Redbone, their name a nod to their heritage, was a Native American band also from Coalinga, California, led by the brothers Pat and also Candiperform ("Lolly") Vasquez. They were regulated by Bumps Blackwell, that guided Little Ricdifficult and also Sam Cooke to success. To avert discrimination, he persuaded the brothers to usage a different last name, so they came to be well-known as Pat and also Lolly Vegas. Redbone earned an audience playing clubs on the Suncollection Strip in Los Angeles at the exact same time The Doors were on that scene.

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A self-titled double album was their debut in 1970, presenting their funky rock rhythms and distinctive percussion, which they dubbed the "King Kong Beat." In 1972 they scored through "The Witch Queen Of New Orleans," which got to #21 US and also #2 UK, and in 1973 they released their many famous song, "Come And Get Your Love," on their fifth album, Wovoka. The song was composed by Lolly Vegas, that also sang lead on the track.
In this song, Lolly Vegas tells his girl that she"s perfect the method she is. "What"s the issue via your hair?" he asks, prior to explaining that there"s nopoint wrong with her mind, her sign, or anything else. It"s a very affirmative song wright here he motivates her to take what she deserves; to come and also gain her love.
You"re not most likely to forget the title of this song. The chorus is made up of the same line, "Come and obtain your love," recurring 4 times. The verses are very compact, so after 2 minutes we"ve already heard the initially 2 verses and also two chorus repetitions. The song then goes right into a bridge, which repeats variations on the chorus:Come and also get your loveCome and also obtain your loveCome and gain your love nowThe chorus comes ago for the outro, with Lolly Vegas throwing in some "La la la la..." vocalizations in between lines as the song fades. In all, tright here are 29 repetitions of the title in simply a 3:30 running time.
Tbelow are some musical facets in this song that make it extremely difficult to gain out of your head as soon as it has burrowed in. A significant part of it is the call-and-response, with an extensive "Hail!" shouted ago a number of times within the song, consisting of in the beginning. This renders it difficult not to sing along.Disco had actually not yet developed, yet the beat heard below would become the foundation for that sound. Anvarious other specifying feature on the track is the distorted guitar sound, which Lolly Vegas created by playing via a Leslie body organ speaker.
As a follow-up single, Redbone wanted to release "We Were All Wounded At Wounded Knee," a song about the 1890 massacre in South Dakota, where US mounties pressures killed around 200 Native Americans. Their label, Epic Records, kbrand-new this could be a career killer and refused, although they did press copies that were dispersed in Europe. Instead, "Wovoka" was released as the next single. That song is about the Paiute leader Wovoka, that introduced the "Ghost Dance" right into the culture as a way of connecting souls and maintaining their heritage after the Wounded Knee massacre. A much cry from "Come And Get Your Love," it made simply #101 in the US; Redbone never gained any higher on the chart.
When they perdeveloped this live, Redbone often wore conventional Native Amerihave the right to garb and introduced it through chanting and dancing.
A cover variation by the Germale dance group Real McCoy reached #19 in both the UK and US in 1995. In America, it went to #1 on the Dance chart.

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This song appears in the movies The Postguy (1997), Cock (1999) and Grown Ups (2010). It"s additionally component of the 2014 Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack, which visited #1 in America. In the film, which is loaded with unmeant hits of the "70s, Chris Pratt"s character listens to it on his Walkmale as he dances alengthy, experimenting an alien land also.