) and also Piercing (2), so via some luck it can pay for itself. It does make an excellent DISTRACTION CARNIFEX even if it does not hit anypoint because a movable shooting platform appears to scare the shit out of the majority of players.


Mhorgoth"s Rotting Retinue: Gives Thunderous Charge (1) to about a million Ghouls.

Clash Of Kings Elite Legion Troops Ranks

Ilona"s Thirstful Coven: Soul Reaver Infanattempt are currently pretty scary, as they"re fearmuch less together with 98 percent of the remainder of your army, and renders a hard hitting unit significantly harder to break.Military of Darkness: Gives Iron Resettle to the Skeleloads in the Formation and Inspiring to the Necromancer. Pretty decent currently for 30 pts, however the Necromancer additionally adds 5 dice as soon as targeting ANY skeleton Unit with a spell. Surge 13, Bane Chant 7, Heal 10? Yes please.


Steam faicaused initialize error. Use necromancers to surge shambling hordes into the adversary. Stab them in the face* and eat their brains.

Undead play well as an attrition based army (duh). You have actually super-cheap tarpits (like zombies) combined via little, elite hammers (Wights, Soul Reavers, Vampires). Trade your cheap stuff for their even more expensive primary line devices. Make their super elite systems a waste of points (your crap will certainly die to fundamental infanattempt simply as quick as their tooled-to-the-eyeballs uber unit). Then usage your elite troops/characters to wade in and also end up off their huge, expensive stuff.

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Warning About Surge: Don"t surge simply because you can. New generals have actually a tendency to isolate their own units (especially hammers) by surging them early and also far. Your opponents will certainly wipe out the unit, reform, and say many thanks for the points sucker.