I"m trying to number out realistic area combat rules, yet tbelow appears to be nobody working out just how a drone fleet or tiny fleet of drones/ships would actually fight.

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In addition when talking about the topic people take on the very Amero-centric check out that an army doesn't need to issue about the business economics of warfare.


CoaDE is actually a pretty poor measuring stick. The game is very stubborn around using just present tech for which there's a white paper available - so it's actually behind the current state of the art. At the same time, prices are based on elepsychological abundances, without considering the prices of handling and machining.

utilizing only existing tech

My understanding is that it assume technology that is actually pretty progressed.

I'm not sure what technology you're referring to?

That doesn't really develop any kind of quantitative difference, does it? More power per swarm, better thrust-to-weight ratio yet the HOW still continues to be the same.

My knowledge is that they've used the absolute the majority of fundamental aspects of actual physics and filled in the gaps with magic torch drives and so on.

That isn't a knock on the franchise, the authors have actually never been substantial on claiming that they're super difficult. They incorporate the physics bereason it interests them not because they want to be tough.

Gap Engineers is worth playing.

Orbits don't fairly exist, collisions and damage are pretty but not quite realistic, and also a full hydrogen fuel tank weighs as a lot as an empty one.

However before, you deserve to regimen drone swarms in C# (or downpack and modify someone else's drones) and also watch blocky robotic minions zip around in a frictionless Newtonian atmosphere while mining, building, and killing. You deserve to automate the game until it basically plays itself via sufficient scripts. You have the right to also usage mods to remove the physics speed cap and increase weapons varieties for a slightly harder scifi feel. Several of the space combat looks extremely much prefer The Expanse.

IMO space combat is 50% narrative, 50% guesswork also in difficult scifi. The crucial is not to gain combat "right". We can't also do that IRL till we attempt it. It's to gain the wide strokes down.

How will drone swarms work? I don't recognize. How great is the computer? What constraints are imposed? What is the strategic and also tactical scenario? How carry out you imagine one ideologies that?

Military simulations are notoriously poor and always have been. They constrain things to simulate somepoint. They never before simulate reality or warfare would certainly be a precise science. It isn't. It's a facility point wrapped up in politics and confused ideas of exactly how to do things. Tbelow is no correct answer. Only much better and worse ideas.

They never simulate truth or warfare would certainly be an accurate scientific research.

It doesn't need to be one or the other.

If you're interested in experimenting a location, it's best not to be making use of bows and arrows in modern day Berlin.

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