When you can’t decide in between salty and sweet, Lay’s Wavy Chocolate Potato Chips could be the perfect snack. This limited-edition snack is back, however tright here is a tiny catch. How can you obtain a bag all for yourself?

According to Lay’s, the Lay’s Wavy Chocolate Potato Chips will certainly be given away on Lay’s social channels. Running currently via February 12, everyone have the right to enter to win a bag. Hopefully, luck will be through all those that enter.

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Can you make your very own variation of Lay’s Wavy Chocolate Potato Chips?

While some lucky human being will certainly win the main Lay’s chips, others could not be so lucky in chips. If you don’t win a unique bag, you could make a variation at home.

Sindicate buy a bag of Wavy Lay’s and also use some tempered, melted chocolate. Whether you dip the totality chip or simply half, you include your own artistic spin.

One element is quite important. The potato chip requirements to be Wavy Lay’s or a wavy potato chip. The ridges help for the chocolate to stick.

Lastly, you can add some various other spices to the cocoa coating. As the cacao dries, a light dusting of chopped nuts or also a small spicy seasoning could be quite tasty.

If you love the combicountry of sweet and savory, Lay’s Wavy Chocolate Potato Chips are the ultimate bite. Whether you are lucky and win a bag or make your very own, it can be the tastiest Valentine’s Day treat.

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What is your snack food preference? Do you choose salty or sweet?

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