Sarah Jessica Parker returns to ‘And Just Like That…’ collection after Willie Garson’s death

Sarah Jessica Parker is over the criticism she and her “Sex and the City” co-stars have actually got for exactly how their physical appearances have actually adjusted as they’ve gotten older.

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“There’s so much misogynist chatter in response to us that would certainly never. Happen. About. A. Man.,” Parker, 56, told Vogue in an accompanying intersee for her December cover shoot. “’Gray hair, gray hair, gray hair. Does she have actually gray hair?’”

Parker is referring to the pics of her rocking her organic gray locks that went viral after she was spotted having actually lunch through friends in July.

“I’m sitting withAndy Cohen, and he has actually a full head of gray hair, and also he’s exquisite,” Parker rereferred to as. “Why is it OK for him? I don’t understand what to tell you people!”

The double-conventional is something the “And Just Like That…” star and also many other female celebrities have tolerated for years. But in the age of Instagram, Twitter and also TikTok, Parker feels that the scrutiny over people’s looks has only gotten louder.

Sarah Jessica Parker reacts to the harsh comments she’s received for her aging appearance over the years.Vogue
Sarah Jessica Parker has actually completely embraced the natural aging procedure that comes through being a middle aged womale. GC Images

“It practically feels as if civilization don’t want us to be perfectly OK with wbelow we are, as if they nearly reap us being pained by that we are this particular day, whether we select to age normally and also not look perfect, or whether you carry out something if that renders you feel much better,” Parker exdeclared.

“I recognize what I look favor. I have no choice,” she added. “What am I going to carry out about it? Stop aging? Disappear?”

Parker covers the December 2021 worry of Vogue magazine, wearing Dolce & Gabbana.Vogue

As many of her fans understand, this certainly isn’t the first time Parker has actually spoken about aging in Hollylumber.

Back in 2019, Parker revealed that she had actually no interemainder in going under the knife to sluggish down her evolving appearance in an intercheck out with Elle magazine.

“I don’t recognize what I have the right to execute about the aging. Yes, I am aging. Oh my God, I’m aging all the moment,” she sassist at at the time.

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“It’s like those flowers that wilt in front of you in time-lapse films. But what have the right to I probably do? Look like a lunatic?”